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The Rahu Ketu Experience - Prash Trivedi

The Rahu Ketu Experience - Prash Trivedi



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Published by The Project Pleroma
Everything You wanted to Know about Rahu & Ketu.
Everything You wanted to Know about Rahu & Ketu.

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Published by: The Project Pleroma on Nov 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(EaerythingYou utanted o Knout aboutRahu s Ketu)
T2JanpathVed MansionNew Delhi - 110 001Tel: 3320648,3328245E-mail: sagarpub@del3.vsnl.net.in
Chart no.1Chart no.2Chart no.3Chart no.4Chart no.5Chart no.5Chart no.7Chart no.8Chart no.9Chart no.10Chart no.11Chart no.12Chart no.13Chart no.14Chart no.15Chart no.16Chart no.17Chart no.18Chart no. 19Chart no.20Chart no.21Chart no.22Chart no.23Chart no.24Chart no.25Chart no.26Chart no.27Chart no.28Chart no.29Chart no.30Chart no.31Chart no.32
J. KrishnamurthyNietzscheSigmund FreudKrishnaB.V. RamanAlbert EinsteinEdgar CayceNapoleon BonaparteH.P. BlavatskyAdolph HitlerJimi HendrixJim MorrisonRamakrishna ParamahansaJ. F. KennedyChengiz KhanM.K. GandhiS.C. BoseThomas A. EdisonNostradamus"Osho" RajneeshQueen VictoriaBruce LeeIndira GandhiVivekanandaJ.N. NehruB.S. Rao1" World War2"d World WarAtomic Bomb dropped at HiroshimaUnited States of AmericaEmperor HirohitoSolar Eclipse on Summer Solstice 2001
All the charts have been made using the Birth Data sources unless otherwise indi-cated. Birth Time Rectification has been done for the charts, where accurate birthtime is unavailable. All charts are constructed using Iahiri Ayanamn.
A global vision of astrology s dawning upon us as we stand onthe brink of entering a New Age. This new astrologp which has thepotential of becoming the universal religion of the future instead ofjust berng an art of peeping into the future, is being birthed out ofthe synthesis and integration of all the existing systems. There s intruth nothing 'new' about this'new astrology, as it is just a redis_coverjng of the knowledge which has existed since the beginningof time and was known in its pristine purity to the ancients.The present day astrology can basically be divided into two mainsystems vedic and western. Both are n a sense omplimentary toeach other as one takes care of the weaknesses f the other. theVedic system known as yotish or vedic Ashology however is muchmore precise and advanced than the western systenr, and is thuslikely to form the core of the New Astrology. western astrology onthe other hand has some basic anomalies ike operating with theastronomically naccurate Tropical Zodiac, but a detailed discus-sion on that is not relevant to this book. However there is an area nwhich both seem o be acking; hough'ignoring'would be a betterterm to use.This area elates o the astrology of theLunarNodes. whatcomesas a greater surprise is that the neglect is continuing and preciouslittle is being done to restore he balance The extent of the neglectcan be gauged by the fact that not a single definitive book dealingspecifically with the lunar nodes has come out as yet in either vediior westem astrology. Though some of the western astrologers havepenned down so'me of their thoughts and observations on the lunarnodes, their works are in no way comprehensive as they totally ne-glect the knowledge from other systems. In India, the home of Vedica-strology, only a few preliminary works have been published tilldate.

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