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A Higher Call

A Higher Call

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Published by Frank Gallagher
When bad is good good is bad I am either down or up with that
Amen >>> Nema!!!
When bad is good good is bad I am either down or up with that
Amen >>> Nema!!!

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Frank Gallagher on Nov 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A Higher Call When bad is good good is bad I am either down or up with that Amen >>> Nema!!!
*ee more on +,he National-,han$s NationalHoly shitland atman  yes  #obin soon the way o0 the (N e
1a can lead a horse to water2 but ya can3t ma$e it drin$1a can lead a religious sect to belie0s and we all end up oer the brin$
We are what we BED – Breathe Eat Drink due what they are fed and lie in itIEInteractive Elusivity
Down to earth …………………………. Snow Job
United Nations Alien Zionist Insidious Puppetshe !tar of David in the "enin#rad $ode%& '(() $E
Upon independence in '*+)& the new ,ewish state was for-ally na-ed
 Medinat Yisrael 
& or the !tate of Israel& after other  proposed historical and reli#ious na-es includin#
 Eretz Israel 
 ./the "and of Israel/0& Zion& and ,udea& were considered and re1ected2
 In the early weeks of independence& the #overn-ent chose the ter- /Israeli/ to denote a citi7en of Israel& with the for-al announce-ent -ade 8y 9inister of :orei#n Affairs 9oshe !harett2
he na-e Israel has historically 8een used& in co--on and reli#ious usa#e& to refer to the 8i8lical <in#do- of Israel or the entire ,ewish nation2
 Accordin# to the >e8rew Bi8le the na-e /Israel/ was #iven to the  patriarch ,aco8 .!tandard 
? !eptua#int @reek  CF 
/stru##le with @od/
after he successfully wrestled with the angel of the Lord.
,aco8Gs twelve sons 8eca-e the ancestors of the Israelites& also known as the
Twelve Tribes of Israel 
Children of Israel 
2 ,aco8 and his sons had lived in $anaan  8ut were forced 8y fa-ine to #o into E#ypt for four #enerations until 9oses& a
#reatH#reat #randson of ,aco8&
 led the Israelites 8ack into $anaan durin# the /E%odus/2 he earliest archaeolo#ical artifact to -ention the word /Israel/ is the 9erneptah !tele of  ancient E#ypt .dated to the late 'th century B$E02
The area is also known as the
 being holy for all
 Judaism, hristianity, !slam
and the
Dear "ord throu#h the s-oke -irror -irror on the Wall !t who the #reater sancti-oniouswww2A-en'2co- I understand "ord afraid to say ehJ
WhatKs it all a8out AlfieJ
@enocide scholars such as @re#ory !tanton have postulated that conditions and acts that often occur 8efore& durin#& and after #enocideL such as dehu-ani7ation of victi- #roups& stron# or#ani7ation of #enocidal #roups& and denial of #enocide 8y its perpetratorsL
can be identified and actions taken to sto' genocides before they ha''en.
$ritics of this approach such as Dirk
 assert that this is unrealistic and that& for e%a-ple&
/Darfur will end when it suits the #reat powers that have a stake in the re#ion/2
9oseshttpMMups'2co-Ma8out)2ht-l httpMMwww2youtu8e2co-MwatchJvI,%dIO#9@AIhe other Israel Pharisees killed ,esus  al-ud Q< to kill indirectlyZionists will have no other @ods 8efore the- caused Ro-ans to carry out their deeds keepin# hands filthy clean httpMMwww2youtu8e2co-MwatchJv+;k9S)Q:NTfeaturerelatedDark ruth of Reli#ionhttpMMwww2youtu8e2co-MwatchJvetOA-HQylTTAn honest ,ew tells the ruth a8out Israel
45'6 years ago had another 7struggle with 8od7 and upon success called it
)ood &riday
Francis of AssisiMeager Universal Laboring Equals
1181/1182 - 1226
!t2 :rancis of Assisi .Italian !an :rancesco dGAssisi& 8apti7ed @iovanni& 8orn :rancesco di Pietro di Bernardone?346'')'M'')4 – Qcto8er & '44;036 was an Italian $atholic friar  and  preacher2  >e founded the -enGs :ranciscan Qrder& the wo-enKs Qrder of !t2 $lare& and the hird Qrder of !aint :rancis for -en and wo-en not a8le to live the lives of itinerant preachers followed 8y the early -e-8ers of the Qrder of :riars 9inor or the -onastic lives of the Poor $lares23+6  hou#h he was never ordained to the $atholic priesthood& :rancis is one of the -ost venerated reli#ious fi#ures in history23+6In '4'*& he went to E#ypt in an atte-pt to convert the !ultan to put an end to the conflict of the $rusades23;6  By this point& the :ranciscan Qrder had #rown to such an e%tent that
its pri-itive or#ani7ational structure was no lon#er sufficient2
>e returned to Italy to or#ani7e the Qrder2

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