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Fabric Ate Roll Call

Fabric Ate Roll Call

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Published by Frank Gallagher
Freedom asserting belief rights imperative consecrated Ambiguity truth elusivity Rule of law legal
Certainty appropriator’s liquidity logistics
Freedom asserting belief rights imperative consecrated Ambiguity truth elusivity Rule of law legal
Certainty appropriator’s liquidity logistics

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Published by: Frank Gallagher on Nov 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fabric Ate Roll Call
Freedom asserting belief rights imperative consecrated Ambiguity truth elusivity Rule of law legal Certainty appropriator’s liquidity logistics
,ar -igh (n onetary &overeignty (mperialist Capitalist Authentic uciferian
Religion -igh 0lusive 1ruth 2rientation Righteous (mperialist Capitalism#. 0veryone has the following fundamental freedoms: 3a4 freedom of conscience and religion5 3b4 freedom of thought6 belief6 opinion and e7pression6 including freedom of the press and other media of communication5 3c4 freedom of peaceful assembly5 and 3d4 freedom of association.)olitical Religious (nsidious Charlatan 8leptocracy media inciting Fic9le (nherent ias (gnorant liss)R(C8 mi F((
&atanism is a broad term referring to a group of ,estern religions comprising diverse ideological and  philosophical   beliefs. 1heir shared features include symbolic association with6 or admiration for the character of6 &atan6 or similar rebellious6  promethean6 and6 in their view6 liberating figures. 1here were an estimated ;<6<<< members in $$<. 1here may be as few as a few thousand in the world.=>As chief law officer6 the Attorney +eneral has
a special responsibility
 to be the guardian of
that most elusive concept
 ' the rule of law. 1he rule of law is a well established legal principle6  but hard to easily define. (t is the rule of law 
that protects individuals, and society as a whole,
 from arbitrary measures and safeguards personal liberties.
Attorney +eneral has theR?@&Responsibly ?naccountable @uances &ystemicAttorney +eneral6 guardian of the public interest
1he Attorney +eneral for 2ntario shall serve as the guardian of the public interest in all matters within the scope of this Act or having to do in any way with the practice of law in 2ntario or the provision of legal services in 2ntario6 and for this purpose he or she may at any time require the production of any document or thing pertaining to the affairs of the &ociety. R.&.2. $$<6 c. ."6 s. ! 345 $$"6 c. #6 s. % 345 #<<6 c. #6 &ched. C6 s. !.Admissions
 @o admission of any person in any document or thing produced under subsection 34 is admissible in evidence against that person in any proceedings other than proceedings under this Act. R.&.2. $$<6 c. ."6 s. ! 3#45 $$"6 c. #6 s. % 3#4.)rotection of inister 
 @o person who is or has been the Attorney +eneral for 2ntario is subBect to any proceedings of the &ociety or to any penalty imposed under this Act for anything done by him or her while e7ercising the functions of such office. R.&.2. $$<6 c. ."6 s. ! 3!45 $$"6 c. #6 s. % 3!4.1he Crown has a distinct responsibility to the court to present all the credible evidence available.#
Rule of awhttp://en.wi9ipedia.org/wi9i/Ruleoflaw1he Rule of law in its most basic form is no one is above the law.)erhaps the most important application of the rule of law is the principle that governmental authority is legitimately e7ercised only in accordance with6  publicly disclosed laws6 adopted and enforced in accordance with established procedural steps that are referred to as due process.1he rule of law is hostile to dictatorship and to anarchy.According to modern Anglo'American thin9ing6 hallmar9s of adherence to the rule of law commonly include
a clear separation of powers,
legal certainty,
the principle of legitimate e7pectation and equality of all before the law.1he concept is not without controversy6 and it has been said that Dthe phrase the rule of law has become
 than9s to ideological abuse and general over' useD+2 )20
+eneral 2ver'use )roclamations 2nly 0lusivity publicly disclosed laws;#. 34 1he Constitution of Canada is the supreme law of Canada6and any law that is inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution is6 to the e7tent of the inconsistency6
of no force or effect
1he Attorney +eneral does not6 however6 direct or cause charges to be laid. ,hile the Attorney +eneral and the Attorney +eneralEs agents may provide legal advice to the police6 the ultimate decision whether or not to lay charges is for the police. 2nce the charge is laid
the decision
 as to whether the prosecution should proceed6 and in what manner6 is for the Attorney +eneral and the Crown Attorney.(t is now an accepted and important constitutional principle that the Attorney +eneral must carry out the inisterEs criminal prosecution responsibilities independent of Cabinet and of any partisan political pressures. 1he Attorney +eneralEs responsibility for individual criminal prosecutions must be underta9en ' and seen to be underta9en ' on strictly obBective and legal criteria6 free of any political considerations. ,hether to initiate or stay a criminal proceeding is not an issue of government policy. 1his responsibility has been characteried as a matter of the
Attorney General acting as the Queen's Attorney
 ' not as a inister of the government of the day.

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