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At the Carnival Cullen Style

At the Carnival Cullen Style



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Published by moxie
i will write more cullen styles but they are no sequels to this one enjoy and post comments
i will write more cullen styles but they are no sequels to this one enjoy and post comments

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Published by: moxie on Aug 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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At the carnival cullen styleAlice p.o.v[vision] cullen family at the carnival yes I shouted we are going to the carnival ughedward groaned cool nessie chimed in cant wait rose said I couldn’t really tell whather tone meant jasper just walked in the room smiling at me I ran to hug him cantwait he told me in that soft tone of his voice ………………………………Emmet p.o.vWoah it been like ten years since we have been here uh huh rose answered we wereat the carnival it was awesome but then something caught my eye a hot dogcontest alice came up to me and said your entering that and so is edward yes Ithought whatever edward said bella was gazing around the place while alice hadalready gone to the boat ride rose had gone to the house of mirrors to look atherself while jacob and nessie were cuddling up with each otherNessie p.o.v This place was so cool I couldn’t wait to go on the ferris wheel hey jake I said wannago on the wheel cool he said but after that we eat I swear I will pass out oh jake IsaidBella p.o.vWow I thought it was wonderful to be espically with edward he stroked my hair aswe walked edward emmet yelled from far away were gonna join the hot dog eatingcontest alice said it was me and you so hurry upEdward p.o.vComing I said I really wanted to beat emmet this time victory for a change bella areyou coming I said I didn’t want to ruin her trip its no fun without you she saidholding my hand so we walked togther to the stallRosalie p.o.vOh look at me beautiful me I thought as I glided from mirror to mirror people jawsdropped when they looked at me boy drooling girls jealous story of my vampire lifeAlice p.o.v This was so much fun I said aloud as we were holding tons of teddy bears in ourhands Jasper p.o.v This was fun oh alice I said lets try that one sure she repiled oh how I loved her
Edward p.o.vReady . set . go the annoncer began it wa sfast and blurry as I stuffed food in mymouth then it ended so fast the guy annonced how much everyone had ate emmet29 a person named richard was the highest 34 I was last the announcer came up tome woah he said 57 that’s a record you win he handed me a large prize stuffed withI have no idea whats I went back to bella who the whole time was chearing me onshe huggged me we were walking to the fountain when suddenly my stomachstarted to ache it hurt human food always gave vampires stomach aches well it wasgonna last for a few minuteds I thought but it didn’t I had nausea you okay was thelast thing I heard before I was throwing up again and again and etc people werestaring finally it stpped edward are you okay human food it always reacts like thisbut I think you over ate her voice sounded blurry to me at first then it got better itlasted for 5 minutes she talked to me tring to figure out what to do I startedthrowing up again it was much worse I guess I should take you to carlisle she helpedme up and of we wnt on the way alice atopped to see how I was feeling she saidsaw blurrs of it happening but couldn’t tell what it was she wished me luck and of we wentEmmet p.o.vUGH UGH UGH I thought as I kicked rocks I cant belive I lost well edward was theone who got sick I went to the mirrors house to find rose Jacob p.o.vMmm that was good we just had lunch hotdogs , soda and candy floss nessie hadstarted to get worried about her dad oh I hope he is gonna get better I hope so to Isaid me and nessie were one of those people staringAfter 6 hoursAlice p.o.vIt wa sten at night the carnival had closed we were on our way back home I was inedwards volvo jasper driving rose in emmets car jacob driving mine ugh I thought Iwould have to clean it up before i could sit in it again I thought well lets think happytonight I thought I had one a special teddy with said get well soo I would give it toedward as we reached edward was watching tv with hundreds of paper bags withhim bella by his side I cam eup to him every one did2 days laterAlice p.o.v

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