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Fore Play 4 mature minds

Fore Play 4 mature minds

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Published by Frank Gallagher
The Attorney General wears no pants

The Attorney General wears no pants

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Published by: Frank Gallagher on Nov 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fore Play 4 mature minds
The Attorney General wears no pantsFall of Roman EmpireFOREStand aside Damage Control TAG Traditions Attorney General Historic Rhetoric seen on CPAC een till this dayPlaying Thro!gh "nited Perception Solidarity"PS"ltimate Potential Society
Truths Holistic Interactive Retrospect Transcendental Electromagnetism Enslavers NemesisReciprocity
The following was extracted from the Law Society of Upper Canada - Lawyers Rules of Conduct1.03 f - Interpretation(f) rules of professional conduct
cannot address every situation
, and a lawyer should observe
the rules in the spirit
 as well as in
the letter.
#rown cedes to the spirit of the $upremacy of %od and the Rule of &aw now an e'ual( ! with usHistorical perpetual reforms to thy )ingdom not a human achievement*et were there at the onsetRound and round to whence they come not aware can+t get there from here!
 P$ !"
$enate reform without an informed populace that is $u,stantive Thic) $T$anctimonious Theology-re you aware they are doing a senate reform without the citiens ade'uately informed don+t even )now reform in process within as they are traditionally left without/ltimate Potential $ocietywww.P$!".com 0emocracy is a form of government in which all citiens have an e'ual say in the decisions that affect their lives. Ideally( this includes e'ual 1and more or less direct2 participation in the proposal( development and passage of legislation into law. It can also encompass social( economic and cultural conditions that ena,le the free and e'ual practice of   political self3determination. The term comes from the %ree)  56789:;<=; > 1d?mo)rat@a2 Arule of the peopleA(B!C which was coined from 578D 1dmos2 ApeopleA and 9:<8D 1Gratos2 ApowerA( in the middle
 of the th34th century # to denote the  political systems then eJisting in some %ree) city3states( nota,ly -thens  following a popular uprising in KL #.BMC -ccording to some theories of democracy(  popular sovereignty is the founding principle of such a system.B"C  However( the democratic principle has also ,een eJpressed as Athe freedom to call something into ,eing which did not eJist ,efore( which was not given and which therefore( strictly spea)ing( could not ,e )nown.AB4C This type of freedom( which is connected to human Anatality(A or the capacity to ,egin anew( sees democracy as Anot only a political system B,utC an ideal( an aspiration( really( intimately connected to and dependent upon a  picture of what it is to ,e humanOof what it is a human should ,e to ,e fully human.ABChile there is no specific( universally accepted definition of +democracy+(BQC e'uality and freedom have ,oth  ,een identified as important characteristics of democracy since ancient times.BC These principles are reflected in all citiens ,eing
 and having e'ual access to legislative processes. For eJample( in a representative democracy( every vote has e'ual weight( no unreasona,le restrictions can apply to anyone see)ing to ,ecome a representative( and the freedom of its citiens is secured ,y legitimied rights and li,erties which are generally protected ,y a constitution.BLC BSC httpwww.scri,d.comdoc!QQ"!KQ0one3hat3I3#an3to3$ave3orld3all3Now3in3*our3#ourtUaVority rule is often listed as a characteristic of democracy. However( it is also possi,le for a minority to ,e oppressed ,y a Atyranny of the maVorityA  in the a,sence of governmental or constitutional protections of individual andor group rights. -n essential part of an AidealA representative democracy is competitive elections that are fair ,oth su,stantively B!C and procedurally.B!QC Furthermore( freedom of political eJpression( freedom of speech( and
 are considered to ,e essential(
so that citiens are ade'uately informed
 and a,le to vote according to their own ,est interests as they see them.B!C B!LC It has also ,een suggested that a  ,asic feature of democracy is the capacity of individuals to participate freely and fully in the life of their society.B!SC
In lieu of citizens that are adequately informed we have
www.WXtas).comW,struct Xustice truth and source )illfreedom of the press
PRI#G mi FII
Political Religious Intellectual #harlatan Gleptocracy media inciting Fic)le Inherent ias Ignorant liss $tuffed ripe with ,eliefs for the pic)ingsTaJonomical Uoney Tree of many ,ranches of a
"rampant divergence of understandings"
M. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms 1a2 freedom of conscience and religionY 1,2 freedom of thought(  ,elief( opinion and eJpression( including
freedom of the press
 and other media of communicationY 1c2 freedom of  peaceful assem,lyY and 1d2 freedom of association.
ar is Uoney $anctity of $ustaina,le %rowth eh/httpen.wi)ipedia.orgwi)i$atanism 
 is a #road term referring to a gro!p of $estern religions comprising dierse ideological and philosophical 
Their shared feat!res incl!de sym#olic association with& or admiration for the character of& Satan& or similar re#ellio!s& promethean& and& in their iew& li#erating fig!res% There were an estimated '(&((( mem#ers in )**(% There may #e as few as a few tho!sand in the world%
httpen.wi)ipedia.orgwi)iHumansHumans 1)nown taJonomicallyas Homo sapiens(B"C B4C &atin for Awise manA or A)nowing manA2BC are the only living species in the Homogenus. -natomically modern humans originated in -frica a,out MKK(KKK years ago( reaching full  ,ehavioral modernity around K(KKK years ago.BQC Humans have a highly developed  ,rain and are capa,le of a,stract reasoning( language( introspection( and  pro,lem solving. This mental capa,ility( com,ined with an erect ,ody carriage that frees the hands for manipulating o,Vects( has allowed humans to ma)e far greater use of tools than any other living species on Earth. Wther higher3level thought processes of humans( such as self3awareness( rationality( and sapience(BC BLC BSC are considered to ,e defining features of what constitutes a A personA.Bcitation neededC "

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