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Claremont COURIER 11-08-13

Claremont COURIER 11-08-13

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Published by Claremont Courier
The Claremont COURIER is the award winning community newspaper for Claremont, CA. Issue: 11-08-13
The Claremont COURIER is the award winning community newspaper for Claremont, CA. Issue: 11-08-13

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Published by: Claremont Courier on Nov 08, 2013
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The votes are in
The Webb Schools have a new resident. Find out who/
Friday, November 8, 2013
One dollar
our  er 
l remont
18 You can count on us for all the Claremont news.  Visit our website: claremont-courier.comPOLICE BLOTTER/
11 & 12
COURIER photos/Steven FelschundneffClaremont Unified School District Board of Education Member Steven Llanusa chats with supportersLee Jackman and Edgar Reece on Tuesday during a campaign party in north Claremont. Mr. Llanusa,the only incumbent running, was reelected to the board.
City makes a move in water battle/
Dear Editor:Congratulations to Nancy Treser Os-good, David Nemer and Steven Llanusaon their election to the Claremont schoolboard. I extend my thanks to them and JoeSalas for a campaign that represented thebest of Claremont. Though disappointed in the results, Iwas proud of the mutual respect the can-didates showed me and each otherthroughout the election. I am grateful to my family for their sup-port and offer my deepest thanks to thosewho helped me with my campaign, con-tributed towards the expense and every-one who cast their votes.It was an honor to share my thoughtsabout our schools with so many of youand I appreciate your thoughtful consid-eration. I am more thankful than ever fora political system that allows the public toelect those that best represent their best in-terests.
Paul Steffen
Hooray for Claremont
Dear Editor:Congratulations are due to NancyTreser Osgood, David Nemer and StevenLlanusa. Each one of you, and Mr. PaulSteffen, conducted yourselves in a digni-fied and professional manner. Each can-didate displayed a thoughtful andarticulate presentation of the issues af-fecting our learners, families and staff inthe Claremont Unified School District. There were many blessings along the journey. I am grateful to my fiancée, myfamily and friends for their support andevery citizen who believed in the messageof the campaign. I am grateful for all thenew acquaintances I met on the campaigntrail. Thank you to everyone who listenedto my ideas about making CUSD a betterplace for our learners. As a resident of Claremont, I look for-ward to helping Claremont schools reachthe next pinnacle of excellence for all of our learners.
Joe Salas
Thank you, Claremont
Dear Editor:I am deeply grateful to the Claremontcommunity for electing me to the CUSDBoard of Education. As the only candidateto be endorsed by the Claremont teachers,staff and the Claremont COURIER, I havea directive to work alongside our diversecommunity to enhance our excellent edu-cational experience. With the Common Core curriculum im-plementation, in addition to the develop-ment of the Local Control FundingFormula, we will have the opportunity tobe engaged in the largest shift in educa-tion in the last 40 years. I am honored tohave an important role in that process.I would like to thank my incrediblecampaign manager, Tracey Stoll, for hertireless work the past three months. Shewas capably assisted by Mary Weis, MelBoynton and Don Pattison as co-chairs.Leslie Negritto volunteered as our cam-paign treasurer, and Linda Elderkinpresided as our honorary chair. Therewere scores of other volunteers whoopened their homes for campaign events,reached out to their friends and neighborsabout the election, and engaged me inconversations about the future of our dis-trict.I would like to thank Paul Steffen andJoe Salas for their commitment to our dis-trict. They care deeply about our students,and it was a privilege to get to know themduring this campaign. And my congratu-lations to Dave Nemer and StevenLlanusa on their election. I am lookingforward to working with them to supportour students, staff and teachers.Finally, a sincere thanks to those of youwho voted. Casting a ballot is a cherishedprivilege, and we all must continue to ex-ercise our right to vote.
