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House Boys - Chapter 15 - Found Him

House Boys - Chapter 15 - Found Him



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Published by JemGirl
Edward tracks down David at school.

This is a gay/yaoi erotic romance. This story contains mature content.
Edward tracks down David at school.

This is a gay/yaoi erotic romance. This story contains mature content.

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Published by: JemGirl on Nov 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This story is completely and utterly fictional. Names, characters, places, and incidentsare either the product of the author's imagination or are usedfictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead,events, or locations is entirely coincidental.The sexuality of allcharacters is entirely a figment of the author's imagination. For those of you that are NOT of legal age, please find other material to read. f youare offended by gay, bxb, boy love, yaoi, hatever you call it, stories, or it is illegal to vie such materials in your area, you should be leaving at this time.No, if you still feel li"e reading on, en#oy, and please leave a comment if you actually li"ed it.  ill be repeating this arning for every chapter of this story.
==========Chapter 15 – Found Him==========“Have you thought about what you are going to say to the kid?” Jake asked me as we made our way onto the ampus! “"o#” $ honest%y to%d him! $ gave any ma%e that wa%ked in &ront o& me a 'uik san to make sure the kid didn(t s%ide by! “)ne we do &ind him# $(m *ust going to ask him a &ew 'uestions#” $ said as $ wathed one +sian boy as he wa%ked past me in pink and white p* bottoms that he mathed with a b%ak ,$-- onert tee shirt! He was ta%king to some brown haired gir% who was hanging o&& his arm wearing something *ust as odd! “.he dress ode has gone down hi%% $ see#” Jake remarked as he wathed them enter a bui%ding that was %ose by! “/here do you think we shou%d %ook?” $ asked him! “-tudent 0iretory?” he answered and asked with a shrug! He started wa%king towards the bui%ding whi%e $ *ust wathed him! “/hat?” Jake asked as he turned around to %ook at me!“.hat bui%ding it nothing but red tape#” $ to%d him! “For in&ormation going in and oming out#” $ reminded him! “/e have an a'uaintane on the inside#” he remarked be&ore tuning his bak on me and ontinuing to wa%k towards the kinda newish %ooking bui%ding that was o%d when $ &irst went here! “/ho?” $ asked as $ s%ight%y *ogged to ath up to him! “ou(%% see#” he answered! “2ut keep an eye out a%% the same! $ wou%d %ike to keep the &avors $ own anyone at a very %ow ount!” 33333333333333“-o that(s 4ee#” $ started when we got to the bottom step o& the administration bui%ding! “$ never knew you took on gir% %ients#” $ shot at him! “/ho said that 4ee was a gir%?” he answered o&& hand as he %ooked down at the papers we got &rom what $ thought was a &ema%e!“Huh?” $ asked as $ tried to think about it! “/hat are you ta%king about?” $ asked him as $ gave up trying to think o& an answer! “/hat time is it?” he *ust asked me instead! $ sighed and pu%%ed out my phone! “$t(s 678#” $ in&ormed him! “/here is he?” $ then asked! “He shou%d be in his 2ui%ding 9ateria%s %ass#” he started! “$t(s %oated in the 2oon 2ui%ding# room F:#” he ended as he &o%ded the paper and tuked it into his bak poket!
“.he 2oon 2ui%ding it is#” $ remarked as we stared our wa%k aross the main ampus hub and out into the ity! 333333333333333333333333“-o how did you do?” $ asked Candie as $ got up &rom the &%oor where $ was skimming my '3ards &or another %ass! “$ &orgot ha%& o& the in&ormation on o%umns#” she said sounding upset with herse%&! “$ remembered 0ori and $oni and Corinthian# but $ know there is another#” she said as she %aid her head on the wa%% as another student ame out o& the %ass room! “Hey#” he a%%ed out! “Hey .im#” $ a%%ed bak! “0o you think you passed?” $ asked him as he wa%ked bakwards &aing me! “eah# $ think $ did we%%! -ee yeah#” he said a bit %ouder be&ore turning around and %eaving! “+hm Candie#” $ started to say! “eah?” she asked sounding sorry &or herse%&! “ou &orgot .usan#” $ to%d her! “+ahhh#” she groaned %oud%y as $ think she now remembered! “Come on#” $ said as $ s%ight tugged at her arm to get her to %eave her spot and the bui%ding! +&ter a moment she gave in and started to wa%k! /ith eah step her mood seemed to improve even i& we didn(t say anything! “-o how is your guy treating you?” she asked as $ saw the %ight outside trying to get in! $t was the best over story that $ ou%d think o& that wasn(t &ar &rom the truth! ;veryone who knows me# knew $ ou%dn(t a&&ord to %ive anywhere but a dorm and even that was pushing it! -o as &ar as anyone was onerned# $ had a rih boy&riend who $ was now staying with! “Fine#” $ answered! “/e had something o& a night time pini on the 2<C#” $ to%d her! “)oh! How romanti#” she ooed! $t rea%%y was a bit on the romanti side and $ saw it be&ore we even got there! “-o what did you have to eat?” she asked! “0id he have some $ta%ian mea% a%% wrapped up &or the two o& you?” she asked in her searh &or detai%s! “2urgers and &ries#” $ to%d her honest%y and with a bit o& pride! “.hat(s it?” she asked sounding disappointed! “-hawn gets that &or us a%% the time#” she said# making it sound %ike a omp%aint! “He(s rih! He shou%d be ab%e to do better than that#” she ontinued! “$ %iked it#” $ said with a smi%e as $ kinda de&ended 9r! -troker! /e pushed our way through the doors and ended up on the outside! -he %ooked at me &or a moment be&ore %ooking a bit %oser! “/hat?” $ asked her as $ pu%%ed bak &rom her unepeted %oseness!

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