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Shot List for The Making Of Ridley.docx

Shot List for The Making Of Ridley.docx

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Published by Jennifer Francis
Shot list for semester one brief
Shot list for semester one brief

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Published by: Jennifer Francis on Nov 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shot List for
“The Making o
f Ridley
Shot Scene Location Script Queue Type and Description of Shot
1 1 Room
…Right sorry
 Mid shot: Dean talks directly to camera (Vlog) 2 1 Room Dean leaves shot
Establishing Shot: We’re on the other side of the camera
 3 1 Room Dean settles back Mid Shot: Vlog 4 1 Room (Cough) Close up : Deans mouth 5 1 Room Dean looks at watch Mid Shot: (Vlog) 6 2 Room Dean looks pleased Mid Shot: (Vlog) 7 2 Room Puts it down Close up: Papers hitting desk 8 2 Room Is the amount of Mid Shot: (Vlog) 9 3 Room Dean sat Long shot: How he is sat in his seat 10 3 Room Here listen to this Mid Shot: (Vlog) 11 3 Room He emanates Close up: Mouth 12 3 Room
There’s also all this
 Mid Shot: (Vlog) 13 3 Room Favourite colour Over Shoulder
shot: Paper he’s reading
 14 3 Room THE SOUND OF RAIN Mid Shot: (Vlog) 15a 4 Room Dean: Drunk Canted Angle: Slighly out of focus 15b 4 Room Noticing the odd Mid Shot: (Vlog) 16 5 Room So Laura is upstairs Mid Shot: (Vlog) 17a 6 Room Sooooo Mid Shot: (Vlog) 17b 6 Room
“Not taking….”
 Close up: Air quotes 17c 6 Room Which is such Mid Shot: (Vlog) 18 6 Room The doorbell rings Establishing Shot: He leave and comes back 19a 6 Room
Also I’m arrogant…
Mid Shot: To the right of the camera he’s speaking to
 19b 6 Room Self-involved Close up: Fingers listing traits 20a 6 Room All because Mid Shot: (Vlog) 20b 6 Room Huh Close Up: Face 20c 6 Room Dean grabs a pen Mid Shot: (Vlog) 21 7 Room Dean surrounded Mid Shot: Desk of mugs and cup willed with coffee 22 7 Room
I’m a man
 Close up: Face 23 7 Room Brilliant Mid Shot: (Vlog) 24 8 Room Dean stares Mid Shot: (Vlog) 25 8 Room A phone goes off Establishing Shot: He just sits there 26a 9 Room Looking unlike Close Ups: Shirt, tapping fingers, lip biting, eyes 26b 9 Room Things have gotten
Mid Shot: To the right of the camera he’s speaking to
 26c 9 Room
I’ve decided its best
Mid Shot: To the left of the camera he’s speaking to
 26d 9 Room Bitch Mid shot: From left and right and Close Up of mouth 27 10 Room The distance thing Close up: Dean playing with his hands 28 10 Room
The director did…
 Mid Shot: (Vlog) 29 10 Room Something along Mid Shot: From the right 30 11 Room Dean, head in hands Mid Shot: (Vlog) 31 12 Room Dean looks tired Mid Shot: (Vlog) 32a 12 Room
I think it’s probably
 Close up: Mouth 32b 12 Room I understand what Close up: Eyes shot from left 32c 12 Room He did Close up: Eyes shot from right 32d 12 Room
Wasn’t our fault
 Close up: Face shot from left 32e 12 Room His best Close up: Face shot from right 32f 12 Room
But we’re
 Close up: Face shot from left 33 13 Room Dean sits in a tux Mid Shot: (Vlog)

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