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Treason a Notice to Public Servants

Treason a Notice to Public Servants

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Published by: e on Nov 11, 2013
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On the night of December 23, 1913 the United States Congress passed the Federal Reserve ct and thereb! committed the greatest act of "R#SO$ in histor!% &t s'rrendered this nation(s sovereignt! and sold the merican people into slaver! to a cabal of arch)charlatan international ban*ers +ho proceeded to pl'nder, ban*r'pt, and con'er this nation +ith a mone! s+indle%"he -mone!- the ban*s iss'e is merel! boo**eeping entries% &t cost them nothing and is not bac*ed b! their +ealth, efforts, propert!, or ris*% &t is not redeemable e.cept in more debt paper% "he Federal Reserve ct forced 's to pa! compo'nd interest on thin air% /e no+ 'se +orthless -notes- bac*ed b! o'r o+n credit that +e cannot o+n and are made s'b0ect to compelled performance for the -privilege-%From 1913 'ntil 1933, the United States paid the -interest- +ith more and more gold% "he str'ct'red inevitabilit! soon transpired the "reas'r! +as empt!, the debt +as greater than ever, and the United States declared ban*r'ptc!% &n e.change for 'sing notes belonging to ban*ers +ho create them o't of nothing on o'r o+n credit, +e are forced to repa! in s'bstance labor, propert!, land, b'sinesses, reso'rces, life in ever)increasing amo'nts% "his ma! have been the greatest heist and fra'd of all time%/hen a government goes ban*r'pt, it loses its sovereignt!% &n 1933 the United States declared  ban*r'ptc!, as e.pressed in Roosevelt(s #.ec'tive Orders 453, 142, 111, and 24, 6o'se 7oint Resol'tion 192 of 7'ne 8, 1933, confirmed in err! v% United States, 1938: 29; U%S% 334)3<1, 59 =%#d 912, as +ell as 31 USC 8112, 8119, and 12 USC 98% "he ban*r'pt United States +ent into receivership, reorgani>ed in favor of 118 creditors and ne+ o+ners% &n 1913, Congress t'rned over merica%%% loc*, stoc* and barrel to a handf'l of criminals +hose avo+ed intent from the beginning +as to pl'nder, ban*r'pt, con'er, and enslave the people of the United States of merica and eliminate this nation from the face of the earth% "he goal +as, and is, to absorb merica into a one)+orld private commercial government, a -$e+ /orld Order%-On ?arch 9, 1933 resident Roosevelt called for the passing of "he /R O/#RS C" "&"=# 12 USC% Section 98 a: and 98 b:% "his act declared all United States Citi>ens to be the enem! of the United States @overnment, and placed 's 'nder permanent #mergenc! R'le, b!passing Constit'tional constraints on government%/ith the #rie R%R% v "omp*ins case of 193<, the S'preme Co'rt confirmed their s'ccess% /e are no+ in an international private commercial 0'risdiction in colorable admiralt!)maritime 'nder the =a+ ?erchant% /e have been conned and betra!ed o't of o'r sovereignt!, rights, propert!, freedom, common la+, rticle &&& Co'rts, and"he Aill of Rights has been stat'ti>ed into -civil rights- in commerce% Bo' have destro!ed the Rep'blic% merica has been stolen% /e have been made slaves, i%e% permanent debtors, ban*r'pt, in legal incapacit!, rendered commercial -persons,- -residents,- and corporate franchisees *no+n as -citi>ens of the United States-Since 1933 +hat is called the -United States @overnment- is a privatel! o+ned corporation of the Federal Reserve&nternational ?onetar! F'nd% &t is merel! an instr'ment +hereb! the ban*ers administer their ongoing s'b0'gation and pl'nder of +hat +as once considered -the last great hope of h'man freedom%- ll -p'blic servants,- officials, Congressmen, politicians, 0'dges, attorne!s, la+ enforcement officers, States and their vario's agencies, etc%, are the e.press agents of these foreign
