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Colonization of Planet Earth

Colonization of Planet Earth

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Published by msngr00

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Published by: msngr00 on Nov 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ETs and Colonization of Planet Earth
Was There an Intergalactic Dimension to World War II?
 “The last world war was not simply a war fought between the Allies and the Axis orDemocracy and Despotism…. It was also the planetary battlefield of Galactic War III, whenalien civilizations sponsoring the Nazis and alien civilizations sponsoring the Americansfought once again for control of planet Earth ...while using its unsuspecting armies aspawns in their interstellar conflict.” 
Steve Omarfrom “Galactic War III”
The conventional view of the outbreak of World War II is one in which Germany and Japan just happened to emerge as fascist military superpowers at the same time, and decided to join forces and take over the entire world! In this view, it was coincidental that Japanwould build an imperial fleet, and become an invincible naval power, and that Germanywould simultaneously develop a fearsome Blitzkrieg capability using coordinated air andground forces.Even at face value, this hypothesis seems absurd to some.Such grand historical coincidences rarely occur, and usually turn out the result of meticulous, long-range planning; and that seems to be the case with World War II. Now agrowing group of researchers into the circumstances of Hitler’s rise to power, and thesudden, coordinated emergence of militant fascism all over the world, see the roots of World War II in an entirely new and even more disturbing light.Could it have been decided well in advance at some very high level that Japan would takeever all of Asia and Australia while Germany and Italy would divide up Europe, Russia andNorth and South America? Were Spain, South Africa and Argentina - already fascist dictatepart of the alliance?According to researchers in the new school of thought such a division of effort madeperfect sense, since domination of Asia required control over vast Pacific Ocean areas thatonly superior naval forces could handle, while the conquest of the massive continentalareas of Europe, Russia and the Americas would necessitate control of the air and huge,highly mechanized, fast-moving armies.Some are arguing now that there was
an invisible hand 
 behind all of this and, moreover,that it wasn't earthly.Cumulative torrents of information now emerging from insiders seem to indicate that planetEarth may, in fact, be
a battleground between extraterrestrial forces
 - that, indeed, weare right in the middle of a real Star War.Could it be that for millennia, while we struggled with swords and bows and arrows, andman-powered naval vessels, the ETs, apparently, paid scant attention to us; but that with
the advent of World War II we became players on the cosmic stage? Could it be that torthe last three quarters of a century we have become knowing, active participants in
anongoing galactic conflict? 
The following scenario, it is argued, is the once hidden story of World War II.After WWI, at the end of 1919, ex-corporal Adolph Hitler met
Dietrich Eckart
 in Munich.Eckart was a sophisticated and wealthy publisher and was editor-in-chief of an antisemiticpublication called
In Plain German
.He was also an occultist in the highest circle of The Thule Society, an esoteric groupfounded in Germany in 1918. He had been a student of Russian
G.I. Gurdjieff 
.Because of his admiration for Eckart Hitler joined the society.The
Thule Society 
 held regular séances during which the attendees reportedlycommunicated with Aliens and attempted to invoke the Great-One. During one suchsession, Eckart believed that he was told by his spirit guide that he would have the honorof training the corning
Great One
. He soon became convinced that Adolph Hitler was thechosen one, and he took him under his wing.According to
Wulf Schwartzwaller
The Unknown Hitler 
, “There can be no doubt that Eckart …trained Hitler in techniques of self-confidence,self-projection, persuasive oratory, body language and discursive sophistry.” Using these capabilities Hitler became a powerful speaker, able to mesmerize and excitevast audiences. He learned to start his speeches softly, and then build to a peak of pretended frenzied fervor accompanied by animated gesticulations. He also developed ahypnotic power over individuals. Eckart, it is reported, also passed on to Hitler all of hisoccult knowledge.According to
Trevor Ravenscroft
The Spear of Destiny 
 regarding the practices of theThule Society, “indulgence in the most sadistic rituals awakened penetrating vision into the workings of evilintelligences and bestowed phenomenal magical powers.” At the completion of this training, Hitler claimed to be “born anew” filled with new strengthand the resolve he would need to carry out his “mandate.” Eckhart died three years later in 1923, and reportedly said on his deathbed, “Follow Hitler. He will dance, but it is I who have called the tune! I have initiated him intothe ‘Secret Doctrine;’ opened his centers of vision and given him the means tocommunicate with the powers. Do not mourn for me: I shall have influenced history morethan any German.” 
The following year, Hitler dedicated the second volume of his book,
Mein Kampf 
 (MyStruggle), to Eckart. Eckart’s claim that he had given to Hitler “the means to communicatewith the powers” has been interpreted to mean that Hitler could now solicit advice fromthose same entities that
Aleister Crowley
 referred to as the “secret chiefs,” since Eckartwas basically a disciple of Crowley.Crowley, who was sometimes referred to as the “great beast,” was the head of theinfamous occult organization,
Order of the Golden Dawn
, in London.In late 1919, the
Thule Society 
 became more political, and was instrumental in starting theGerman Workers’ Party under the leadership of Thulist
Karl Harrer
.In 1920, this evolved into the
National Socialist German Workers Party 
, or
,commonly known as the
Nazi Party 
, drawing its membership from the top echelons of theThule Society, including,Rudolf HessHeinrich HimmlerAlfred RosenbergAdolph HitlerAfter the death of Eckart, as if on a schedule, another even more powerful teacher cameinto Hitler’s life.
Karl Haushofer
 (image right) was a 54 year old professor of
Political Science at MunichUniversity 
 when Hitler entered jail in 1924. While with German intelligence in Japan beforethe war, Haushofer had been initiated into the ultra-secret Green Dragon Society, one of only three Europeans to have ever been granted that honor.There he was taught how to develop the “
mastery of the etheric body, or the TimeOrganism
...” This training apparently gave him
 precognitive powers
 and he was able to predict the datesand exact times of enemy attacks, the number of casualties, and bombardment patternswhile a general during the war. We now know this as “remote viewing.” Consequently, Haushofer emerged with an illustrious war record, and became well-knownthroughout Germany.It was only very reluctantly that Haushofer agreed to attend the treason trial of arabble-rousing, brawling street politician named Adolf Hitler in 1923. He finally consented,after much persuasion by a student at the University, Rudolph Hess. Disinterested at first,by the time Hitler delivered his final oration in court, Haushofer, like Eckhart, was convincedthat he had found the
savior of the German people
 that he had been seeking.Haushofer subsequently visited Hitler frequently in his plush cell at the
Landsberg Fortress
with books and papers under his arm, and helped him to write what became the bible of theNazi movement,
Mein Kampf 
, virtually dictating long passages. Haushofer’s domination of 

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