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Roberta Leigh Too Bad to Be True

Roberta Leigh Too Bad to Be True

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Published by apavlovic_56

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Published by: apavlovic_56 on Nov 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Roberta Leigh - Too Bad to be True
Love is hardly the way to get evenIn Leslie's mind, divorce lawyer Dane Jordan caused the death of her stepfather. The huge settlement Dane extracted ruined the dear man, and Leslie ached for revenge.
So, discovering that the charismatic counselor's wea spot was her, Leslie planned to charm the !el "ir #achelor right down the matrimonial aisle. Then she'd give him a taste of his own medicine$a divorce%"ll she had to do, Leslie assured herself, was stay out of Dane's persuasive arms until he  proposed$and eep her heart out of the whole affair.
"s Leslie &atson heard the udge deliver the alimony award in her stepfather's divorce case, she couldn't #elieve her ears. It was so weighted in his ex(wife's favour she had to force herself not to ump up and say so.)lancing across the Los "ngeles courtroom, she saw her stepmother *harlene #eam happily at her lawyer, who gave her a faint smile in return. +et Dane Jordan should #e  #eaming too, for lie many "merican lawyers his fee was on a percentage #asis, and he had ust earned himself a fortune%Leslie new it wasn't the alimony that would worry her stepfather so much as the fact that his ex(wife had #een allowed to eep the large #loc of shares in his company, which he had given her as a wedding gift four years ago. "t the time, his friends and family had warned him not to do it warned him also against marrying a girl thirty years his unior$ *harlene was only a few years older than Leslie. !ut he wouldn't hear a word against the  #eautiful nurse who had taen care of him after a near(fatal heart attac, and was now  paying the price for his o#stinacy.&atching him, Leslie was afraid he would soon have another attac, though he had shown no outward emotion even when *harlene$devoid of mae(up to emphasise her youthful innocence$had flung him a triumphant loo as the udge announced his decision.-nly as Dane Jordan waled across the court towards him did he show any sign of stress, his features hardening as he ignored the lawyer's outstretched hand.'o hard feelings, I hope, /r &e##,' the younger man said, pretending unawareness of the snu#. '!ut it's my o# to do my #est for my client.'To the exclusion of all else, Leslie thought grimly, Dane Jordan's words fuelling the dislie she had felt for him long #efore seeing him in action. 0is ruthless a#ility had  #ecome a legend, maing him famous throughout the States, and he was ideal fodder for the news media, for he played as hard as he wored, s1uiring some of the loveliest girls in a city noted for #eautiful women.+et though Leslie found little to admire in him as a person, she could not decry his  professional #rilliance. Lie many famous trial lawyers, he was a consummate actor, using his dar good loos and sharp #rain to swing the mood of udge and ury.
&ending her way through the crush of newsmen clustering around *harlene, Leslie reached the exit at the same time as her stepfather.'It was thoughtful of you to come, honey,' he said heavily, putting an affectionate hand on her shoulder. 'I now how #usy you are.''ever too #usy for you,' she said truthfully. 'I only wish I could have given you more than moral support. That Jordan's a ruthless swine%''" winning swine$which is what counts.''+ou'll appeal, of course. I'm sure you can mae *harlene give you #ac those shares.''I'm willing to #uy them from her,' came the instant reoinder. 'If she sells them to Imtex, I'm finished.'Leslie #it #ac a sigh. Imtex International had #een trying to win control of her stepfather's company for as long as she could remem#er, and if *harlene sold them her shares, they would #e a#le to do so.'If you offer her a high enough price I'm sure she'll sell them to you,' Leslie placated.'That's what I'm counting on.'They were outside the courthouse, and she headed towards her car. '0ow a#out lunching with me now you're a free man2''I'd rather mae it dinner. I want to get #ac to my office and thrash out a few things.''3ine,' she agreed, though it really wasn't, for she had a date for tonight. 'I'll #oo a ta#le at the !istro.'It was where 4eter Denver was taing her and she hoped he would #e understanding enough to give her his reservation. She had #een out with him three times and lied him enough not to want to put him off. !ut her affection for her stepfather outweighed all other considerations.'+ou must have a lot of influence if you can get into the !istro at such short notice,' 5o#ert teased her.'It's my charm%' she fi##ed. 'I'll see you there at eight.'5eaching her car, Leslie pulled the paring ticet from her windscreen. The third this wee, and it was only Tuesday% !ut with space at a premium, and a good deal of her wor centering around !everly 0ills, it was an inconvenience she was a#le to shrug off,

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