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5 million 4 Philippine resuscitation 160 million a day for banksters snuffin

5 million 4 Philippine resuscitation 160 million a day for banksters snuffin

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Published by Frank Gallagher
I don’t get it and obviously neither do you.
I rue the day when Satan comes around
I don’t get it and obviously neither do you.
I rue the day when Satan comes around

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Published by: Frank Gallagher on Nov 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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5 million 4 Philippine resuscitation 160 million a day for banksters snuffin I don’t get it and obviously neither do you In the name of God of for !ith the People "#$
"hat goes around comes around but never the mind%n!ard &hristian 'oldiershttp())!!!*youtube*com)!atch+v,-.c&"a/Ihttp())!!!*youtube*com)!atch+v,r2y3lms"I72. #% '8 ' and 9 %:87 ;8P/8#8; 72<I=  destroying all life in the region2s long as not chemical !eapons eh+7emembrance ;ay mas 8aster and the rest to forget"hat+2t least can’t forget !hat is intended to be unkno!n in &2 coherency absentia>istorical perpetual reforms to thy kingdom not a human achievement?et !ere there at the onset7ound and round to !hence they come not a!are can@t get there from here'enate reform !ithout an informed populace that is 'ubstantive #hick '#'anctimonious #heology2re you a!are they are doing a senate reform !ithout the citiAens adeBuately informed don@t even kno! reform in process !ithin as they are traditionally left !ithout+ltimate Potential 'ociety!!!*P'1C*com ;emocracy is a form of government in !hich all citiAens have an eBual say in the decisions that affect their lives* Ideally this includes eBual Dand more or less directE participation in the proposal development and passage of legislation into la!* It can also encompass social economic and cultural conditions that enable the free and eBual practice of   political selfFdetermination* #he term comes from the Greek ( HJKLMNOM  DdQmokratRaE Srule of the peopleST1U !hich !as coined from JV DdWmosE SpeopleS and KLXNJV D9ratosE Spo!erS in the middle
 of the 5thF4th century Y& to denote the  political systems then e-isting in some Greek cityFstates notably 2thens  follo!ing a popular uprising in 50 Y&*TZU 2ccording to some theories of democracy  popular sovereignty is the founding principle of such a system*TCU  >o!ever the democratic principle has also been e-pressed as Sthe freedom to call something into being !hich did not e-ist before !hich !as not given[ and !hich therefore strictly speaking could not be kno!n*ST4U #his type of freedom !hich is connected to human SnatalityS or the capacity to begin ane! sees democracy as Snot only a political system[ TbutU an ideal an aspiration really intimately connected to and dependent upon a  picture of !hat it is to be human\of !hat it is a human should be to be fully human*ST5U"hile there is no specific universally accepted definition of @democracy@T6U eBuality and freedom have both  been identified as important characteristics of democracy since ancient times*TU #hese principles are reflected in all citiAens being 1
 and having eBual access to legislative processes* $or e-ample in a representative democracy every vote has eBual !eight no unreasonable restrictions can apply to anyone seeking to become a representative and the freedom of its citiAens is secured by legitimiAed rights and liberties !hich are generally protected by a constitution*TU T]U http())!!!*scribd*com)doc)1665C1506);oneF"hatFIF&anFtoF'aveF"orldFYallF<o!FinF?ourF&ourt=a^ority rule is often listed as a characteristic of democracy* >o!ever it is also possible for a minority to be oppressed by a Styranny of the ma^orityS  in the absence of governmental or constitutional protections of individual and)or group rights* 2n essential part of an SidealS representative democracy is competitive elections that are fair both substantively T15U and procedurally*T16U $urthermore freedom of political e-pression freedom of speech and
 are considered to be essential
so that citiAens are adeBuately informed
 and able to vote according to their o!n best interests as they see them*T1U T1U It has also been suggested that a  basic feature of democracy is the capacity of individuals to participate freely and fully in the life of their society*T1]U
In lieu of citien! that a"e a#equately info"me# we have
!!!*%task*com%bstruct ustice truth and source killfreedom of the press
P7I&9 mi $IYIY
Political 7eligious Intellectual &harlatan 9leptocracy media inciting $ickle Inherent Yias Ignorant Yliss 'tuffed ripe !ith beliefs for the pickings#a-onomical =oney #ree of many branches of a
$"ampant #ive"%ence of un#e"!tan#in%!$
Z* 8veryone has the follo!ing fundamental freedoms( DaE freedom of conscience and religion_ DbE freedom of thought  belief opinion and e-pression including
f"ee#om of the p"e!!
 and other media of communication_ DcE freedom of  peaceful assembly_ and DdE freedom of association*
"ar is =oney 'anctity of 'ustainable Gro!th eh+Z
 is a broad term referring to a group of Western religions comprising diverse ideological and philosophical 
Their shared features include symbolic association with, or admiration for the character of, Satan, or similar rebellious, promethean, and, in their view, liberating figures. There were an estimated 50,000 members in 1990. There may be as few as a few thousand in the world.
http())en*!ikipedia*org)!iki)>umans>umans Dkno!n ta-onomicallyas >omo sapiensTCU T4U /atin for S!ise manS or Skno!ing manSET5U are the only living species in the >omogenus* 2natomically modern humans originated in 2frica about Z00000 years ago reaching full  behavioral modernity around 50000 years ago*T6U >umans have a highly developed  brain and are capable of abstract reasoninglanguageintrospection and  problem solving* #his mental capability combined !ith an erect body carriage that frees the hands for manipulating ob^ects has allo!ed humans to make far greater use of tools than any other living species on 8arth* %ther higherFlevel thought processes of humans such as selfFa!arenessrationality and sapienceTU TU T]U are considered to be defining features of !hat constitutes a S personS*Tcitation neededU http())!!!*scribd*com)doc)1Z0515)78<%F1C"hat they say ```` "hat is factProclaim 7ule of /a! separation of po!ers legal certainty ;e ^ure administer 2ntithesis 7ule of /a! elusivity no clear separation of po!ers chain from &ro!n guaranteed legal uncertainty debated endlessly at the e-pense of humansIt is no! an accepted and important constitutional principle that the 2ttorney General must carry out the =inister@s criminal prosecution responsibilities independent of &abinet and of any partisan political pressures* #he 2ttorney General@s responsibility for individual criminal prosecutions must be undertaken F and seen to be undertaken F on strictly ob^ective and legal criteria free of any political considerations* "hether to initiate or stay a criminal proceeding is not an issue of government policy* #his responsibility has been characteriAed as a matter of the 2ttorney General
acting as the .ueen@s 2ttorney F
 not as a =inister of the government of the day*C

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