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Christian Wolff - 123

Christian Wolff - 123

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Published by Javier Montero

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Published by: Javier Montero on Nov 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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There are ten parts, one o a page. A performance can be made of any number of them, repeacing none, or of any one, repeated no more thanten times.Each part, or page, js a score, and each player should hâve his copy of ir.Play all that 16 notated on â pâge, in any convenient sequence, not repeating anything; except n lX, where any of the events can be playeo oronlitted any number of dmes.Black notes are variously short, up to about one second. Wlth $ems as sixteenth notes (e.g, in III, etc.) they are very short, \\hite noresare of any length, sometimes determined by the requirements of coordinatjon (see further on),A dynamic rrdication may stand by itself (as at left top of I): assume a note o go with it or apply ir to any note given on t;e page. Hôwever,> or <: , standing by tlremselves, should always be applied to a note (any one) already given.AdiagonallinetowarCsanote=playtlatnotedirectlyafteraprecedingone. Adiagonallineawayfromanote=tlatnotenustbefolloweddirectly lry another,A vcrtical line dow from a note = play simultaneously witi the next sound (both attack and release).A small number at the end of a ]ine (e,g. at left top of l) = coordinate with the second if the numbet is 2; third, if 3; etc,) sound, preccdj,ng(if dlaSonal ine towârds note), tollowlng aJter one has begu$ one's note (if diagoaal line away Jrom it), or play simultaneously wiùl the secondnext sound if the line is vertical).If a line to a note s brolen by a number followed, after a colon, by a zero (-2.0-) (e,g, top middle of IIt), tlrat number of seconds ofsilence nterverle before the required coordination.An fi at the end of a line (e.g. m-tddle eft in I) = coordinati.on must be with a soud made by another player. .lf only one person s playing,he must coordinate eitler with a sound he hears in the environment or wità a sound he has himself made uninændonallv.= play after a previous sound has begun, hold rill ir stops,= start anylime, hold till another sound stârts, finish q.ith t,= start at the same time (or as soon as you are aware of it) as the next sound, but stop before it does,
= start anytlme, hold tiU anotler sound starts, continue holding anytime afr€r tha[ sound has stopped,
Horlzontal lines ioining two notes = a legato from tie one o ûre other (both plâyed by the eame person).If no line leêds to a note or drops venically from it, one can stalt to play at ary time. If no line leads away rom a white note, it can astas long or as short as you like,One' two' or three people can play. If one plays alone, he must realize al "open" coordinations (Unes with notes at only one end) himself,thatis, hemustuseothernotesgivenoDa_page' sshecantoprowidesomethlngto coordinatewith;or, someÈimes, emayusesoundsfromtheenvlronment as he must ç'hen here is an fi at the ad of a line). (He may in some cases have o rearrenge tbe material-on a page and consldera disposirion of it whlch will ensure that all the required coordi.nations cân be menaged.) All th€ material on a page can be freely superimposed,so long aE t}le requirements of coordinâtion are met,If two or tiree play, tfte material on a page should be dtstributed between them, in any way (in VII a distribution for two players is indicâted);bu no materiâl mârked off for one player should be played by another (note: tiis holds for IX too). Coordinarion, then, for each player can beeitàerwit}lhisownmaterial(aslf hewereplayingalone)--unlessthereiean fr --o.w'it}l\.r'hateversound(s)hehearsnextfromanotherplayer(o both).Players can use any ways of making sounds, allowing for the following specifications:Some notes are on staves: plây the lndicated pltch (readjng either bass or freble clef; sound at pitch; if pitch not available in range, transposeat least two octâves; short lines off a pitch at an angle = fraction of a tone less than half up where Line angles up, dom where doun).
-.r G:t
æ lrÊt
INSTRUCTIONS (continued )Where no Étches spe€ffted, they are free (recogûizablc oF not).larger numbers directly over a note: tf blact = that number of tones (ngt, r-e.csssality played together unle€s bracketed, [2)i if red number "thet number of timbres. No number = one (êrg. 6 = t*o ton"r, one dmbre; 6,-*, . orie tone, two dmbres).Larger numbers on e lioe beôveen notes: if blac& = tlrat number of changes of sone aepec(s) of tlte sound before reaching ûte next noteiin red = thât number of changes of dre timbre of t}le first note before reaching the ner(t one.A red number I over e note = u6e a differeEt tirnbre from ttre one lmmedlately preceding.X = anythinga ...J = a br8È ur sonre acpectA , ,l| = a sound tl some respect dissonÂrt wlth wbat Lmmedistely precedes+ = a sound as far awayas poesible, in some aspect, from whêt immediarely precedes lt# = a noiseI = a lo*, in some aspectYô - a harmoic7 . = cbrnge the dtrecdor iD space of a eound-€-, {- = a sormd in a mlddle place, ia aome respect, of tie eourds eloutrd ltasp. = as possi.blemet = a eotmd using metal (generalfy of lorr resooancei mêt2- o htgber resoance)urd = a sound uslngwood (çnerally of low resonance; wd2 = e hlgher tesona[ce)t = a sornd made by tappttrg or touching or tracing or the ltteb = a iound made by brreathtng or blowing or the llke (but not slnging)Ir = a souad involvlng fictlonpt = a sound involving pluclJag or pulllng6n = a sound i.avolvlng sappi:rgstret = a sound ilvolviag stretched EateltalIn parts V-X aotatlons suclr a8 dre follwir.g not *anrffng by a note are to be âpptiedto any so{nd m thât page, \ûe&et pcoduced by cneself or anothet playec.fU = a sliSltt alteration of a sond s cut otÏ a sorurd-+ =octend a Aound-/7 = relse a sound ln gome reapect\r = lorer lt in sqne respect
Christian Wolff

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