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Antoine Marsant dit Lapierre (b. 1784)

Antoine Marsant dit Lapierre (b. 1784)

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A profile of Antoine Lapierre forefather of many of the Lapierre's in Montana..
A profile of Antoine Lapierre forefather of many of the Lapierre's in Montana..

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Nov 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Antoine Marsant dit Lapierre
 (b. 1784)Antoine Lapierre (Quebec), born September 17, 1784 married Louise Machegone, the daughter of Misassis Machegone and Maa!ameom "according to the custom of the countr# sometime before 1818. Later, the $ere married forma%% at St. &oniface on Apri% 17, 18''. e subseuent% married &ets (*ree) in 18+ at St. -rancois a/ier. Antoine died on Ma 0, 184 at St. -rancois a/ier. A%ternaste% he $as !no$n as Antoine Mercan and Antoine Marsan.2he chi%dren of Antoine and Louise $ere3
Antoine r., born circa 1818. e married *atherine 5agnon, he daughter of oseph 5agnon and osephte Lapierre. 2he $ere enumerated in the 18+6 embina *ensus as -ami%  0. Antoine Lapierre had been an emp%oee of the udson9s &a *o. and had $or!ed as a fisherman from 180+:08 and as a %abourer from 180:4'. e had become a buffa%o hunter on the prairies of the $est 2he chi%dren of Antoine r. and *atherine 5agnon $ere3 1.*atherine Louise, born 18', she married oseph ou%e.0.ierre, born 18'8 in St. &oniface.'.;sabe%%e, born 184', married <orbert Assinib%oine dit =e%orme.4.ean Lapierre $as born on =ecember , 184+ at St. -rancois a/ier, e married Marie Landr, the daughter of Louis Landrand ;sabe%%e *ha%ifou> on August 08, 18+ at St. -rancois a/ier. 2he had four chi%dren asca%, acob ?obert, Moses, and @%iabeth. 2he %atter t$o chi%dren $ere baptied at Sun ?i/er, Montana. ohn and his brother -rancois accompanied Louis ?ie% from St. eter9s Mission to &atoche in 1884. ohn %ost an arm in the fighting.
 +.Moise, born 1848 at St. -rancois a/ier, married Ange%iue arenteau, the daughter of oseph arenteau and Suanne ?ichard. er brother oseph =odet arenteau a%ong $ith 5abrie% =umont $ere part of the origina% 1871 go/erning committee of St. Laurent on the South Sas!atche$an ?i/er. Moise a%so signed the 1878 *press i%%s Metis petition for a reser/e. .-rancois a/ier $as born on March 1, 18+6 at Assumption arish, embina. -ranBois married Marie ?ose S$ain, the daughter of ames S$ain (S$an) and Marie Arcand on March 0+, 17 at St. eter9s Mission, Montana. -ranBois and his brother ohn accompanied Louis ?ie% to &atoche in 1884 and participated in the Metis ?esistance of 188+. Marie ?ose9s father and her unc%e ohn a%so tra/e%%ed to &atoche $ith ?ie%. er unc%e, ohn S$ain, $as !i%%ed in the fighting. 2heir chi%dren $ere 2herese (b. 1878 at *press i%%s) and 2haddeus, born 18 at St. eter9s.
 Art Lapierre, Apri% ', 17, Cra% istor, Litt%e She%% &and of *hippe$a, p. 1'.
 See a%so3 ?osa%n ?. Laier, ""&et$een a and 5rass#3 A &rief @>amination of 2$o MDtis *ommunities in *entra% Montana in the 1886s.# ;n Ei%%iam . -urde%% (@ditor)3
 Proceedings of the University of Great Falls International Conference on the Métis
