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P.O. Box 15692 ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87506-15692 ~

P.O. Box 15692 ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87506-15692 ~

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Quarterly Newsletter of the Santa Fe branch of the NAACP
Quarterly Newsletter of the Santa Fe branch of the NAACP

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Published by: Santa Fe Branch NAACP on Aug 10, 2009
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 P.O. Box 15692 ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87506-15692 ~ (505) 424-6100
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 August 2009
2009 marks the 100
Anniversary of thefounding of the National Association for theAdvancement of Colored People. We are theoldest Civil Rights Organization in America.
I hope you are having a great summer. TheNAACP National Convention was held in New YorkCity, July 11-16, 2009. The theme was
NAACP100 Years Bold Breams – Big Victories!
ChrisJohnson was our delegate; see her report forhighlights.I accompanied William Katz, author of 
The BlackWest
to meet with Libby Dover, ExecutiveDirector of Santa Fe 400 during his visit to SantaFe in May. Santa Fe 400 would like to include Mr.Katz in their quatrocentenial lecture series whichwill begin October, 2009. Funding is an issuesince the Legislature did not provide funds for theSanta Fe 400 commemoration. Santa Fe 400, theBranch and others are investigating potentialfunding sources. Any ideas are greatlyappreciated. Members of the Branch met with Mr.Katz after the meeting at Santa Fe 400 for lunchand stimulating conversation. We will keep youinformed as to the progress and plans for apresentation by Mr. Katz in Santa Fe.Congratulations to Christine Johnson, Bob Mosesand Wanda Padilla for their awards from the NewMexico Office of African American Affairs on June13, 2009. They are well deserved. Thanks tothem for their continued hard work anddedication to the NAACP and the community.It has been a busy spring and summer for theBranch. Read on for more details. We are sendingthe newsletter electronically, by email and onwebsite, and will have printed copies atmeetings. If you would like a printed copy mailedto you, please let us know. The cost of printingand mailing the newsletter was becomingprohibitive. Sorry for any inconvenience.Thanks for your support and dedication to themission of the NAACP
Protecting the diversity of culture, ethnicity, andthe rights of people under the law is at the heartof the mission of the Santa Fe branch of theNAACP.
Bruce King
, former New Mexicogovernor declared, in 1979, that New Mexico is amulticultural state. The NAACP is about ensuringthe political, educational, social, and economicequality of rights of all persons and to eliminateracial hatred and discrimination.
-Report by Christine Johnson.The Annual NAACP National Convention was heldin New York City, July 11-16, 2009, thebirthplace of the NAACP in February, 1909 andthis was its 100th Anniversary. The Theme was
On Sunday, July 12th, I attended the PrayerBreakfast/Memorial Service for deceased NAACPOfficers and members, the Rev. Al Sharpton wasthe "Speaker"
and he preached 
!!!! Later on inthe evening the Grand Ballroom was packed forthe Opening Public Mass Meeting, which was veryably presided over by the VP of the Board of Directors, Roslyn Brock.All the dignitaries from NY State and City, StateSenators and Representatives and the US Houseof Representatives Speaker of the House broughtgreetings. The Keynoter was Julian Bond,Chairman of the Board. He was committed towhat the NAACP stands for and insistent in whatMORE has to be addressed and done in the next100 years. He announced that he will not berunning next year for Chairman of the Board.On Monday, July13th, we began having ourRegional Meetings which begin (Mon, Tues, & Wed. @8am) for Region VI (AR, LA, OK, NM, & TX). Sam Bone, Jr. presided and I tookthe minutes. The newly elected Officers 2009-2010 are Chair: Miller Newman (OK), Vice Chair:Gary Bledsoe (TX), Secretary: Twan Jones (OK),Asst. Sec: Yolanda Smith (TX), Treasurer: OraWashington. The 1st Plenary Session had 5 of theformer Presidents/CEOs speak and then ouryoung Pres/CEO Benjamin Jealous gave theKeynote address. He was energetic, forwardthinking and explicit in what this organization hasto and MUST DO in the next 100 years--startingNOW!!!Tuesday, July 14th, at our Regional meeting metwith Miller Newman presiding--we elected Dr.Ernest Johnson (La) as our Regional