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Are you cut out of entrepreneurial cloth? Perspectives from “In the Women’s Corner”

Are you cut out of entrepreneurial cloth? Perspectives from “In the Women’s Corner”

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Published by Kerry Martin
Blog post by Apical Marketing, grow with a cause, @ http://apicalmarketing.com.
Blog post by Apical Marketing, grow with a cause, @ http://apicalmarketing.com.

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Published by: Kerry Martin on Nov 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"If we listened to our intellect We'd never have a love affair,We'd never have a friendship,We'd never go into business, Because we're cynical.Well, that's just nonsense.You've got to jump off cliffs all the time And build your wings on the way down.” 
~ Ray BradburI recently asked a handful of successful women entrepreneurs, whose businesses are soaring and for whom we have agreat deal of respect, how they built their wings; specifically, what they thought were the 3 most important traits to takeflight versus going splat. Below, we share their 3 cents - and you can certainly tell which of these peeps is primarily right brained vs. left-brained which I find quite fascinating! - and then I chime in on what I think it takes to succeed inthese challenging times. And, because like it's our blog post, we get to wax poetic and are allowed to share more than 3insights.
Dr. Shae Martin,
 DVM & Owner,  West Maui Animal Clinic & Central Maui Animal Clinic in ah Maui & Oakura River Cottages down under in New Zealand1. Never say the "f" word - Failure! (c'mon now)2. Smile in front of staff, clients and associates even though you are having the crappiest day becausea good attitude is infectious.3. Use all the "drive" you can personally muster and know you always have "four-wheel drive" in your back pocket.p.s. I would like to be paid for my 3 cents
 Allie Merrick 
, owner of The Allie Way  & creative genius who we've nicknamed Righty 1. Passion2. Passion3. Yip, you guessed it, passion!These are most important for supporting & sustaining success.
Jeannie Cordova
, RDH, founder of OSHA for Dentistry  & single mother extraordinare1. A willingness and eagerness to give it everything you've got every moment of the day.2. An internal strength that can be drawn upon when your balance is out of whack and you're juggling kids, partner, dog and work. You must have your priorities set and not compromise whatis most important whether your family, your kids, your health and/or your sanity.3. Taking time to nourish your soul and, if you can integrate this into your business model, even better. For example, OSHA for Dentistry donates part of its profits to Operation Smile because I believe in giving back and I believe its the right path for me (but not everyone) to travel.Breath. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.
Denise Wallace
, Creative Director at BRANDgfx, Advertising & Design Agency 1. Relationships. With clients, team members, subcontractors, vendors, associates - everyone(including myself)! The old adage goes: "People do business with people they Know, Like andTrust." One of the most important things to keep asking myself is, am I building and supportingrelationships, or worrying about my bottom line? Putting all relationships foremost in my businessis a strategy that serves not only my clients, but supports my bottom line as well.2. Value yourself and know how to help others understand your value. "Value" or "Market Value" is a very subjective and fickle thing. There will always be someone out there to underprice you or over-

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