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Published by philosoph9
An article regarding anti-Nikola Tesla hecklers who fail to understand the principles of Tesla's work and wrongfully accuse others of lying because of their own ignorance. An article which give specific documentation showing the fallacy of the hecklers' false and erroneous arguments.
An article regarding anti-Nikola Tesla hecklers who fail to understand the principles of Tesla's work and wrongfully accuse others of lying because of their own ignorance. An article which give specific documentation showing the fallacy of the hecklers' false and erroneous arguments.

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: philosoph9 on Aug 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BEWARE OF ANTI-TESLA HECKLERSBy William Lyne(A letter to the teslaflyingmachine@yahoogroups.com forum, 7/25/09)This paper is called for to clear the air regarding recent flamers andorganized hecklers—of whom Clark R. Daniel (“bobdee1001") is one—who roam theInternet apparently looking for valid information to suppress. You might call them“the agents of chaos,” since their comments have been consistently false,impertinent and hostile to the subject at hand in this case, which is NikolaTesla’s electric flying machine technology and Tesla research in general. Thissubject relates to my books, Occult Ether Physics andPentagon Aliens.There are those who also claim that Nikola Tesla “knew nothing aboutphysics”, etc. But I ask them to name another scientist for whom it can be saidthat “the contents of his safe, two truckloads of papers and apparatus from hishotel room and laboratory occupying a whole floor, and another 75 packing cratesand trunks in a storage facility, and another 80 large storage trunks in anotherstorage facility” (say FBI papers released under the FOIA, 252 pages) have beenconcealed by the government for over 66 years to date, since Jan., 1943. Not onepage of this huge quantity of documents and apparatus has been declassified since1943, excepting a couple of steamer trunks of “historical” documents (150,000pages) which were released to Tesla’s Yugoslavian heirs which represents thedocument collection of the present Tesla Museum in Belgrade.Not to brag, just stating facts, I am the leader of “true” UFO research(Tesla invented the UFO). So I am naturally like a lightening rod to suchhecklers. Gradually we work toward the truth, avoiding blind alleys, gaining morevalid information. Though it may sound strange, only those following in myfootsteps will find the ultimate truth regarding UFOs. This is by default, becauseno one else of sufficient diligence has emerged, and I don’t retreat from thetruth or give in to intimidation, regardless of attacks by hecklers and organizedInternet thugs or their dupes. I stand by all that I have said when I wrote it,and revise my views as the case may demand by availability of new information whenand if that occurs. I may not be quite there yet, but I know that I am on theright track and am closer than anyone else.The rest is lies, mistakes, misinformation and confusion. The thing aboutTesla’s statements which renders them more vulnerable to varied interpretation orobfuscation by the hecklers—mostly relativists—is that Tesla not only sailed closeto the wind, but also wrote in proper “Edwardian” English, which so few today canclearly understand. He sometimes put out misinformation and was secretive toprotect his most closely held discoveries at particular times. The reason Iconsider myself better than most at interpreting Tesla’s writings is that I beganreading college-level literature and classics at the age of six (1944) which werewritten in Tesla’s time or earlier, so that was really my introduction toliterature. Tesla was a non-relativist completely. Most of the errors made todayby relativists derive from the fact that they rely too much on math and fail todevelop adequate mechanical visualizations or observational skills to determinewhat is actually happening in reality. Tesla was very mechanical and said that hewas more of a mechanical engineer than anything else, and just look at what heaccomplished!While a small handful of doctrinaire relativists or knuckle-dragging,retarded, psychotic bottom-feeding cretins may infiltrate and try to sabotage ourefforts, they only reveal themselves for what they are—confused, ignorant, stupid,disloyal, fraudulent, weak semi-literate spies, dupes, saboteurs, vandals andingrate deceivers, intent on defacing the good, the true, the valuable and therare, hard-to-get suppressed valid information, amid a jungle of lies, includingtheirs’. Interpreting Tesla requires some special talents, and these Bubbas justdon’t have it.For example (from Flunking the Debunker, (Scribd) Wm. Lyne, my oscillatingelectromagnetic dipole statement from The Electromagnetic Interaction) the words
“...A dipole which is tuned to 3/8 (or 1/4, the same) will continue to throw outenergy even when conditions are reversed, because there is a time lag betweenchanges in charge and current distribution”, has nothing to do with the “timereversal” fantasy of the relativists, as some have imagined. It simply relates tothe fact that changes in charge and current do not obey the theoretical “C” (areslower), due to the velocity factors involved, and so are not in proper sync. Atsufficiently high frequencies, the charges, which lag even further behind thecurrent distribution, are still being thrown out when the current is supposed tobe reversed according to the wave mechanical graphic, which gives a falseimpression in this case. We have the “theory” and the wave mechanical graphic,then we have the reality of the electrostatic “D.C.” discharges. “Time reversal”does not exist, because “time” is merely an artificial human system of measurementof the rate at which events occur. Those who actually believe that time is somesort of entity which can “reverse” in a coil are definitely deluded or confused byrelativist “theory”. As Leonardo da Vinci said, “The supreme misfortune is whentheory outstrips performance.” This brings to mind some pathetic dupe sitting inhis “time machine” in his home workshop, waiting for his “time trip” to begin. Anytime now.....When I wrote my books, I knew there would be the inevitable cheapimitators, government toadies and stooges, and just plain ignorant scum-baghecklers, coming up from the dark bottom like a tangled mass of turd-gobblingworms, feeding on pseudo-intellectual rot in a cesspool of lies. They are alwaysthere, opportunistic sociopathic lurkers who reveal their lowly