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Nip Insanity NWO New order world NOW Sanity Never Tried

Nip Insanity NWO New order world NOW Sanity Never Tried

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Published by Frank Gallagher
I wonder why?
Spirit intent since the onset fickle finger of ignorant bias got in the way
I wonder why?
Spirit intent since the onset fickle finger of ignorant bias got in the way

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Frank Gallagher on Nov 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nip Insanity NWO New order world NOW Sanity Never TriedI wonder why?Spirit intent since the onset fickle finger of ignorant bias got in the wayReligion the antithesis of science you do the mathill the bastard !!! let us pray this means war " nun eh?Ta#es and death as certain as beliefs and faith$%N&'R$umanity %nderground Natality &rows 'galitarian Referendum
www.Fit13.com Beware the IdesI dunno … an epiphany?As recollect on a clear day head stumped for the trees the Rule of Law the magnificent od gi!en user friendly  "rain a#in to a chainsaw meaningless until a mind put to fire up and then $%& peace on earth no more &t 'u (e fallings of friendly fireFa"ric Ate Roll )all
Freedom asserting "elief rights imperati!e consecrated Am"iguity truth elusi!ity Rule of law legal )ertainty appropriator*s li+uidity logistics
5ar 6igh In (onetary 2o!ereignty Imperialist )apitalist Authentic Luciferian
Religion 6igh &lusi!e 'ruth %rientation Righteous Imperialist )apitalism/. &!eryone has the following fundamental freedoms, 7a8 freedom of conscience and religion9 7"8 freedom of thought: "elief: opinion and e;pression: including freedom of the press and other media of communication9 7c8 freedom of peaceful assem"ly9 and 7d8 freedom of association.$olitical Religious Insidious )harlatan <leptocracy media inciting Fic#le Inherent Bias Ignorant Bliss$RI)< mi FIBIB2atanism is a "road term referring to a group of 5estern religions comprising di!erse ideological and  philosophical   "eliefs. 'heir shared features include sym"olic association with: or admiration for the character of: 2atan: or similar
re"ellious:  promethean: and: in their !iew: li"erating figures. 'here were an estimated =>:>>> mem"ers in 100>. 'here may "e as few as a few thousand in the world.1@
As chief law officer: the Attorney eneral has
a special responsibility
 to "e the guardian of
that most elusi!e concept
  the rule of law. 'he rule of law is a well esta"lished legal principle:  "ut hard to easily define. It is the rule of law 
that protects individuals, and society as a whole,
 from ar"itrary measures and safeguards personal li"erties.Attorney eneral has theR2Responsi"ly naccounta"le uances 2ystemicAttorney eneral: guardian of the pu"lic interest
'he Attorney eneral for %ntario shall ser!e as the guardian of the pu"lic interest in all matters within the scope of this Act or ha!ing to do in any way with the practice of law in %ntario or the pro!ision of legal ser!ices in %ntario: and for this purpose he or she may at any time re+uire the production of any document or thing pertaining to the affairs of the 2ociety. R.2.%. 100>: c. L.: s. 13 7189 100: c. /1: s.  7189 />>C: c. /1: 2ched. ): s. 13.Admissions
 o admission of any person in any document or thing produced under su"section 718 is admissi"le in e!idence against that person in any proceedings other than proceedings under this Act. R.2.%. 100>: c. L.: s. 13 7/89 100: c. /1: s.  7/8.$rotection of (inister 
 o person who is or has "een the Attorney eneral for %ntario is su"Dect to any proceedings of the 2ociety or to any penalty imposed under this Act for anything done "y him or her while e;ercising the functions of such office. R.2.%. 100>: c. L.: s. 13 7389 100: c. /1: s.  738.'he )rown has a distinct responsi"ility to the court to present all the credi"le e!idence a!aila"le./
Rule of Lawhttp,--en.wi#ipedia.org-wi#i-RuleEofElaw'he Rule of law in its most "asic form is no one is a"o!e the law.$erhaps the most important application of the rule of law is the principle that go!ernmental authority is legitimately e;ercised only in accordance with:  pu"licly disclosed laws: adopted and enforced in accordance with esta"lished procedural steps that are referred to as due process.'he rule of law is hostile to dictatorship and to anarchy.According to modern AngloAmerican thin#ing: hallmar#s of adherence to the rule of law commonly include
a clear separation of powers,
legal certainty,
the principle of legitimate e;pectation and e+uality of all "efore the law.'he concept is not without contro!ersy: and it has "een said that the phrase the rule of law has "ecome
 than#s to ideological a"use and general o!er use% $%&
eneral %!eruse $roclamations %nly &lusi!ity pu"licly disclosed laws=/. 718 'he )onstitution of )anada is the supreme law of )anada:and any law that is inconsistent with the pro!isions of the )onstitution is: to the e;tent of the inconsistency:
of no force or effect
'he Attorney eneral does not: howe!er: direct or cause charges to "e laid. 5hile the Attorney eneral and the Attorney eneralGs agents may pro!ide legal ad!ice to the police: the ultimate decision

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