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SUPP: Activities List

SUPP: Activities List

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Published by Laura Rajsic-Lanier
Carnival Games: Activities List

Six pages of “activities” for your carnival
Carnival Games: Activities List

Six pages of “activities” for your carnival

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Published by: Laura Rajsic-Lanier on Nov 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Adult Enrichment Project
Non-Game Activities
 At carnivals we’ve done, some of the non-game activities we’ve included are listed below. Non-game activities are things you do that do not give back points or prizes. I’ve also included some additional information about issues we encountered and tips you might find helpful.
Art Exhibit
Ask for art to show at the event. This may or may not follow to a predetermined theme. This can be expanded into a contest where visitors vote depending on the categories you decide.
Bouncy House / Slide / Moon Walk
Be sure to rent these in advance. Make sure you have electricity available and enough extension cords if a plug is not nearby. Test the cords to make sure they are working. If you plan to put one of these indoors (gym), be sure to have mats where the kids will get out to help avoid injuries. If putting outdoors, be sure to have some sort of mat in case it is muddy out so the kids are not tracking mud into the blow-up. You may also find it necessary outdoors to fasten these down during windy weather.
Charity Collection
Collecting items for charities such as food, clothing and toys is simple. Advertise who you are supporting and the donations you need before the event. You might want to do some-thing special for people donating, create a contest for the most collected items, etc.
Clowns / Jugglers / Magicians
Clowns and jugglers can do anything from entertain to make balloon animals. You may have a local individual or group you can utilize. Be sure to find their requirements. Some may want to wander through the crowd while some may want to do a show in a fixed location.
Concessions Stand
A general concessions stand selling pre-purchased items requires a lot of preplanning. Try to get items for the concession stand donated or at a reduced price. Be sure you pre-ice drinks, especially if it’s hot. Sort out everything and determine pricing before you start. Be sure to have a sign clearly stating what you have and the prices. A sample of each treat is great on the counter. When you sell the sample on the counter, you are out.Be sure to have a cash box and a lot of change. I don’t want to think of how many times I’ve had to go into my purse and make change. Make sure your volunteers who man the counter are fast with money and making change. Providing aprons with money pockets may seem silly, but it’s easier to have some change in your pockets and clean out during slow times. Trying to run for the box for every transaction slows you down!
Carnival Games
Cook-Off / Bake-Off Contest
For this, be sure to give your participants ample time to make something. Communicate clearly the following: Theme / what to make Rules of the contest Date they need to let you know they are participating (so you have enough space set up) Judging Prizes What will happen with the final food
Cotton Candy / Popcorn Booth
Some of your concessions will have machines associated with them. Be sure the volunteer running it knows how. If not, find someone who does to give a quick lesson. For popcorn, some people can’t have excess salt. If you plan to work around this you can put less salt on everything or run a special batch occasionally.
Craft Table: Making
You can keep kids and adults busy with self-directed crafts. Provide an example and an instruction sheet for each craft. You will need a volunteer to help offer directions, find scissors, etc. However, you can have one volunteer do multiple crafts. Your volunteer needs to understand the crafts and be able to offer help. If possible, have your volunteer do one of each craft so they have experience to help others. The best part of a craft table is that you can adjust your crafts to any theme.
Craft Table: Selling
You can “sell” crafts many ways. One is to ask everyone to donate hand-crafted items that can be sold and the money go to help pay for the carnival’s out-of-pocket expenses. Another is to offer tables for various groups / troops to sell their own hand-crafted items. Each table would be manned by the group so you don’t have to find volunteers.
Dance Party
If you’re planning a dance party, be sure to have extra and attentive volunteers. This is especially true for older kids. Some of the dances older persons might find offensive. You may also want to put together a play list the kids can choose from to eliminate songs that are questionable, have dance moves that you don’t want the kids to do, etc. In addition, make sure you have an area clear for dancing. You may even want to tape it off so no one claims the space at the last minute. Test your equipment. Make sure the sound is loud enough so it can be heard even when there are a lot of bodies absorbing the sound. For example, a jam box may be good for a small area, but with the noise from a large group of people in a gym, it might be hard to hear.
Decorate Your Food
Using cookies or cupcakes, allow kids to decorate as they see fit. This might be with frosting, sprinkles, etc. Be sure to use plastic tablecloths so you can roll up the resulting mess to throw away.
Dunk Tank
Throwing balls at the dunk tank isn’t fun unless you have volunteers your participants want to dunk. This is best outdoors so the water mess is minimized. Put a tarp or sheet behind the tank so you can contain the thrown balls. The amount of time each volunteer spends in the tank is dependent on the weather and individual. Some people do not handle cooler temperatures well. Be sure to have a back-up plan in case it is cold outside.
Face Painting
Almost anyone can face paint. If your painters are not experienced, have them make cards with the shapes / designs they can make. This will allow participants to choose what they want. Be sure to have not only the paints, but a way to clean off the face paint if the recipient is unhappy with the result.
Fortune Teller Booth
Volunteer dresses up as a fortune teller. Prepare fortunes / cookies / etc. before the event. Be sure to be positive and supportive with your fortunes. You can deliver the fortune by one of the following: Use a “crystal ball” and tell the future Place shapes on a die and read what the shape means Make fortune cookies and let them open the cookies to discover their fortuneNOTE: If you choose to do a “misfortune” booth, be sure to keep it light and / or funny.
Funny Photos
Before starting a “photo booth”, decide if you want a fixed location or just to shoot people randomly as the photographer walks through the crowd. If you want the photos available as soon as possible, you may want to have a computer / printer set up so the photos can immediately be printed. You also want to make sure the camera has more than one card to switch out.Once the photos are printed, you can put them on a table or wall for people to take. If they’re paying for them, you’ll want to track the photos you take and put them into envelopes for your participants to take home. Some ideas for taking funny photos include: People being silly Wild and crazy props Standing cut-outs of celebrities • Pre-made “clothing” to put a head on top of Boards with holes to insert headsHave fun with it! One year, I made a box of “Macaroni and Cheese” with the noodles being the logos of the school.
Go to Jail
Create a “jail” to hold people. People pay to put someone in and if the person in jail wants to get out before the time is up, they pay to do that as well. A jail can be as simple as a room with black crepe paper streamers covering the doorway or a refrigerator box decorated to look like a cell.
Hair Salon
Using colored hair spray, allow the kids to put colored streaks in hair. Make sure you can apply color so overspray is not a problem or can be cleaned up easily. You can also do “comb in” color. You might want to offer other services such as braids, weave in flowers, etc.
Find a local farmer with a tractor and trailer who can pull kids around on it. Be sure riders know that horseplay on or around the trailer will result with them being asked to get off the trailer and walk back to the carnival.
Henna Artist
Find someone who knows how to do henna and have them do designs on hands and wrists.

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