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Story To Reflect Upon 147, 148.

Story To Reflect Upon 147, 148.

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Published by Bro. Oh Teik Bin
A Good LIFE Lesson we require.
Good Stories can truly inspire.
A Good LIFE Lesson we require.
Good Stories can truly inspire.

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Published by: Bro. Oh Teik Bin on Nov 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Story To Reflect Upon 147
The Wall
A man was once chased by several tribesmen who wanted to kill him. The man entered into a cave to hide himself. The tribesmen started looking for him in the many caves in the area. In great desperation the man prayed to God, “Oh God, send down two angels and seal the entrance of the cave so that the tribesmen cannot enter and kill me.The tribesmen were fast approaching the cave where he was. The man then saw a little spider starting to weave a web at the entrance of the cave.. The man again prayed, this time more desperately: !ord, I did not ask for a spider. "ow can it protect me# $lease place a strong wall at the entrance so that the men cannot enter to kill me. "e opened his eyes e%pecting to see a wall sealing the entrance. Instead he saw the little spider weaving its spider web. The tribesmen were already entering the neighboring cave . &oon they wo'ld find him in this cave and kill him death.Tho'ghts of disappointment with God went thro'gh the man(s mind. )hen the tribesmen stood in front of the cave where the man was in, the little spider had already covered the whole entrance with its web. The man then heard the chief of the tribesmen say, “This cave has spider webs. *obody has entered this one. +ome let(s move on to the other caves.
* There is a reason for happenings. One should not underestimate things, thinking they are useless. One can never tell for sure.* One should have strong faith in one’s own prayers.

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