characters, theirlimited, lying, stupid, ignorant, unworthy and impotent selves. Easily misled andconfused, these weak and evil cowards usually attack in groups like hyenas. Theyare always present like death, and will pick and even eat your bones when you die.A person of evil intent (a sociopath, a criminal) will always try to comeup with a false (therefore flawed) argument, to get around the truth. Usually itis not even an argument, but only an unsubstantiated denial which is really adisguised lie. For example, a lie told by a man (“no_way_in_hades@yahoo.com”)going by the name of “Sam” —that J. J. Thomson followed the “solid-as-steel”theory of the ether—was without existent documentary evidence or any presented, sothere is “no way in hell” that he could know this to be true, so we can assumethis to be a witting lie, especially since he claims to be such a know-it-all. AsI state in the frontispiece of Occult Ether Physics, quoting the Germanphilosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, “Truth can come from lies but lies cannot comefrom the truth.” The truth coming from Sam’s lies is that he is a liar. Once aliar, always a liar. You can never trust what he says. He has no credibility.A truth I learned early in life is that the bully is usually a coward, whoattacks only when other thugs open the way or back him up, or when he thinks hecan win against a helpless opponent without any harm to himself. When you get himalone you can intellectually whip his ass if he will fight at all.So what kind of people are these pathetic Internet troublemakers andflamers, really? Something like a dogmatic relativist, a lackluster failed“engineer”, a brain-damaged paranoid schizophrenic on pension for mental defects,or an illiterate ignoramus who doesn’t even read English beyond the level of athird-grader, who asked the stupidest questions I’ve ever read on all the yearsof this forum. And all of them cruising and abusing the Internet (like ClarkDaniel).Success in working toward the truth cannot be prevented by such people.They only strengthen resolve. They are like an annoying swarm of stinking flies inSummer, planting and hatching their eggs in dung then dying off in the cool,cleansing breezes of Fall. Like worms and maggots necessary to the process ofdisposing of necrotic organic waste, they live in the excrement cesspool of theirown lies. But they will never, ever rise to the top to achieve anything worthwhilein the light of day. They are forever banned to the ranks of skulking malcontentssitting on the sidelines looking always for weakness like the sociopaths they are.And they fall by the wayside like dead flies, to be eaten by other flies or ants
as we move toward the truth.When Tesla took J. J. Thomson to task and asserted the superiority ofrapidly-varying electrostatic discharges over the electrodynamics favored byThomson (Note by Prof. J. J. Thomson, London Electrician, July 24, 1891) in regardto the fluorescent reactions of gases at low pressures in glass tubes, thisargument actually related to Tesla’s longitudinal electrostatic pressure waves inthe ether, which also related to an improved electromagnetic momentum theory (orperhaps more properly, an “Electrostatic Momentum Theory”). When Thomson agreed,stating “As a matter of fact, it is very much easier to get the luminosity whenthese electrostatic effects are operative than when they are not.”, this wastantamount to Thomson’s agreement to the gaseous ether concept and an affirmativerejection of the “solid-as-steel” concept of the ether, since longitudinalelectrostatic pressure waves cannot be propagated in a solid ether (becausetransverse waves are produced in a solid).As for Tesla’s statements regarding experiments with “rapidly-varyingelectrostatic discharges” (sometimes phrased as “rapidly alternating electrostaticdischarges”), such discharges cannot be produced by an electrostatic generatorsuch as Van de Graaf, a Wimshurst or a Wommelsdorf. In Tesla’s time, they couldonly be produced with a Tesla coil (there being no other way to “rapidly-vary” theoutput of an electrostatic generator). We have seen, with all theavailable Tesla bibliography at their disposal, some idiots actually deny thatTesla’s oscillating electromagnetic dipole tuned to 1/4 wavelength producesnegative, rapidly-varying electrostatic (“D.C.”) discharges. Did it ever occur tosuch nincompoops as to how Tesla produced the electrostatics he did so manyexperiments with? Did it ever occur to them why electrostatic generators werenowhere to be seen in Tesla’s labs?Here comes the coup de grace. As Tesla stated—writing about the hugeM.I.T. electrostatic generator (Possibilities of Electro-Static Generators,Scientific American, Mar. 1934) (emphasis mine)— “My wireless tower on Long Island, erected in 1902, carried a sphere whichhad a diameter of 67 1/2 feet and was mounted in this manner. It was to be chargedto 30,000,000 volts by a SIMPLE DEVICE FOR SUPPLYING STATIC ELECTRICITY ANDPOWER.”And what was this “simple device for supplying static electricity”? Asshown by Nikola Tesla’s patent #1,119,732, Apparatus for Transmitting ElectricalEnergy (granted Dec. 1, 1914), the “device” was a Tesla coil, an oscillatingelectromagnetic dipole tuned to 1/4 wavelength!As Tesla stated in the text of the 1914 patent, page two, lines 35 to 38,describing the tuning and action of the Tesla coil (emphasis mine), “...as undernormal working conditions ONE QUARTER OF THE PERIOD or more for its transformationfrom STATIC to KINETIC form...” (the “kinetic form” was the rapidly-varyingelectrostatic form).You see, the thing which these dolts fail to understand, is that a Teslacoil produces longitudinal, rapidly-varying electrostatic pressure waves in theether, not truly “electromagnetic waves”. And that is what makes Tesla’s work sounique.Should we give credence to anyone pretending to be a serious Teslaresearcher who denies such an easily documented and most important fact? Of coursenot! Such denials do not even deserve to be dignified by a response, as they arethe idiotic babble of ignorant phonies who do not understand Tesla’s work andchoose to misrepresent it, as proven by their stupid denials (in case anyonewonders, I point this out only for the purpose of demonstrating the glaringignorance of the “Gang of Three”, “The Three Stooges”, on our forum, all of whomhave made the same denial of this central fact.And we see by this collective denial that there is a method to the madnessof these three hecklers. As you can’t fail to notice, not only is what they say

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