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Remembrance Day Xmas Easter and the rest to forget

Remembrance Day Xmas Easter and the rest to forget

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Published by Frank Gallagher
At least can’t forget what is intended to be unknown in CA coherency absentia

At least can’t forget what is intended to be unknown in CA coherency absentia

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Published by: Frank Gallagher on Nov 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Remembrance Day Xmas Easter and the rest to forgetWhat?At least can’t forget what is intended to be unknown in CA coherency absentiaHistorical eretual reforms to thy kingdom not a human achie!ement"et were there at the onsetRound and round to whence they come not aware can#t get there from here$enate reform without an informed oulace that is $ubstanti!e %hick $%$anctimonious %heologyAre you aware they are doing a senate reform without the citi&ens ade'uately informed don#t e!en know reform in rocess within as they are traditionally left without?(ltimate )otential $ocietywww*()$+,*com Democracy is a form of go!ernment in which all citi&ens ha!e an e'ual say in the decisions that affect their li!es* -deally. this includes e'ual /and more or less direct0 articiation in the roosal. de!eloment and assage of legislation into law* -t can also encomass social. economic and cultural conditions that enable the free and e'ual ractice of   olitical self1determination* %he term comes from the 2reek 3 456789:;<: = /d>mokrata0 @rule of the eole@.+B which was coined from 467 /dmos0 @eole@ and 89;7 /Fratos0 @ower@. in the middle
 of the Gth1th century IC to denote the  olitical systems then eJisting in some 2reek city1states. notably Athens  following a oular urising in GKL IC*MB According to some theories of democracy.  oular so!ereignty is the founding rincile of such a system*,B  Howe!er. the democratic rincile has also been eJressed as @the freedom to call something into being which did not eJist before. which was not gi!enN and which therefore. strictly seaking. could not be known*@B %his tye of freedom. which is connected to human @natality.@ or the caacity to begin anew. sees democracy as @not only a olitical systemN butB an ideal. an asiration. really. intimately connected to and deendent uon a  icture of what it is to be humanOof what it is a human should be to be fully human*@GBWhile there is no secific. uni!ersally acceted definition of #democracy#.PB e'uality and freedom ha!e both  been identified as imortant characteristics of democracy since ancient times*QB %hese rinciles are reflected in all citi&ens being
 and ha!ing e'ual access to legislati!e rocesses* or eJamle. in a reresentati!e democracy. e!ery !ote has e'ual weight. no unreasonable restrictions can aly to anyone seeking to become a reresentati!e. and the freedom of its citi&ens is secured by legitimi&ed rights and liberties which are generally rotected by a constitution*LB SB htt3TTwww*scribd*comTdocT+PPG,+GKPTDone1What1-1Can1to1$a!e1World1Iall1Uow1in1"our1Court+
Vaority rule is often listed as a characteristic of democracy* Howe!er. it is also ossible for a minority to be oressed by a @tyranny of the maority@  in the absence of go!ernmental or constitutional rotections of indi!idual andTor grou rights* An essential art of an @ideal@ reresentati!e democracy is cometiti!e elections that are fair both substanti!ely +GB and rocedurally*+PB urthermore. freedom of olitical eJression. freedom of seech. and
 are considered to be essential.
so that citi&ens are ade'uately informed
 and able to !ote according to their own best interests as they see them*+QB +LB -t has also been suggested that a  basic feature of democracy is the caacity of indi!iduals to articiate freely and fully in the life of their society*+SB
In lieu of citizens that are adequately informed we have
www*Ytask*combstruct Yustice truth and source killfreedom of the ress
)R-CF mi -I-I
)olitical Religious -ntellectual Charlatan Fletocracy media inciting ickle -nherent Iias -gnorant Iliss $tuffed rie with beliefs for the ickings%aJonomical Voney %ree of many branches of a
"rampant divergence of understandings"
M* E!eryone has the following fundamental freedoms3 /a0 freedom of conscience and religionZ /b0 freedom of thought.  belief. oinion and eJression. including
freedom of the press
 and other media of communicationZ /c0 freedom of  eaceful assemblyZ and /d0 freedom of association*
War is Voney $anctity of $ustainable 2rowth eh?htt3TTen*wikiedia*orgTwikiT$atanism 
 is a broad term referring to a group of Western religions comprising diverse ideological and philosophical 
Their shared features include symbolic association with, or admiration for the character of, Satan, or similar rebellious, promethean, and, in their view, liberating figures. There were an estimated 50,000 members in 1990. There may be as few as a few thousand in the world.
htt3TTen*wikiedia*orgTwikiTHumansHumans /known taJonomicallyas Homo saiens.,B B [atin for @wise man@ or @knowing man@0GB are the only li!ing secies in the Homogenus* Anatomically modern humans originated in Africa about MKK.KKK years ago. reaching full  beha!ioral modernity around GK.KKK years ago*PB Humans ha!e a highly de!eloed  brain and are caable of abstract reasoning. language. introsection. and  roblem sol!ing* %his mental caability. combined with an erect body carriage that frees the hands for maniulating obects. has allowed humans to make far greater use of tools than any other li!ing secies on Earth* ther higher1le!el thought rocesses of humans. such as self1awareness. rationality. and saience.QB LB SB are considered to be defining features of what constitutes a @ erson@*citation neededB htt3TTwww*scribd*comTdocT+LMLKGQ+GTREU1+,What they say \\\\ What is fact)roclaim Rule of [aw searation of owers legal certainty De ure administer Antithesis Rule of [aw elusi!ity no clear searation of owers chain from Crown guaranteed legal uncertainty debated endlessly at the eJense of humans-t is now an acceted and imortant constitutional rincile that the Attorney 2eneral must carry out the Vinister#s criminal rosecution resonsibilities indeendent of Cabinet and of any artisan olitical ressures* %he Attorney 2eneral#s resonsibility for indi!idual criminal rosecutions must be undertaken 1 and seen to be undertaken 1 on strictly obecti!e and legal criteria. free of any olitical considerations* Whether to initiate or stay a criminal roceeding is not an issue of go!ernment olicy* %his resonsibility has been characteri&ed as a matter of the Attorney 2eneral
acting as the ]ueen#s Attorney 1

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