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Government Ran Kidnapping Ring

Government Ran Kidnapping Ring

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Published by Kathleen Dearinger
Central Coast Website shuts me down to suppress evidence of kidnapping ring
Central Coast Website shuts me down to suppress evidence of kidnapping ring

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Published by: Kathleen Dearinger on Aug 09, 2009
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Government Ran Kidnapping Ring? NO CHILD LEFTBEHIND!
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Posted by
on August 4, 2009 at 8:52pm in 
 Recently, I ran across the question on LegallyKidnapped.com ‘Is Child and Family services a Government ranKidnapping Ring?’ I have to answer this question with a firm “yes”. I’m not the only one who has doneinvestigations of CPS, DCFS, DFS, DHS, or whatever they call themselves in your area, there have beenmany.As parents have access to the internet, and are asking the questions “why was MY child(ren) taken away?”they are discovering a bleak and traumatic truth.There are hundreds of websites, if not thousands, that parents have created to get the message out tounsuspecting parents out there, with information they have discovered.Parents have experienced that in these “Secret Courts” that are ran and administered by the same people thatare taking the children, that it is in fact a “Tribunal Court”. There is virtually no possible way the parents canwin. In these courts, parents are placed with Gag Orders, as to ‘not discuss the case’, this way, the socialworkers can conduct their business outside of scrutiny, and they can lie on the reports and to the Judges free toperjure themselves without question, after all who will complain?. Parents are often not even allowed in thecourt rooms while their cases are being discussed. All the people involved are playing the parents like a fiddle.Social Workers are very nice, claiming they are there to “help you” and they are sure ‘you’ll probably get your children back’, however each time you express any type of conflict with them or their decisions; something toeither expose them, or to prove your innocents, they threaten that they will and can “put your child up for adoption”. This is not a false story,, this is a fact.The children are being taken at an alarming rate, and although they are only investigating ONE child… they willtake them all, regardless of the circumstances. They are stealing the children legally. Social Workers (SW)have no problems falsifying documents, lying about parents and extended family members, they threaten theparents into so called “services” which by parents taking these services is an automatic admission of guilt (evenif they have done nothing); SW’s will do whatever it takes to ensure your child WILL be placed up for adoption.Children are often placed into care and deemed “special needs” ensuring more Federal Funding and Non ProfitGrants for these children. New Hampshire’s Social Services website states that one criterion to be deemed for a Special Needs child is simply to be of age 6 or more. It has been documented that babies as young as a fewmonths old are deemed to have “mental issues” and are given strong psychotropic drugs. With each medialissue that can be found (or created) the state and Federal Government gets more money, not just from thedemand for more taxes, but also from the Non Profit Grants that you so kindly donate to.The Governments motto is “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND” I don’t believe this is only meant to be a slogan for 
Educationm as most children are taken, from schools… “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND” a slogan most likely usedby Social Services.. a slogan for all government, after what I’ve seen, experienced, researched and learned Ibelieve this to be true.No Child Left Behind, means that the Social Workers, the State, and Federal Government including the NonProfit groups, Adoptions Agencies and all their agents and affiliates have a guaranteed income, and I can tellyou the economics involved is one of the highest in America.Just as Cancer will not be cured, due to the amount of job losses and business losses, governmentinvestments and Mental Health, too many doctors would be out of business, along with the countless OncologyHospitals popping up, Child Stealing by the Government will also only increase.I was told by a Government Official, during my investigation, that Social Services does in fact “have a quota,and are REQUIRED to increase their child intake each year” per County.Does this scare you? If you have children or are thinking of having children, or even have grand children, thisshould scare you. I’ve had a few social workers tell me that “the majority of the children they take come fromreally good homes, and never go back”I was also told “if you don’t make the claims against the parents, you lose your job”I have spent approximately 3 years worth of time (in 1 ½ years time) looking into this, as I wanted to know whymy own daughter was taken, and I was appalled at my discovery.CPS is a Government Eugenics agency.Please feel free to ask questions, I have many answers..The picture below is of my daughter Jennifer Dearinger who was abducted at school by CPS in January 2008.No reason. No trial. No Jury. THEY BROKE ALL LAWS!!!
, 6 KB
Reply by Ed on August 4, 2009 at 9:54pm
I've heard of this before.
Reply by osoluckymeon August 5, 2009 at 2:53am
I assure you it's true. I am following the laws that are being passed right now and itlooks like the Government is trying to raise all of the children!!
Reply by Ed on August 6, 2009 at 7:37am
My ex had this happen to her almost 35 years ago but there was a good reason. Her boy friend beat the kids. It was like going thru hell to get the kids back, next toimpossible
Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rightson August 6, 2009 at 12:57pm
35 years ago CPS was created. They became corrupt in 1998 when Judges beganreceiving kickbacks for obtaining children.
Reply by Dave Thomason August 6, 2009 at 7:55am
I find it hard to believe they gave no reason?? Maybe a poor reason is given. But Ihave never heard of a case where NO reason was given.I have been involved with Foster care and abused women and childrens shelters for 
years. Some social workers use questionable Judgement sometimes. But NO reasonis unexceptable by any standard.
Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rightson August 6, 2009 at 12:56pm
Oh please.........Dave, why don't you do an internet search under "CPS Corruption".The evidence is EVERYWHERE! The only people who defend CPS are governmentworkers because they depend on children to meet their paychecks. It's no secretanymore that CPS is a Government Eugenics Agency who targets low incomepeople. That was Bill Clinton's Welfare reform at work. Problem is all of the Federalfunds and other incentives have created mass corruption which has now spread tothe legislative level. There are several senators who are speaking out against CPScorruption. Senator Schaefer is a dear friend and I am grateful for all of the hardwork she is doing. Listen to her on Alex Jones at:http://www.prisonplanet.com/georgia-senator-nancy-schaefer-talks-ab...If you study history it is quite clear what America is doing--->http://cpscorruption.blogspot.com/2009/07/hitlers-children-brainwas...Kathleen
Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rightson August 6, 2009 at 1:21pm
Dave, CPS will take any useful child that they can make money off of. The excusethey gave in my case is a "paper clip cut" that was done at school a week earlier. Mydaughter was almost 17 and in love. She was distraught because I wouldn't let her see the Juvenile deliquent who was doing drugs. I told the school to switch classesand that I might homeschool my daughter since she kept ditching school to be withhim. Little did I know that Homeschooling was up before the Senate and schools loseFederal funds....I guess this gave them a good excuse to steal my daughter. Our story is told on my blog. It is appalling what they did to my daughter. The Director of CPS, Lee Collins needs to be investigated! Here's an article that describes what atyrant he is ---->http://metafocus.net/~freeed/wikka.php?wakka=SocialDisservices
Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rightson August 6, 2009 at 1:09pm
Here are some of my posts on twitter for non believers:State Care / CPS Why Are These Children Dying?:http://bit.ly/r5M1Is it child protection or legal kidnapping? (Examiner):http://bit.ly/5Rrfa#CPS persisted for 6 months and made 3 or more videos trying to force a 6 year oldto implicate her bio-dad:http://tinyurl.com/SWkiddiePorn(they molested my child too)Want to see what 'really' goes on in "secret courts"?Order this documentary:http://www.centerforjudicialexcellence.org/cjefldocumentary.htmLook at this State approved Foster home:http://bit.ly/12II4RILLEGAL ACTIVITIES BY THE GOVERNMENT For Your MONEY and YOURCHILDREN!:http://tinyurl.com/IllGovt

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