 principals ) see Foreign gents Registration ct of 193< 22 USC 2< et se, 23, 1<8@, 257, 11C: ii: E iii: "reas'r! Delegation Order 91 ) +ho have stolen the co'ntr! b! clever, intentional, and 'nrelenting fra'd, tric*er!, treacher!, non)disclos're, miss)representation, intrig'e, coercion, conspirac!, m'rder% &f there is a greater traged! in h'man histor! it is hard to *no+ +hat it is%n insidio's aspect of this is that -officials- li*e !o' ma! thin* !o' are -p'blic servants,- are 'pholding the -la+,- or other hoa.es% &n tr'th !o' are conscientio'sl! and assid'o'sl! serving the archenemies of !o'rselves, !o'r o+n rights, !o'r fello+ citi>ens, contin'ed h'man rights, life, and freedom in general% BOU are seditio'sl! administering the pl'nder, ban*r'ptc!, con'est, destr'ction, dismantling, and elimination of !o'r co'ntr!% BOU are s!stematicall! defra'ding, e.torting, impoverishing, and in0'ring h'man life on the basis of crimes and lies of s'ch magnit'de, depth, and  proportions as to be be!ond h'man comprehension% $o+ !o' believe !o' can sell this nation to foreign po+ers +ith the stro*e of a pen b! #.ec'tive Order 12<43, pril 34, 1992%A! so doing, !o' are committing "R#SO$ and #RF&DB so immense as -to ma*e the angels +eep%- &f !o' and !o'r fello+ -officials- do not 'nderstand the real sit'ation, !o' are ignorant, naive, deceived, and conned% Bo' are sheer d'pes% &f !o' do *no+ and are parties to it, !o' are g'ilt! of evil and heino's A#"RB=% Bo' are in s'ch case "R&"ORS and CR&?&$=S% ll of !o' -in po+er- are therefore, either fools or *naves, either of +hich eminentl! invalidates !o'r -a'thorit!- and renders n'll and void absol'tel! all)moral obligation to pa! allegiance or to obe! the "R#SO$OUS SBS"#? !o' enforce +ith s'ch mechanical vicio'sness%&f, !o', -p'blic servants- had an! shred left of h'manit!, a+e, heart, clarit!, sanit!, access to !o'r tr'e  being and conscience, !o' +o'ld instantl! resign and do ever!thing possible to inform the merican  people of their plight and help 's retrieve o'r rights and o'r co'ntr!% Onl! b! s'ch means can !o' even  begin to atone for !o'r endless crimes against h'manit!, the lives !o' so arrogantl! and mindlessl!  b'tcher +ith the -meat)grinder of the la+%-/hat do !o' thin* the merican people +ill do as the! discover that the! have no more co'ntr!, that the! are slaves to mortal enemies, that the! have been tric*ed and betra!ed b! their -leaders- +ho sold them o'tG /hat do !o' thin* the! +ill do +hen the! reali>e that all their alleged -p'blic servants- are +illing or st'pidl! compliant parties to the pl'nder, ban*r'ptc!, s'b0'gation, and r'in of their lives and co'ntr!G"here is no acceptable e.c'se for +hat !o' have done% Bo' cannot engage in bringing harm to life and, li*e the $a>i(s defense at $'remberg, pres'me that beca'se !o' do so 'nder the -a'thorit!- of an imaginar!, abstract, 'nreal legal fiction called -government- !o' are freed of the conse'ences of !o'r acts% ?oral and nat'ral la+ are not obviated b! ignorance, h'bris and self)righteo's militanc!% Bo'r entire s!stem ) from the gro'nd 'p ) is deceit and fra'd% &t is illicit in essence and ab initio% s Aroom(s ?a.ims 295, 529 p't it - right of action cannot arise o't of fra'd%- 6onor is earned b! honest! and integrit!, not 'nder false and fra'd'lent pretenses% "he color of the cloth one +ears cannot cover 'p the 's'rpations, lies, and treacher!% -/hen blac* is fra'd'lentl! declared to be +hite, not all +ill live in dar*ness%-?ore and more mericans are a+a*ening to the tr'th% /hat do !o' thin* the merican people +ill do as the! discover that the! have no more co'ntr!, that the! are slaves to mortal enemies, that the! have  been tric*ed and betra!ed b! their -leaders- +ho sold them o'tG /hat do !o' thin* the! +ill do +hen the! reali>e that all their alleged -p'blic servants- are +illing or st'pidl! compliant parties to the  pl'nder, ban*r'ptc!, s'b0'gation, r'in and destr'ction of their lives and co'ntr!G "homas 7efferson +rote -n honest man can feel no pleas're in the e.ercise of po+er over his fello+ citi>ens%- =incoln said -7'st as & +o'ld not be a slave, neither +o'ld & be a master%-& +ill not participate in !o'r corr'pt, arrogant, and cr'el fra'd, either as perpetrator or victim% & +ill no longer sit here and +rithe% "he "BR$$B over this nation ?US" #$DH #nd #mergenc! R'le% Repeal all la+s passed 'nder #mergenc! R'le% @ive 's bac* o'r s'bstance and o'r la+% @ive 's bac* o'r

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