Nancy Treser Osgood
Claremont COURIER/Friday, November 8, 2013
The Claremont Courier (United States Postal Service 115-180) is published once weekly by the Courier Graphics Corporation at 1420 N. ClaremontBlvd., Suite 205B, Claremont, California 91711-5003. The Courier is a newspaper of general circulation as defined by the political code of the state of California, entered as periodicals matter September 17, 1908 at the post office at Claremont, California under the act of March 3, 1879. Periodicals postageis paid at Claremont, California 91711-5003. Single copy: One dollar. Annual subscription: $52.00. Send all remittances and correspondence about sub-scriptions, undelivered copies and changes of address to the Courier, 1420 N. Claremont Blvd., Suite 205B, Claremont, California 91711-5003. Tele-phone: 909-621-4761. Copyright © 2013 Claremont Courier
one hundred and fifth year, number 52
420 N. Claremont Blvd., Ste. 205BClaremont, CA 91711
(909) 621-4761Office hours: Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
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Tuesday, November 12
City Council Council Chamber, 6:30 p.m.
 Memorial Park Sycamore trees polished smooth By bold children’s feet.
—Roxane Simonian
Haiku submissions should reflect upon lifeor events in Claremont. Please email entriesto editor@claremont-courier.com.
Claremont COURIER/Friday, November 8, 2013
Board candidates enjoy fruits of long campaign
t’s official. Come December 12, the twonewest members of the Claremont Uni-fied School District Board of Educationwill be Nancy Treser Osgood and DaveNemer. Incumbent Steven Llanusa won thethird open school board seat in Tuesdaynight’s election.
Ms. Treser Osgood was the frontrunner, having re-ceived 2,735 votes.“It feels wonderful. I am feeling so grateful to the en-tire community,” she said. She emphasized that her victory was not the result of asolo effort. “I’ve had so many wonderful supporters thatopened their homes for me and invited me to meet theirfriends and neighbors.”Campaigning was the hard part, the newly-mintedschool board member said. Ms. Treser Osgood—who ischair of the Southwest United States Council for the Ad-vancement of Education—notes she is used to serving ona governing board. “I’m fully prepared to jump right in on the schoolboard,” she said. “Having attended meetings for the lastyear and a half, I’ve got a good idea of the issues.”The five candidates, which also included Claremont re-altor Paul Steffen and local educator Joe Salas, “got alongfamously,” Ms. Treser Osgood said. The candidates’ mutual respect ensured a positive ex-perience.“My hat is off to Paul and Joe for working as hard asthey did on their campaigns,” she said. “I want to thankand congratulate them.” Ms. Treser Osgood is ready to roll up her sleeves andwork alongside Mr. Nemer, Mr. Llanusa and the rest of theboard on pressing district matters such as the implemen-tation of the Common Core form of assessment and as-sociated curriculum and the development of a LocalControl Funding Formula accountability plan. She had special praise for fellow board newcomer Mr.Nemer, who with 2,018 votes came in second in the elec-tion.“I’m looking forward to tapping into Dave’s excite-ment and new ideas. As a former teacher, he brings a won-derful depth of experience to the board,” she said. Mr. Nemer, who taught in the Claremont UnifiedSchool District for 30 years, has shared that his decisionto run did not come without some sacrifice. In his post-re-tirement years, he has worked as a CUSD substituteteacher, almost exclusively in the Claremont High Schoolmath department. He will need to step back from this jobduring his four-year term, because you cannot be a currentdistrict employee while serving on the school board. While he will miss the kids, Mr. Nemer is elated withthe election results.“It’s very gratifying having so many people who thinkI can be a good school board member,” he said “It’s a bigresponsibility and I’m very humbled by it. I’m really com-mitted to trying to deliver on their confidence in me.” Mr. Nemer admits he didn’t have the same confidenceabout his board prospects on Tuesday. He spent electionnight in the company of campaign supporters, watchingvotes trickle in via Internet from the County of Los An-geles Registrar-Recorder. The initial reports, which re-flected mail-in votes, indicated a win for Mr. Nemer.Then, there was a two-hour lag before the ballots fromthe polls were posted. “I could kind of imagine it going either way. I was try-ing to be prepared for both outcomes,” he said.With his board position now secured, Mr. Nemer hasspent much of his time fielding congratulatory phonecalls, emails and Facebook messages. “It’s nice,” he said.“The response has been very positive.” Positive thinking was the order of the day Tuesday forMr. Llanusa, who said he was “nervously optimistic” thathe would win his bid for re-election. Claremont has typ-ically had a low turnout for local and municipal elections,Mr. Llanusa pointed out. With only 9,428 ballots cast by25,920 voters, this contest was no exception. Having secured the endorsements of the ClaremontFaculty Association, the COURIER and the
 Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
, Mr. Llanusa was concerned his supportersmight be complacent, considering him a shoo-in, and failto hit the polls. He is delighted that is not the case andlooks forward to his third term on the board.“I am thrilled to have been trusted and supported by thecommunity,” Mr. Llanusa said. “I was very clear aboutwhat I expected to do in this term and I feel that my re-election shows support for those ideas.”Mr. Llanusa is certain that Mr. Treser Osgood and Mr.Nemer will be great additions to the school board. “I think that we have a great foundation on the board al-ready and that they will just help us reach greater heights,”he said. Despite the good news, each school board member ex-pressed some disappointment in the sluggish voterturnout. Mr. Nemer asserts that a strong school board ben-efits everyone in the city. “Some people say, ‘My kids finished school a long timeago,’ as if it then doesn’t matter at all,” Mr. Nemer said.“It’s still important to the community, to the future, toproperty values. Even if someone wants to think strictlyout of self-interest, you still want the school district to bestrong and successful.” Ms. Treser Osgood observed that throughout the coun-try, many turn out for each presidential election, but fewcast their vote for candidates and issues closer to home. “It’s ironic, given that local elections will impact us themost,” she said. Ms. Treser Osgood aims to ensure that those who didvote in Tuesday’s election will continue to feel engagedwith the school district, adding that she hopes that thosewho didn’t vote can be drawn into the fold. “We want them to be more excited about being in-volved,” she said. Among local voters who were engaged, election dayposed a challenge for those assigned to cast their ballotsat Pomona College’s Edmunds Ballroom, according toClaremont photographer Sonja Stump. Ms. Stump, whoserves as inspector for her voting precinct, said she wastroubled when she found out about the venue beforehand.There is only one parking lot for the ballroom, which is lo-cated near the intersection of Sixth Street and College Av-enue and it has only a few spots. The adjacent streets havebeen designated as no-parking zones. “I called and said it’s not going to be a good situation,”she related. “I said if you’re not familiar with the campus,it’s hard to find and there’s no parking.” Ms. Stump’s concerns went unheeded. The result, shesaid, was a number of angry voters and a lower-than-usualelection turnout for her precinct. So many Claremont vot-ers filed complaints with the registrar’s office in Norwalk,in fact, that a representative from the office came out to in-vestigate the situation. The representative told Ms. Stumpthat many voters in the precinct chose to vote provision-ally at more convenient locations. “She really could see firsthand the problems with hav-ing a polling place on a college campus that many peoplecouldn’t find, and there was literally no parking at certaintimes,” Ms. Stump said. She can see the value of using a college campus for anational election, because it can help capture the partici-pation of the younger voting population. Ms. Stumphopes, however, that the venue will not be used again inthe next local and municipal election.Complications notwithstanding, Claremont voters havespoken and election season is over for local school boardmembers. The next regular school board meeting, set for Thurs-day, November 21, will be the last for current board pres-ident Mary Caenepeel and board member Jeff Stark, bothof whom opted not to run for re-election.
—Sarah Torribio
COURIER photos/Steven FelschundneffNewly-elected board of education candidate Dave Nemer speaks with Claremont High School teachers AllisonEvans and Richard OʼNeill during the election-night campaign party for Mr. Nemer. The retired teacher receivedthe second largest number of votes, 2,018, on Tuesday and will be joining the CUSD board December 12.Nancy Treser Osgood celebrates results with sup-porters on Tuesday night at the home of school boardmember Jeff Stark, right.

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