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Published by ganyesod

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Published by: ganyesod on Nov 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 LcEoly OnldcLtedlag tlc ley toIoaC Llfc, Eceltb, loutL,Elcaerdlcee, tltdor eld Vl'rtuc,ud to Cbragc, Curc, Altcr ud tradtbc rtetr of tbc Bod5l.All bclag redc p1ela ead cea .r tolot Celncltlca.By Joha Ecydoa, Gclt.
o(ltdrrroryr, scrvut of ood ad
Sccrctrry ol f,rture.Audc lgnl.e Yoctt.U)lfDOIf. Prlntcd by T.ll. 1662.
Io lbctruly f,oblcEy fll tltlr,S1r rlola Eurcr,Buroact.
S1r,Iour lorthlncas ead 6ntcful acccptalcr of thle hl'ad ol Lcernl'ng,rhl'ch I pronlacd your honoureblc aclf, I rould put forthr 1a nor florato your Tuplc of Seletyr f,rorlcdttr Pcrfcctton; ot ecgulrod lnrte forrcfir6e ead protcctlont fror tLc rl'clcdlrgec of lt1trcreat aceadelouehlptt SycoDbeltsr rohool-rophletore, eld aoEo of rt or profceetoa,Laryere: f rcrn the Pbrnetlck Reblc of Oon- e , tbrt Datc e6elnat tbcf,l'lg aad Bil.rhoper rLor God proacryc out of tbc ,r Dorcr: thcec contcade6el.net re cortlauellyl end coltcrn thrt rhlch tbey do not k ot. 8uttel,e Leod ye unrleo uort thc pcoplc; O ye foolcc, rbcn rfU yc uldcr-rtead? tlcy Judgc tbcy hlor not iletr rr.d cordcrn rl,ttout oddcacc.lhJ.g IOL OUfDE, il 'cb eDout tcn yeere 1natl rlth lole otbcra of effl>lty thcrcto, for rJr tlrlvetc lrcrcllc eld retlrfect .oa I hd et lctanrctcoryrcacd; rbl'ch Dc1l6 corrual'cetrd uto orc, lt bccue corron uato rut;eld nr by traucrtptlon rucccaatvrly corruptcdr ultll lt urtvcd la rroet dcprevcd coplc to Doctor f,fCE0LAS CULFEPPEB, ld lror hl.l reaybd Coylea, lhl'cb aore ll'gbly cetccrsdr ud othcra ebured: lt cuc toDees ebout rGye ycus peatr I tDclcd ry true Vlr6la llvratlon 1a relu-tcrlpt to tbo lcencd ldatbcaetlclea llr. aIOEII OADBIIRI, rbo rea thcl 1l
colrDlt rltl Ceptela ODOROE EOmOIf eld otbcr 0cltlncD, of rhlcb oarbed I GoDyr but lrprrfccti . d tb*cforc haorlag rc to bc t ,c Autbor,lDtrcetcd rc to publlrb rlnc: I ruapcctcd ry eblllty, bcceurc 1t rearct dora ruJr /crrs Drttr rbca I res vcry Vo11 6r tad ree tbc gcasc ofIt CoDccptloae et thrt t1ler Dot ea tuuteblc ler ulto ry edveaclnttud8crcat et r11 thcr; ud tbcrctorc tlcrc rlgbt bc reny tLla8a tbcrclapleurtblc nato tlr prsrod epprcLcaaloal rblcb erc aot e,6rcreblc to ryprcecat aclf; thcrcforc uan11l,1a6 rny rork of rlac ebould be prlated.hlt et laat I rae pcmreded; Ifor thc clcdec of f,1a6 Cherlcs & the Bil.e-Lopar vcrJr proudly, rlth furr routbr blttcr brtrcd, cavy, raltcc eadcdulalear hlndred re fror putttng of lt fortb. Eracc f be6ea to be ttI rteadr rbcthcr f aDould put fortb tbc rcet ol tbc book, or Do; rhl'IetI dld doubt tbrt I ebould by tbla reala cxl,oae uy eell to publlck cea-rure, end ae lt rerc caet ly eelf out ol the aloke lnto the f1re, eccrtel'a rude fcar eclsed upon De, lcet by puttlng tbcu forth f ehouldlecr ror€ offenelve tbea offlcl'oua to lour aad crpose your lorahlp tothc clvy of raltclous cupcru end ton6gca of dctrectera, rhllst tbegctLh6a troublc rc rltb r yrrlouc dcaperetloar tbe qul.cLacrs of yourundcrtteadlag, cract dlacrctlon, uDrlthtacce'of tudtcuent, Rc1t6l.oarltlout Superet1tlon, eld otbcr rcat klora Ylrtuce ln you, tour eutl-orlty ud tntcgrlty bcyold crccptlonr rll'ch caa caslly cbeck ead brtdletbe toagsce of rlendcmrst rcnovcd ry doubtllg, eld llforled ls to aetuDoD tbrt e6da lore boldly, rhlcb I Lrd elroet lcft oft, by reason ofdlepdrc: tbcrcforc (rott honourrd Str) teke ln 6ood Frtr thle booktln rLlcb re ebcr thc rtgtcrlce of letrorercJr ead Ocorelcy, lrt end f,aturet

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