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Published by glennpease
By Rev. Galon Smith Clevenger

"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." — ^Mark 12: 31.
By Rev. Galon Smith Clevenger

"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." — ^Mark 12: 31.

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Published by: glennpease on Nov 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE MANWARD SIDE OF RELIGION.By Rev. Galon Smith Clevenger"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." — ^Mark 12: 31.MY purpose at this hour is not so much to expound this text asto bring before you a brief resume of Christ's teaching in ref-erence to duty to our fellow-man. Jesus said to love God with allour ability and our neighbor as ourselves^ is chief among the com-mandments, the sum and substance of the law and the prophetsand the gateway of life. He taught that love to God has its fruit-age in love to man and that service to man is taken as service tohimself. 'No one can study carefully the conversations of Jesuswithout being impressed with the emphasis which Jesus lays on themanward side of religion. Study with me this evening some of histeachings on the subject.Upon one occasion a lawyer came to Christ to ask him what heshould do to inherit eternal life. "What have you obtained on thesubject from the study of the law, inquired Jesus?'' The lawyerreplied, we are to love God with all the heart, soul and mind, andour neighbor as ourselves.This do, says Jesus, and thou shalt live. The lawyer asks, "Whois my neighbor?" Jesus replies by parable A certain man ashe journeyed from Jerusalem to Jericho fell among thieves whichrobbed him and left him half dead by the roadside. By chancea priest came along, but he passed by on the other side. Then aLevite came along and did the same thing. But a Samaritan camealong and had compassion on him, bound up his wounds, poured inoil and wine, placed him on his own beast, took him to an inn andpaid his bill and left orders to take care of him "until he returnedand he would pay any further bill. "Xow/'^ says Jesns, '^Vhich oneproved neighbor ?" "The one that showed mercy/^ said the lawyer.Then said Jesus. ''Go and do thou likewise.'' We are to leam fromthis that one may attend divine service on the Lord's day with hisBible under his arm. and he may reverently bow with the worship-pers, but if he is forgetful of human needs during the week he is
simply playing the part of the priest and the Levite. On the otherhand when one addresses himseK to human needs whenever andwherever he may find it^ he is acting the part of the good Samaritanwho gave the tmf ortunate man his sympathy, for he was moved withcompassion: who gave him his hand, for he bound up his wounds,poured in oil and wine and set him on his own beast ; who gave himhis money, for he paid his bill. In the words, "Go and do thoulikewise,'* we may hear the divine call out of heaven, "Make thelives of others bright and happy as possible.'^Speaking of the priest and the Levite, we are led to that quota-tion from the prophet Hosea which Christ was wont to make. ^Hwill have mercy and not sacrifice.*' Jesus had gone home with Mat-thew to attend a feast at his home. The Pharisees complain of him because he mingles with such company. "'Go," says Jesus,'T.eam what this means. I will have mercy and hot sacrifice." Thatis, to go and leam to help your fellow man is a higher service thanformal worship.Again the Pharisees charge Christ with breaking the Sabbathbecause his disciple, when they were hungry, had rubbed out alittle grain by the wayside and had eaten it. "Tf you had knownwhat this meaneth,' said Christ, ^T! will have mercy and not sacri-fice,*' you would not have condemned the guiltless. That is, if youhad known that kindness and helpfulness to another is the highestkind of service to God, you could never have made this charge.When the mother of James and John came to Christ to ask thatone of her sons might sit on the right hand and the other on theleft in his kingdom, the ten were aroused with indignation. Jesussaid to the disciples, you know that the Grentiles lord it over you,but it shall not be so among vou. Whosoever shall be first among604 THE AMERICAN BAPTIST PULPIT.you shall be your servant, even as the Son of Man came not to beministered unto but to minister.
Shortly after the transfiguration of Jesus, the disciples had re-turned to Capernaum. On their way down the disciples disputedamong themselves as to who should be the greatest in the new king-dom which they supposed that Jesus would soon set us. After theyhad reached Capernaum, Jesus calls the disciples about him andtakes a little child and sets him in the midst of them and said,^"^Except ye be changed and become as little children, you can haveno part in my kingdom. You have been self-seeking but the spiritof my kingdom is self -giving.-'^On Tuesday of Passion week in the Temple, he said to the dis-ciples, "Be not called Eabbi, for one is your teacher and ye arebrethren. Call no man your father on the earth, for one is yourFather which is in heaven. I:^either be ye called masters, for one isyour Master even the Christ, but he that is greatest among youshall be your servant.^^ As much as to say, the highest honor doesnot lie in position or in title, but in the greatest service to humanity.The Grolden Eule is a summing up of what Christ has said inthe sermon on the Mount about duty to fellow man. He had taughtthat hatred is murder, that the lustful look is adultery, that thedisciple is to love his enemies, that he is not to judge harshly, forthe standard by which he judges others will be the standard bywhich he will be judged. Then he sums up by saying, "All things,therefore whatsoever ye would that men would do unto you, even sodo ye unto them, for this is the law and the prophets.^' In thisgreat exposition of the principles of the kingdom, duty to manstands out most prominent. Treat your fellow man as a brotherstands by the side of the duty to trust and obey God as a Father.What is the teaching of the parable of the rich mian and Lazarus,other than the terrible end of selfishness toward a fellow mortal?Jesus had been teaching that money should be used in a way tomake friends. The Pharisees who were lovers of money ridiculedhim. Jesus pulls aside the veil by parable and shows them the endof one who reveled in luxury every day and let a poor man at hisgate suffer want with no one to minister to him but the dogs. The

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