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Julian 01

Julian 01



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Published by funkyb2020
The delightful education of juilan bashier
The delightful education of juilan bashier

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Published by: funkyb2020 on Aug 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Subject: The Delightful Education of Julian Bashir, part 1 of 2THE DELIGHTFUL EDUCATION OF JULIAN BASHIR Julian Bashir's fingers trembled slightly as he pressed the door chime. It was only ascant few hours ago since he had met her, when she had come to the infirmary with aslashed hand. At first, he had been preoccupied with healing the cut -- obtained inQuark's after, according to her, some of the other patrons had taken exception to thefact that she cheated better than they did -- but after finishing, he had looked up to seemore. They exchanged a few words, and he learned that she was from Ishtar. Thathad explained several things to him: her skill with a knife (the other man had sustainedconsiderably more damage) and the way her eyes held him like a cat's held a mouse.Her gaze alone was enough to make him flush slightly.He had turned to replace the protoplaser in the sterilization field, and when he turned back around, she was no more than three inches away from him. Stammering anapology, he tried to edge past her but could not; her hands were around his slim waist,and she had positioned her hips directly in front of his."Have you eaten?" she asked him, her voice low and rich. He had managed to force a"no" past his lips, feeling more and more like a mouse as her eyes roved over his face."My ship is called the Ariad. It is docked at Bay 2," she had told him. "You are verylovely, Doctor. Be there in two hours."And then she had left, leaving him quite warm, with a thin film of sweat on the back of his neck. He sat down to collect himself, feeling the slightly pleasurable ache betweenhis thighs that always signalled arousal. I guess it's true, he had thought, what they sayabout Ishtarian women.The intervening two hours had passed slowly, with no incident, making it hard for himto ignore the insistent throb that reminded him of his appointment. Finally, out of  boredom and a desire to distract himself, he asked the computer for information onIshtar, the woman's home planet.When at last he looked up from the desk viewer to discover that the rest of the twohours had passed, he wondered what would happen. I'm not going, he told himself.I'm just not going to go. I'll get back to my quarters, get something out of the foodreplicator, and just get to sleep early. He sat back in the chair, leaning his head againstthe headrest. Though he tried not to, he couldn't keep from looking at the last imageon the viewer -- that of one of the twelve Ruling Queens of Ishtar with six of her consorts. Six of ten.I'm just not going, he told himself again. He got up, licked his lips nervously,smoothed his uniform, and walked out of the infirmary, dead set on returning to hisquarters. Now, he stood before the docking entrance to her ship, unable to restrain his curiosityand thinking even that, perhaps, she might be something that he needed. Heremembered the way she had looked at him after he had regenerated the skin on her  palm, and how he had felt like a rabbit looking up into the eyes of a sleek hunting
 bitch, his throat tight and he barely able to speak. It'll just be a nice dinner, he toldhimself, but that thought died faster than Warp 9. He knew how she had looked at him,and he knew after reading more about Ishtarian culture why she had looked at him asshe did.He pressed the chime again, and the door slid back to reveal darkness lit by firelightinside. The same rich voice that had caught his attention so completely in the infirmarytold him to enter and swallowing once, hard, he obeyed.He saw nothing at first, his eyes still adjusting to the change in lighting, but when theyhad, he nearly gasped in astonishment. The rich voice came again, from nowhere, "Itold you I was good at cheating."The ship was opulent, and everywhere he looked, he saw beautifulthings to delight his eye. Tapestries hung from the bulkheads, flamelamps stood from the floor, lighting the deeply colored room with asomber and quieting glow. He moved forward, feeling as if he werewalking in liquid topaz light, looking for the source of the voice. Nervous, he said nothing."I'm over here," the voice said, from directly behind him. Julian jumped and spun around -- and gasped yet again. She walked towardhim, and he felt his chest rise and fall in little pants. He swal-lowed again."Are you nervous?" she asked him, raising her sharp, dark face in achallenge. She took a step toward him, the click made by the heelsof her boots audible against the polished hardwood floors of her vessel. She wore only them and a pair of dark fingerless gloves thatreached to above her elbows. In one hand he could just see twovelvety blue cords dangling down to reach the floor.Any reply he made would be a lie. He tried to shake his head andmuster some bravado and failed, settling only for licking his lipsyet again. He had only guessed at her physique earlier on in theinfirmary; now he was able to see what had previously been onlyhinted at.She was tall, nearly as tall as him, and muscles stood outlined under her smooth flesh as she moved. He was unable to take his eyes off of her, but could only gaze. Her breasts were firm, and as she breathedtheir perfect rosy nipples appeared to point at him, over and over.Her stomach was hard-looking, with the muscular outlines that spokeof peak physical condition. Under this were a set of very femalehips, and he could just see in the dark lighting the outlines of her vulva, inviting and mystifying. Then came the long, fit legs,muscled and strong looking -- what he could see that was not hiddenunder the boots she wore. Only the barest hint of thigh showed; therest was covered in the black animal skin. No elevated heels were onthese boots; this woman's feet were planted solidly on the ground.
She was directly in front of him now, reaching up to run her fingersover his moist lips. "I enjoy watching when you do that." Her eyeswere riveted to his face, raking over it like nails."I . . . I . . . thought . . . we were going to have dinner," hemanaged to stammer. He felt lightheaded, and she started backing himtoward the massive bed in the far corner of the main room."I said nothing about dinner," she told him. "I asked only if youhad eaten." She reached out with leather-gloved hands and took onewrist firmly. "Have you?""N-no. . . " He could only watch in fascination as she tied one of the two soft blue cords firmly around his wrist, letting the endsdangle down from his arm. He did nothing to stop her as she repeatedthis with his other wrist. "What . . . " he began, but she placedher hand very firmly against his mouth."No questions." He felt her reach down and take his hips again, andwith a push, he was thrust backward to land on the bed. She steppeddirectly onto the bed until she stood over him with one foot oneither side of his chest. He could make out more of her moist andtantalizing vulva, but tried only to squirm his way into a sitting position.She would have none of it, and placed one booted foot directly on hischest. "You will not move until I give you leave to move," she said.Stunned and wondering what this night would teach him, he said no-thing, only looked up at this beautiful and dangerous woman standingover him. As he watched, he saw the undersides of her breasts movingrhythmically, bouncing gently as the bed cushion rocked in responseto his attempts to get away."I saw you in the infirmary," she told him, still standing over hissupine form. "That's when I decided I wanted to teach you." Shemoved her foot from off of his chest and descended on him hard, toland sitting with her legs straddling his ribs. He cried out insurprise, and felt the bed roll under his back.Taking his face in her hands, she looked directly into his wide eyes.Her voice softened but lost none of its resonant quality. "You areso very beautiful, Doctor, with your large eyes which you use to meltmy heart. I can't let you melt it, though." She shook her dark head. "A teacher must be firm and disciplined with her pupils." Her dark, sharp-featured face dipped close to his until he could feel her  breath against his trembling lips. "You, with your lovely mouth andlips and soft voice, which you will beg with, but I can't let your  begging sway me." She took two handsful of his hair and drew hishead back hard. "Your long slender neck, which I will see bend andarch as I will it . . . " He turned his head, trying to get it freeof her grasp, breathing hard, and a puppylike whimper escaped his

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