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Published by Nic Harris

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Published by: Nic Harris on Nov 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Nicole R. Harris
 www.NicRHarris.com 901.603.1411
EXPERIENCECarver Communications July 2011 Present Digital Media Consultant
Offer organization & small group eucation on social responsi!ilit" an wa"s to use #arious online platforms to networ$ an connect wit% t%e communit"
ro#ie igital meia management ser#ices to !usinesses & non'profits t%roug%out t%e (i')out%
!e "estin #eale $treet% Mem&!is' N Marc! 201( )ugust 201( $ocial Media Coordinator
*e#elop+ implement an maintain igital meia campaigns
(anage online iscussions on ,witter+ -ace!oo$ an #arious foo & tra#el sites ser#ing as a liaison !etween customers an %otel management
artner wit% local esta!lis%ments to !ring inno#ati#e opportunities an e#ents to t%e %otel an restaurant
*edE+% Mem&!is' N May 2012 Marc! 201( "riter
/reate customize !i proposals an presentations for eisting an potential -e customers
2tilize #arious content management s"stems to ensure t%at all !i information is up to ate+ wit%in !ran guielines an legall" appro#e
nteract wit% -e account eecuti#es t%roug%out t%e writing process an eli#er ocumentation in a timel" fas%ion
)ccredo ,ealt! -rou&' Inc% Mem&!is' N January 2011 May 2011ec!nical "riter
*ocumente a usiness )"stems 5nal"st Reference (anual for an online networ$ of %ealt%care clinics
-eneral Dynamics% Millington' N $e&tem.er 200/ July 2010ec!nical "riter
5nal"ze !usiness an user nees
*ocumente reuirements an translate ata into appropriate s"stem specifications
5ssiste wit% a istrict'wie recruiting social networ$ing pilot+ pro#iing guiance on social meia efforts & trens as applica!le to Na#" recruiting
Primacy Relocation% Mem&!is' N cto.er 200 July 200/raining $&ecialist&erations $ME 2003
O!taine ,raining /ertification from 5),*
7or$e in con8unction wit% t%e )r. ice resient of Real state Operations to ensure emplo"ee compliance wit% corporate policies an proceures
5ssiste t%e *irector of ,raining an *e#elopment wit% implementing an managing t%e c%ange management process
-acilitate Real state Operations training for eig%t corporate offices
/reate course materials w%ic% inclue training manuals+ emonstration moels+ multimeia ais+ an uic$ reference guies
*ocumente an pu!lis%e operations proceures to t%e internal repositor"
erforme s"stem anal"sis to etermine inefficiencies an capture en user reuirements
CMM4NI5 IN676EMEN#lac8 -irls Code )&ril 201( Present
/ore ,eam /ommunit" Outreac% :ea
Junior 7eague o9 Mem&!is )ugust 201( Present
ro#isional (em!er 
Mem&!is 4r.an 7eague 5oung Pro9essionals May 2012 May 201(
Historian & )ocial (eia (anager 
CMM4NI5 REC-NIIN Mem&!is C!am.er o9 Commerce
;013 ,op ,en <oung (emp%ian
ED4C)IN : CERI*IC)IN!e Ne; Mem&!is Institute *ello;s Program' $&ring 201<
/ertificate of /ompletion
7eaders!i& Mem&!is' *all 2012 *astrac8 
/ertificate of /ompletion
4niversity o9 Mem&!is' 2000 – 200
ac%elor of rofessional )tuies
)$D' 2003
,raining /ertification
)"stem 5nal"sis,raining%otograp%"*ocument *esignro8ect (anagementH,(:

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