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Rose Laframboise, (b. 1857)

Rose Laframboise, (b. 1857)

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The saga of Rose Laframboise and her Metis Scrip applications.
The saga of Rose Laframboise and her Metis Scrip applications.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Nov 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rose Laframboise and Andre Trottier.
Rose Laframboise was born on November 15, 1857 at St. Francois Xavier, the daughter of Francois Laframboise and arie !rottier. Francois Laframboise "b. 18#7$ was the son of %ean &a'tiste Laframboise and Su(anne &eaudr). arie !rottier "b. 18*1$ was the daughter of +ndre !rottier "b. 178$ and arguerite -auette.Rose married +ndre "+ndrew$ !rottier "b. %an. 1/, 1801 at SFX$, a first cousin, the son of iche !rottier "b. 18*1$ and +ngeiue 2es3arais. iche !rottier was the son of +ndre !rottier "b. 178$ and arguerite -auette. Rose Laframboise4 mother and +ndre !rottier4s father were sister and brother.hen over 7/ )ears6of6age Rose has a rs. . -eterson of avre, ontana a'') on her  behaf for scri'. 9n her scri' a''ication of 1:*/ she sa)s her sister ;atherine is married to a c;a). 9n fact, atherine Laframboise born 1801 was married to Samue c;a) in 1881 at Fort ash. She aso sa)s that her sister ;atherine and brothers Fran< and %ohn had received their etis scri'. !his is 'robab) brother %ean &a'tiste Laframboise "b. 185*$ who was married to LaRose =+sheuin> !rottier, and either brother Francois Laframboise born in 1850 at 2uc< La<e or haf6brother Francois Laframboise "mother Louise habo)er$ born 180#. She sa)s that she and her husband eft for the a'e ree< area and were iving with the !rottiers at Si'ers ")'ress$ S'rings "or i$. +ndrew got his scri' at Lethbridge whereas Rose had not a''ied because she became i on the wa) to Lethbridge. er atherine sister too< scri' at &roo<s, +berta and her brothers too< scri' at a'e ree< Since the etter on her behaf s'es her surname Laframbien and her ate husband4s name as +ndrew ?rothee, she gets nowhere with this a''ication.hen Rose a''ied for scri' on %u) 0, 1:// at a'e ree< for her deceased chid iiam @b. 1881A, and died at #/ da)s od. She said her husband deserted her, was at St. -au4s @-eter4sA ission, in ontana, iving with another woman. 9n an affidavit Louise &o)er sa)s that !rottier had eft =some )ears bac<4 and Rose was the soe su''ort of the chidren. !his caim was disaowed in a etter of a) #1, 1:/1, because of =foreign residence.> !rottier, RoseB for her deceased son, iiam !rottierB addressC avre, ontanaB  bornC 1881 at )'ress isB diedC #/ da)s odB fatherC +ndrew !rottier "Dtis$B motherC Rose Laframboise "Dtis and de'onent$B fie ref. :00#11B caim no. 110/.Rose aso a''ied at a'e ree< in 1:// for scri' for her chidren Fora "b. 188*$, and arie Eeroniue "b. 1885$!rottier, RoseB for her minor chidrenC Fora, bornC Se'tember, 188* at a'e ree<B arie EDroniue, bornC %une, 1885 at uG+''eeB addressC avreB fatherC 1
+ndrD !rottier "Dtis$B motherC Rose Laframboise "Dtis and de'onent$B # Scri's each for #/ acresB fie ref. 70088B caim no. 11*0.!hese a''ications were origina) disaowed but then granted in 1:/.9n a) of 1:/5 her estranged husband +ndre !rottier a''ies for scri' for iiam and his caim is disaowed. &asica) he had a''ied for scri' for four chidren in 18:* and had never mention a chid, iiam, at that time.om'ied b) Lawrence &ar<weoordinator of etis eritage and istor) ResearchLouis Rie 9nstitute
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