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Published by glennpease
By Lewis Halsey D. D.,

"And ere the lamp of God went out in the temple of the Lord, where the
ark of God was, and Samuel was laid down to sleep." — 1 Samuel 3 : 3.
By Lewis Halsey D. D.,

"And ere the lamp of God went out in the temple of the Lord, where the
ark of God was, and Samuel was laid down to sleep." — 1 Samuel 3 : 3.

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Published by: glennpease on Nov 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SAMUEL IN THE TEMPLE.By Lewis Halsey D. D.,"And ere the lamp of God went out in the temple of the Lord, where theark of God was, and Samuel was laid down to sleep." — 1 Samuel 3 : 3.THIS verse is a modifying phrase in a long sentence, the lead-ing assertion of which is found in the verse following: "TheLord called Samuel, and he answered : 'Here am I' "We have in the text an incident in the life of a child. Uponapparently insignificant events great changes hinge. The revela-tion of God to the child Samuel marked the beginning of Israel'shmniliation before the Philistines, and pointed forward to theirgreat deliverance under the leadership of one whose talismanieword was "Ebenezer ! — hitherto the Lord hath helped ns VWe have the picture of a sleeping child, a little lad reposing inthe tabernacle near the ark of the covenant, which was so soon to belost to Israel on account of the sinfulness of its defenders.The phrase, "ere the lamp of God went out," has puzzled thecommentators. One of the rabbis says that, though the otherlamps often went out at night, the western lamp was always foundburning. It was a symbol of the lamp of love, never extinguishedin the faithful heart, like the vestal fires of old ever renewed andburning. It was only the prophecy of the temple, and not thetemple itself, where we find the boy Samuel, though Shiloh wasam.ong the oldest of the Hebrew holy places. The prophet Samuelwas the great man of his age and nation. He was the son of El-kanah and Hannah, a child of many prayers — his name meaning^asked, or heard, of God. When a little lad he was brought by hisparents to the tabernacle at "Shiloh, and was solemnly consecratedto the service of God. There his parents left him, a pupil of thepriests and imder their care.
L[LEWIS HALSEY, pastor of the First Baptist Cliurch, Phoenix,Arizona,was bora in Trumansburg, New York, January 19, 1843; was graduatedfromthe Trumansburg Academy, 1863; Hobart College, 1868; RochesterTheologi-cal Seminary, 1872; ordained at Ogden, N. Y., 1872. He was pastor atOgden, 1872-1873; Farmer, N. Y., 1873-1888; Castile, N. Y., 1888-1889;Oswego, N. Y., 1889-1896; Phoenix, Arizona, 1896, to the present(1903).After leaving college he was for a year professor of Latin in the Oxford,N. Y., Academy. He received the degrees of A. B., A. M., and S. T. D.from his Alma Mater; is a member of the Theta Delta Chi and PhiBeta Kappa fraternities; is Grand Prelate of the Knights Templarof Arizona; president of the Arizona Society Sons of the AmericanRevo-lution ; president of the Arizona Society Sons of the Empire State ;chaplainof the First Regiment, N. O. A. During his pastorate at Farmer, N. Y.,thenumber of members increased from 137 to more than 300. At Oswegohegave the hand of fellowship to sixty-four new members at one time.Sincehe began his pastorate at Phoenix the number of members hasincreasedfrom 117 to 203.Hon. Diedrich Willers, ex-Secretary of State, IST. Y., in his history of thechurches of Seneca county, speaks of Dr. Halsey as "one of the foremostministers of his denomination in the State," and as "an energizinginfluence
in all public movements for the good of the community."He has published numerous addresses and poems, and four volumes — "History of the Seneca Association," "Taughannock Falls," and"Historyof the West Baptist Church of Oswego." Last June he gavecommencementaddresses at the University of Arizona and at Sioux Falls BaptistCollege.When he left New York State he was a trustee of Hobart College and of theHamilton Theological Seminary. He is now Moderator of the ArizonaBaptist Association, and president of the Pastors' Union of the city of Phoenix. His life has been a busy one.(556)SAMUEL IJT THE TEMPLE. 557Once every year his mother came to visit her boy, bringing tohim a little coat or mantle, his chief treasure. In New York citya little time ago a street waif, picked np by the police, was of-fered a good home, and his benefactor, bringing him a new suit of clothes, threw away the old ones. Bnt the lad picked up the oldcoat and began cutting a piece from it."What are you doing, my boy?'^ said his new father. He re-plied : "1 am cutting a piece from the lining. It w^as my mother'sdress. It is all I have to remember her by."Samuel slept in one of the tents near the tabernacle and ad- joining the tent of the high priest, so near that he could hear hisvoice and quickly respond to his call.Probably it was his office to trim and care for the lamps in thetabernacle and to extinguish some of them at sunrise. It was adark time for Israel, but Samuel's hand was to light the lamp of victory.

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