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DA correspondence on equity bill

DA correspondence on equity bill

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Published by CityPress
DA emails on equity bill
DA emails on equity bill

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Published by: CityPress on Nov 10, 2013
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 Lindi Mazibuko [mailto:lindiwe@mazibuko.org
 08 May 2013 05:5 !M
 "a#in $a#i%
 &elen 'ille( )ilmot *ame%( "eordin &ill+Lewi%( "eordin &ill+Lewi%( *onat,an Moake%( *ame% -ele( /im &arri%( Lindiwe Mazibuko( rouwien o%man( u%%el rueton( %emotau@mweb.4o.za( *o,an*d. an $er erg
 e: $67% aroa4, to 99 and 99 6mendment ill% $ear 6ll  6ny o%ition t,at we ut out on a ie4e o drat legi%lation ,a% to be ba%ed on a t,oroug, reading o t,e law in ;ue%tion w,i4, i% dri#en and managed by t,e rele#ant ortolio %oke%er%on% + in t,i% 4a%e )ilmot *ame% and -e Motau. ot, )ilmot and -e ,a#e been a4ti#ely engaged in t,e ro4e%% o deliberation on t,e%e bill% in 4onu4tion wit, t,eir deutie% and re%ear4, %uort team%.  6t t,i% %tage none o u% i% better inormed t,an t,ey are on w,at our o%ition on t,e%e two bill% %,ould be. urt,ermore our two M!% ,a#e until now ba%ed and will 4ontinue to ba%e t,eir inut% in 4ommittee and in t,e media on t,e undamental rin4ile% or w,i4, t,e arty %tand% + t,at i% t,e role wit, w,i4, we ,a#e entru%ted t,em.  6% wit, e#ery %ingle bill t,at t,e $6 ro4e%%e% t,roug, t,e <ational 6%%embly t,e de4i%ion about ,ow we will #ote on t,e%e bill% will be made by t,e arliamentary 4au4u%. -e and )ilmot 4an re%ent to t,e 4au4u% w,en t,ey are ready to gi#e a drat o%ition. )e will debate it in 4au4u% and make a de4i%ion a44ordingly. =n )ilmot7% 4a%e we ,a#e in addition to t,e inut% ,e i% making on t,e 99  6mendment ill and it7% related 4ode% a drat oli4y on e4onomi4 in4lu%ion w,i4, goe% to t,e ,eart o t,e ,ilo%o,i4al and ra4ti4al ;ue%tion% around our re%on%e to 99.  6% = under%tand it t,i% ,a% yet to be ro4e%%ed t,roug, ederal >oun4il alt,oug, ede? ,a% already aro#ed it. Like 6t,ol /rolli7% drat oli4y on Land eorm t,e 94onomi4 =n4lu%ion oli4y will be %ube4t to ratii4ation by t,e arty and any 4omment% about it 4an #ery ea%ily be made in ad#an4e o t,e ederal >oun4il meeting w,ere a de4i%ion will be made. 6% wit, t,e drat legi%lation 4omment% %,ould be ba%ed on t,e ,ig,+;uality detailed 4ontent roo%ed in t,e drat oli4y rat,er t,an on %e4ulation.
 = am #ery 4onu%ed about w,y we are di%4u%%ing %,ort+4ir4uiting ro4e%%e% around our o%itioning on ill% w,i4, ,a#e been in la4e or many year% and ro4e%%e% around ,ow drat oli4ie% are ratiied w,i4, were t,em%el#e% re4ently ratiied by ederal >oun4il. n i%%ue% a% imortant a% t,e%e we mu%t be dire4ted by %ub%tan4e not %e4ulation. ),at i% t,e %ub%tantiation or t,e 4laim t,at Abot, t,e%e bill% will 4urb bla4k ad#an4ementA or e?amleB  6% an a%ide t,e o%ition arti4ulated in oint number 1. i% already e?ten%i#ely detailed and 4ontained in )ilmot7% re%on%e to t,e 99 6mendment ill and t,e a44omanying >ode% o "ood !ra4ti%e. egard%Lindiwe Mazibuko M!$emo4rati4 6llian4e !arliamentary Leader C221D03858Lindiwe@mazibuko.org n 08 May 2013 at 1E:02 "a#in $a#i% F"a#ind@da.org.zaG wrote:$ear all =t i% imerati#e t,at we get t,e 4ommuni4ation rig,t around t,e two amendment bill% 4urrently beore !arliament. = am o t,e #iew t,at we need to ,old a re%% 4oneren4e %etting out our o%ition on t,e%e two bill% ,ig,lig,ting t,e two i%%ue% identiied by &elen below H namely:
1. /,e 99 6mendment bill i% not broad+ba%ed enoug,. )e will u%, to lower t,e t,re%,old or new entrant% to re#ent reeat emowerment %o t,at t,e mo%t de%er#ing eole beneit. 2. /,e 99 6mendment bill %,ould not be uniti#e to 4omanie% w,o 4annot imlement it %in4e t,ere are not enoug, %kill% on t,e %uly+%ide to enable e#ery 4omany to 4omly. /,i% I%ti4kJ aroa4, will dri#e out in#e%tment w,i4, will lower t,e demand or labour and in t,e end will mean ewer oortunitie% or eole w,o are re#iou%ly di%ad#antaged. )e %,ould be in a#our o a I4arrotJ %y%tem t,at oer% 4omanie% in4enti#e% to di#er%iy t,eir %ta.
 =n t,i% way we 4an %,ow t,at bot, t,e%e bill% will 4urb bla4k ad#an4ement. Mo%t imortantly it i% an oortunity to %,ow t,at we are roonent% o real redre%% w,i4, 4an only be a4,ie#ed by 4reating an enabling en#ironment or growt, and ob%. = am in a#our o ,olding a re%% 4oneren4e %etting out t,e%e argument% u ront rat,er t,an ,a#ing to e?lain t,em ater t,e 6<>K% ine#itable a44u%ation% t,at we are Ianti+tran%ormationJ. Look orward to your t,oug,t%. "a#in 

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