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Breakable Bella (Part 12)

Breakable Bella (Part 12)



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Published by Rachel
Edward loses control after a spat with Jacob. My replacement for Eclipse. Not for young'ins ;)
Edward loses control after a spat with Jacob. My replacement for Eclipse. Not for young'ins ;)

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Published by: Rachel on Aug 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bella’s POV:I’m so happy that last night really happened. After a year and a half of waiting,we were finally one. Edward is mine; I am his. I never want that to change. Ismiled against my pillow as I felt cool kisses trail up my arm. The air around mesmelled so clean and fresh, yet was also laden with his sweet scent. The peacefulsound of birds chirping was adding to this serene environment. I’ve never heardbirds this loud from my bedroom before. I rolled over onto my back and opened myeyes to see a grayish-blue..sky?I bolted up and looked around.“Bella? Are you alright?” the Greek god asked with concern.“I just..forgot we were outside,” I laughed shakily through my embarrassment.“Oh, thank God. I thought you regretted last night.” He still looked a littleworried.“I’d never regret loving you,” I said softly, running my hand through his hair.“So you’re okay?” he asked after a moment.“Better than okay. You?”He smiled. “Wonderful.”I ogled his muscular chest and arms as we lay there.“What?” he asked, noticing my intent gaze.“You’re prettier than I am,” I giggled.He chuckled. “Hardly.”We held each other in silence for a while before he spoke again.“Alice called half an hour ago. She convinced the family to go out shopping thismorning for your birthday presents, so we can go inside and get cleaned up.”I nodded, ignoring the presents part. They were going to spoil me regardless, so Imight as well be gracious.I ended up just putting on some underwear under my nightgown before he carried meto his house since there was no point in changing yet. After showers (separate,unfortunately) and breakfast, he took me home. My dad’s car was gone.We had just gotten into my room when his phone buzzed. He looked at the caller IDand frowned.“I’m sorry, Love. Today is my day to hang out with Jacob and I forgot. Do youmind? I can stay if you want? Or you can hang out with my family?” I could tellthat he felt guilty leaving me after last night.I shook my head. “No, no, go play with Jacob,” I smiled slightly. “I have somestuff to do around here anyway. Laundry..dishes..”Phone calls..He nodded and kissed my cheek. “Be back tonight,” he murmured before disappearing.Who to call first? My mother, I suppose. Just in case he’s still in hearing range.“Hello?”“Hey mom.”“Hey, what’s up?”
“Edward and I would like to visit you before we go on our trip, and I waswondering if early September is okay? In a little less than 2 weeks.”“Oh I’m sorry, sweetie. Me and Phil are going on a little getaway around then.”I tried to brush off the disappointment.“Oh. Well maybe we can stop there at the end of September, and we can leave forEurope straight from Florida?”“Sure, sweetie, that sounds great.”“Okay. Love you, bye.”I heard Phil in the background and she giggled at him.“Love you too.”I decided that now was as good a time for a food break as any. I fixed somethingfrom the fridge and noticed that there was something taped to it.‘I’ll be out until late tonight. Hanging out with a friend. Love you.’I sighed. I really didn’t care about who my dad’s prostitute was anymore. It wassad that he wouldn’t be able to spend as much time with me before I left, but atleast I had Edward to..distract me now.Which reminds me: time for phone call number 2.“Bella! How did it go?” the pixie squealed on the line.I laughed lightly.“It was perfect, Alice. Thanks for everything.”“I’m so glad to hear it.”“So what are you up to?” I asked without bothering to fake nonchalance.“Oh you know..just hanging out here with Jasper.”“You know Alice, yesterday was pretty personal for me and I shared that with youbecause I love you and you’re my sister. Don’t you want to share something withme?” I guilt-tripped.“That’s not fair Bella, I really can’t tell you. It’s not about-- Hold on, Jazzwants to talk to you.”What’s with the distractions? I tried to not get annoyed.“Hello, Bella,” a male voice said quietly.“Hey Jasper, how are you?”“I’m doing better than before..that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Aliceisn’t hiding something about herself; it’s about me. You’re alone, right?”“Umm, yes.” It sounded more like a question.“Remember the night when we went hunting? The rest of the group was settling downfor the night. I wandered off, thinking that I’d find an extra deer or something.Alice had a vision of me..draining a wounded hiker and my phone was dead so sherushed off to intercept me. She got there before I even smelled him. But it scaredme. I made her tell me her vision. She saw me killing him if she hadn’t shown up.I know it might not have really happened, but it could have. I felt so guilty. Idecided to come up to visit our friends in Alaska until I calmed down since it’sless-populated and there is support. So the Denali clan knows but I’d like to keepit from our coven for a while so I don’t have to deal with their emotions and pitywhen I return.”I suddenly felt ashamed for not minding my own business.“I’m sorry, Jasper. I shouldn’t have pried. I didn’t need to--”“I know, Bella, I wanted to.” He paused. “You know the rest of my family..they’vealways paid special attention to me, even now. Always worry about me. They were so
disappointed by my..outburst at your party. They may not have said it, but I feltit at least a little from everyone. God I felt it. You’re the only person I didn’tfeel that from. You’re so forgiving and nonjudgmental, even though you were theone who got hurt. So I know that I can tell you this.”“Thank you, Jasper, that means a lot.” I felt a little teary eyed. “And I won’ttell anyone, promise.”“I know you won’t” he said warmly. “Well I better go. Alice wants me to shop withher online. How there is even a connection out here, I’ll never know,” he laughed.“Wait, Jasper? You probably won’t care about knowing my secret, but if you’rewondering why Alice was gone yesterday, she can tell you about it if you want.”I blushed a little at the thought.“Thanks, Bella. I’ll think about it.”“No problem. I hope to see you soon. Bye Jazz.”“You will. Bye Bella.”After resting for a bit, I decided to spend the rest of the day at Angela’s so Iwouldn’t be alone. She was the only human I was planning on telling and shesquealed when she found out. I didn’t think she was the squealing type but I guessI was wrong. She and Ben were planning on waiting until they got settled incollege but she promised to dish when it happened. They had already done some“stuff” but she did not elaborate. There was some stuff I wanted to try as well..I guess we did things sort of backwards.Edward returned from his day with Jake and helped me make lasagna. I ate a pieceand stuck the rest in the fridge so Charlie could microwave some later.I almost laughed when he got home late and Edward ran into my closet when Charliecame to check on me “sleeping.” I had not been conscious enough to see that in awhile.When I saw that Edward wasn’t there when I woke up, I couldn’t help but feel alittle insecure. But then I found his note.‘Gone hunting.’I laughed at the variation on the phrase “gone fishing.” Funny vampire.‘Be back by noon.’I sighed when I saw the clock. It was only 10:00. After getting ready, I wentdownstairs and was surprised to find my dad on the couch under a blanket, lookingmiserable.“Dad? Why aren’t you at work?” I asked, concerned. He never took days off.“Sick day,” he said, triggering a coughing fit.“Oh I’m sorry. Want some soup?”He nodded and I went to work on a family recipe. I certainly had the time to makeit. He thanked me after eating and then fell asleep to the sounds of a gamereplay.A few soft knocks on the door interrupted me from putting things away. Thankfully,it was my angel. Edward helped me quietly clean the kitchen while my dad snoozedaway on the couch.

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