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Rune MasteryV2.3

Rune MasteryV2.3

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Rules for Rune Mastery in WFRPv2
Rules for Rune Mastery in WFRPv2

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Page 1Rune Mastery
Rune Mastery
Rune Mastery, the rather pretentious title for the limited skills practiced by a cadre of Human Wizards. These Wizards are thepractitioners of a crude, debased form of the highest of all Dwarf arts, that of Runesmithing. The Wizards in question call themselvesRune Masters. However, the truth is these so-called Rune Masters have little skill when compared with the great Dwarf Rune Lords. TheLore studied by Rune Masters all stems from the teachings of the first Rune Master Dortmund Klauser, who penned “The Book of RunicMastery” the seminal and extremely heretical work from which all subsequent Rune Mastery would be learned from.
The Origins of Rune Mastery
The origins of Rune Mastery are something of a bone of contention, depending on whom you ask there are a number of differentstories. All versions agree on a two points: Firstly that Dortmund Klauser was the first Rune Master and secondly that he learned his skillsby studying alongside an unnamed Dwarf somewhere between the years 1340-1350. However, from this point onwards the storiesdisagree, there are three popular views:The first view is that of the Rune Masters themselves, which incidentally tallies with the official historical record of Ostermark thehome province of Dortmund Klauser ( a successful Hard -20% Common Knowledge Empire Skill Test will reveal this information ). Thisversion of the tale claims that Dortmund Klauser was a kind and honest scholarly Wizard with interest in metals and alchemy. One daywhile traversing the Axebite Pass in the Grey Mountains Klauser came across the remains of a dwarfen ore caravan that had met a brutalambush. While checking for survivors Klauser found a badly injured Dwarf. Klauser cared for the wounded Dwarf and over a period ofmany months slowly nursed him back to something approaching health. The Wizard and the Dwarf had become firm friends during theirtime together and the Dwarf had revealed himself to be a Runesmith. The then Dwarf offered to teach Klauser the basic principals ofRunesmithing as a way of thanking him for saving his life, Klauser gladly accepted. In time the Runesmith fully recovered and eventuallyreturned to his home in the Grey Mountains. Klauser continued working on the runic theories he had formulated in conjunction with the

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