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Polls see sanity bottoms while let us pray tops

Polls see sanity bottoms while let us pray tops

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Published by Frank Gallagher
Priorities eh?
Priorities eh?

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Published by: Frank Gallagher on Nov 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Polls see sanity bottoms while let us pray tops NEWS FABRIC ATE
 Never Endin War Story Fidu!iary A!!ountable Benevolen!e Rihteous Imperialist Capitalist Aspirin Truth Evaders
"ow mu!h truth !an one be e#pe!ted to swallow$"oly "eadline Batman yep R%R Robbins Robin&ein 'amp( &edia essential intelle!tual neuter 'lepto!rati! authenti!ity mani(ests pro(i!ient (oolsFree power ) humani! o( thin air li*e ban*sters money ) satani!T+TTradition +nsin*able Titani!Tut irre(utable proo( ya !an,t ta*e it with youPR-.ETARIAT
Politi!al Reliious -ppress .iht,s E#ponential Tran/uility A!!ountable Responsible Illuminate Tyranny
And the .ord sayeth unto me 0ou are 1odand set out with the !uttin ede to sli!e throuh the shit sereatin the human (amily (romThy 'indom Come+n*nown 1enius o( Ni*ola Teslahttp233www4youtube4!om3wat!h$v56pn77Eun1S&http233www4youtube4!om3wat!h$v5vuINhmT7890 Ni*ola Tesla : The se!rets hidden in the pyramids o( Eypt&oses stole the Ar* (rom Ramesses II turnin the lihts out on EyptReality is the Truth impervious to per!eption yet pre!isely due to per!eptionTruth that whi!h 1od would observe whether or not "e e#isted or whether or not one believes "e e#istsI6EA.Simply Reality Sanely 6ealt With+nited Per!eption Solidaritywww4ups;74!om ;
+ltimate Potential So!ietyEpitaph Edison Pro(it Intelle!tual Tesla authenti! Prophet "umanity&E < &oses Edison =+STICE < =esus +niversal So!rates Tesla Intelle!t Con(u!ius Ele!tromanetism 0es ya better wat!h out 8irinia no Satani! ClauseSanta Clause is !omin around with >udes own0es we ot no bananas at C6F=I : Constitution 6ilien!e Fidu!iary =udi!iary Independents???Can we a((ord not to as* Ford$What !aused him to o !ra!*ers$Would Ford be !ra!*ers to divule what indu!ed his !ra!*ers and perhaps more importantWould Polly want a !ra!*er$T+TTradition +nsin*able Titani!Tut irre(utable proo( ya !an,t ta*e it with youwww4SapBoat;74!omSanity a popular Belie( o( arti(i!ial truths@
http233www4s!ribd4!om3do!3;@))73-nly:the:E!!entri!:'now:the:NihtmareBias -smosis Smorasbord o( *aleidos!opi! ri!o!hetTAB.ETSTruths antithesis Belie(s .i/uid E#ponential Trans!endental http233www4youtube4!om3wat!h$v5)7*&09-FND%(eature5relatedIn the name o( 1od and (orive it,s >ust politi!sPRESS+RES Politi!al Reliious Ealitarian Sereated Solidarity +bi/uitous Rihteous E#plosive San!timoniousThy *indom !ome&! Pi&usi!al Chairs Puppets in lommin Puppets in 1overnan!e &edia Elusives
PI1 &E
The re/uest (or 1ods *indom to !ome is usually interpreted as a re(eren!e to the belie(G !ommon at the timeG that a &essiah (iure would brin about a 'indom o( 1od4Traditionally the !omin o( 1ods 'indom is seen as a divine i(t to be prayed (orG
not a human achievement
This idea is (re/uently !hallened by roups who believe that the 'indom will !ome by the hands o( those (aith(ul to wor* (or a  better world4 It is believed by these individuals that =esus !ommands to (eed the hunry and !lothe the needy are the 'indom to whi!h he was re(errin4
PI1 &E-W
Puppets in 1overnan!e &edia Elusives -pposition WebIn the name o( 1od o(G (or with the People WTF
H Tithe Politi!al Reliious Impli!it Compli!it E#pli!itPRICEPoliti!al Reliious Insidious Capitalist Emperors7

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