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Figure International 004.pdf

Figure International 004.pdf

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Published by William Littlefield
Figure International magazine
Figure International magazine

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Published by: William Littlefield on Nov 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Quarterly MagazineNo.4-DecembereoozEDITORIAL
rJrhis fourth issue of FigureI lnlernational omes s the year'draws o a close... ooz has been ltefirst year n the ife ofthis young pub- :,lication. For those of us producing hemagazine, he year has passed n a flash
as we were involved in makine everï new
issue our very best.Now, at last, you have seen enough of FigureInternational o assess he magazine nd he way.w'e oit. This s an mportant asset or us because magazineis nothing r'r.ithout eaders. We still are -and will con-tinue to be- working hard to make Figure Internationalthe paramount media for modellers all around theworld. This is our goal, and we are fully aware thatattaining it is simply not possible without your suppoft.So we want to thank you all for your loyalty and hope tocount on you in zoo3. But it's Christmas, and weearnestly wish you a r,r'onderful holiday season and aHappy New Year.I. Huerta
Direction: Tavier Huerta.New Releases Manager: Sah'ador Ortega.Art Director: Cuillermo Velasco.Graphic Designers: Roberto Aguado, Wendy Chávez,Gabriel Díaz-Regafrón, iego Guirao, Elena Hernández,Miguel de La Torre, Laura Sánchez.Illustrators: Tosé . Redondo, Nikos Panos.Photography: Figure International Magazine, exceptotherlr.ise mentioned.Printed by: Gráficas ris, S. A. (SPAIN).Advertising: Military Model Distributors, nc.Contributors: Santiago Blázquez, ulio Cabos,Pedro F. Martínez, Raírl G. Nomaldía, Eduardo Jorganes,Mario Ocana, oaqr-rín alacios, Samuel Pérez, Lee Prestor,Fernando Toro.
O 2002 Figure International MagazineNo parts oÍ this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system ortransmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photo-copying, recording or otheffise, without written permission oÍ FigureInternational Magazine
Enelish EditionPublished by: Historex AgentsWellington House, 157 Snargate St.Dover, Kent CI17 9BZ - United KingdomIel. 44 1304 206720 Fax 44 1304 204528Email: Sales@Historex-Agents.co.ukWcb: wlvw.Historex-Agents.co.uk
4 Quarter Figure
Express Raider (Andrea Miniatures, White Metai, 4mm)
12 Inten ierv withSheperd aine USA)17 ClassicsCamel Corps rooper D.F.crieve. ess)22 A history of miniatures (IV)Britains24 Historical BackgroundThe American Revolution29 Figure WorkshopScratchbuilding ith a mannequin31 What's NewB6 Master Pieces
Gefreit er, :lg4o (Elisena, hite Metal, o mm)
g8 AroundtheShowFolkestone: Euromilitaire 2oo2"Aosta: "Le Petit Soldat 2oo2"Chicago: MMSI20o2"43 Pony Express: Museums44 Alternative Figure
Fife leegaso Fantasy Worlds Series, /8 seale)
46 Old ShopChristmas igures48 Pony Express: Movies, Books49 Readers'Gallery
Letters o the Editor:
FIGURE INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINELos Talleres 1 - Pol. nd. de AlpedreteAlpedrete -28430 - Madrid - SPAINf gureinternational@yahoo.es
On the cooer: Andrea Miniatures "Express l?airler". 51 mm.Sculpted by: B. Snnz, A. Terol and J. Palacíos. ninted by . Cnbos, S. Pérez and S. Blázquez.
English Edition: Historer AgentsNorth-American Ed.: Military Model DistributorsFrcnch Edition: Sud Modeles DiffusionGerman Edition: Berliner ZinnfigurenItalian Edition: Astromodel, s.a.s.Spanish Edition: Figure International Magazine
D. L.: M-19373-2002
Figure International - December zooz
Andrea's Miniatures' latestChristmas kit in detail
fi n January 5, r83r America's irst passenger ocomotivelr.-f wheezed ut of Charleston, South Carolina at zo mph.
accidents. Notwithstanding, improvements came quickly.
n rB37 Henry Campbeil created an eight-wheel design that - thanks to a supe-rior combination of speed and power - made the first transcontinental ourney.Railroaders classify engines by wheel arrangements and so this was called a 4-4-o, meaning it had four wheels on the lead truck, four drivers and no wheels underthe cab.The American Civil War (tB6r-rB6S) could possibly be defined as a "railroadwar". Indeed it was the first time in which the new means of transportation wouldplay a significant role. In fact the Northern victory was certainly made possiblebecause t possessed wice as much rail as he Confederacy approximately 2o,ooomiles as opposed o 9,ooo. The westward drive in the years preceding he war hadgreatly improved commercial and physical links among the states, which resulted inmilitary advantages for the Union. Additionaliy, the Union had far superior per-sonnel, facilities and material."ffït."" railroads were soon very busy transporting troops, supplies and ord-Later that day the fireman aboard fastened donn the engine's safetyvalve to avoid the annoying hiss of the escaping steam. As a resuit both theengine and fireman blew up together once the vital protective function ofthe valve was terminated.Unfortunately, America's early engines or"puffers" -after the sound they made- were not strangers to these kinds ofEarly in the war Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were wellaware of the speedy possibiiities of trains for shifting entire brigades andarmies on the ground. For example, in the summer of 186z ConfederateGeneral Braxton Bragg moved his whole Army of the Tennessee (some3o,ooo men) from Tupelo, Mississippi, oyet 77o miies to Chattanooga,in about a week.Soon no one doubted the effectiveness of railroads in war anylonger and they became a necessity: hence a primary targetfor raiders.
Figure International - December zooz
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