Nominee tothe Board of Directors. Our present Board of Directors members gave their reports. The Youthof Regional VI elected officers and they wereintroduced. Sam Bone, Jr. (NM State Pres) gavea detailed report of the Region VI's LeadershipConference held in ABQ. In Feb, 2009. TheConference made $1,311.82.There were over 2,000 registered Delegates, and5,000 attendees at this historical Convention--thelargest ever!!!During the Legislative session, I was mostimpressed with the young delegates who spoketo and for different Resolutions on the floor, in aconcise, intelligent, researched, and committedmanner. Some notable Resolutions passed onTuesday, were: National Day of Non-Violence,April4,2010;anti-bullying andHarassment in schools; HIV/AIDS "The WayForward" in 2006 in collaboration with the BlackAIDS Institute; Change the time of AnnualFinancial Report from February to March; NAACPsupports legislation to address RacialDiscrimination and Disparities in Criminal JusticeProsecutions.Tabled Resolutions that will come before theDelegates on Thursday AM were: Combining theEfforts of ACTSO of the mind and Back to SchoolStay in School program to assist in Demolishingof High School Dropout Rates among African-American students.We started all the Plenary and LegislativeSessions with this Call led by the President
FIRED UP--and we answered--READY TOGO!!!!
This was done three (3) times eachlouder than the first. WOW!!!!!Thank you for permitting me to represent theSanta Fe Branch!
-Report by Vikki ScottThe end of apartheid in South Africa and theelection of the first democratic government in1994, was one of the defining events of the endof the 20th century. After careful consideration,the new government decided against instituting judicial proceedings based on the Nurembergmodel to prosecute the perpetrators of humanrights abuses under the Apartheid Regime. Itwas thought that to "judicialize" the processwould by too costly in time and money for theyoung nation and the patience of her citizens tobear.Instead the South African Government under theleadership of President Nelson Mandela, institutedthe first Truth and Reconciliation Commission(TRC) by statute, the Promotion of National Unityand Reconciliation Act, No. 34 of 1995. Sincethen Commissions have been set up to addressall sorts of government wrongdoing in countriesfrom Argentina to the United States. TheseCommissions have taken various forms andserved different ends, but the South Africanmodel remains foremost in the minds of peoplethe world over.An important objective of the Commission was todiscover the truth of what happened during theapartheid era. It was thought that an honest andopen examination of past events would fosterinformed public debate and an accurate publicconsciousness of shared history. The mandate of the Commission was limited to only two years.Distinctions between the function of the TRC andthe judicial system were defined in the Statuteand refined in practice. The Commission soughtfree confession and the renunciation of violenceby perpetrators, the incentive being thepossibility (not the promise) of amnesty. Cross-examination, legal representation, thedetermination of guilt, and the imposition of sanctions were left to the Courts. The processwas thought to reinforce democracy.The experience of the TRC in South Africa and itsrole in facilitating the transition to a democratic,nonracial South Africa continues to be evaluatedand debated. The South African model is invokedwhere people seek to resolve conflict and exposegovernment abuse outside the limitations of the judicial system. Here in the U.S., Senator PatrickLeahy and Representative John Conyers haveproposed a "truth commission" to investigate, butnot prosecute, alleged crimes of the Bushadministration. It is appropriate for people whovalue democracy to understand the workings of the South African Truth and ReconciliationCommission in order to support the effectiveimplementation of the principle where needed.
The remains of 64 soldiers and civilians exhumedfrom Fort Craig Cemetery in central New Mexicoby the Bureau of Reclamation are now resting atthe Santa Fe National Cemetery. The last three of the soldiers were reburied following a memorialservice at Santa Fe on July 28, 2009.The three identified soldiers, United States ArmyPrivates Levi Morris, Thomas Smith and DavidFord and the other soldiers and civilians receivedfull military honors during the ceremony held onNational Buffalo Soldier Day. All three wereBuffalo Soldiers.

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