7.=omti%%e, born 18+', married Se/ere =esmarais. 8.Ambroise, born 18++, Ambroise married Ade%aide ?ocheb%a/e, the daughter of 2homas ?ocheb%a/ and 2herese =esmarais in 187 at St. eter9s Mission, Montana. e a%so signed the 1878 *press i%%s Metis  petition for a reser/e..*%emence, born 18+8, married Samue% -ord (-orue). Sam -orue $as a *anadian Metis $ho mo/ed to the Sun ?i/er area of Montana to run catt%e for the American -ur compan at -ort &enton. Samue% -ord $as the son of enrMc*u%%ough and MarLouise *houette. Sam changed his name to -ord. e had mo/ed to the Sun ?i/er area to run catt%e for the American -ur compan out of -ort &enton in the 186s. e married first to a &%ac!foot $ido$, @%%en and in 18 started their o$n ranch. She died t$o ears %ater. e then married a Metis $oman named *%ementine Lapierre, $hose fami%, a%ong $ith man other Metis, had mo/ed $ith their catt%e to the -ront ?ange in the 186s. 2he coup%e $ere married on une 04, 187+ at St. eter9s Mission, Montana. 2he had fi/e chi%dren together. 2heir home became a gathering p%ace for the $ho%e Metis communit. A number of *%emence9s sib%ings
 %i/ed a%ong -ord *ree!, $est of $hat is no$ Augusta, Montana. -rancois a/ier Lapierre, *%emence9s o%der brother, $as born on March 1, 18+6. e married Marie rose S$ain, the daughter of ames S$ain and Marie Arcand on March 0+, 187 at St. eter9s Mission. 2he Laierre c%an %i/ed a%ong the cree! $est of Augusta, Montana. Sam re%ocated his ranch to that area, no$ !no$n as -ord *ree!. 2he -ord and La ierre c%ans $ere representati/e of the numerous Metis communities that formed a%ong the -ront ?ange from Augusta to eart &utte. (Eith contributions b <icho%as Frooman.)16.Sara, born 186, married oseph Mousett 5ariep.11.Mati%da =omiche%% Lapierre, born Ma6, 18+in embina, <orth =a!ota, married Se/ere Ame%ine, born circa 18'7 in *hippe$a -a%%s, Eisconsin, he died u% 08, 104 in *hoteau, Montana. 2he chi%dren of Se/ere Ame%ine and Mati%da Lapierre are3 :oseph Ame%ine, born circa 1870 in <orth &att%efordG married (1) Annie EhitehouseG married (0) Maggie =e%%a *o%%ins August 08, 187 in 2eton *o., Montana. :-rancois Ame%ine, born circa 1874 in <orth &att%efordG died u% 6+, 1'7G married Ange%ine 2homas Apri% 1+, 10'G born <o/ember 6+, 18+ in embina, <orth =a!otaG died Cctober 07, 14 in Ha!ima, Eashington. :-reine Ame%ine, born circa. 1874 in <orth &att%efie%d, Sas!atche$anG died September 00, 10 in South -or!, 2eton *o., MontanaG married oseph &runeau circa 1888 in St eterIs Mission on Sun ?i/er, Montana.
 People of Canada and the United States
. 5reat -a%%s, Montana3 Jni/ersit of 5reat -a%%s, 13 16+:106.
 ean and $ife Marie LandrG Moise and $ife Ange%iue arenteau, Ambroise and $ife Ade%aide ?ocheb%ancG and @uphrosine.0
:Mar ?ose Ame%ine, born circa 187+ in *press i%%s, MontanaG married A%e> &e%court anuar 17, 187 in 2eton *o., MontanaG born circa 1871 in *anadaG died =ecember 6', 118. :<orman Ame%ine, born circa 187 in <orth &att%efordG died  <o/ember 0, 1'6 in *hoteau, Montana. :;sadore Ame%ine, born circa 1884 in Le$isto$n, MontanaG died in e%ena, MontanaG married u%ia =eschon -ebruar 14, 168 in *hoteau, 2eton *o., MontanaG born circa 188 in =upuer, 2eton *o., Montana. :A%fred Ame%ine, born anuar 68, 188 in astac! &utte, Le$is and *%ac! *o., MontanaG died August 16, 1+8 in *hoteau, 2eton *o., MontanaG married *atherine ?ose ambrun 16in Missou%a, MontanaG born Cctober 1, 184 in Ma%ta, MontanaG died Cctober 14, 1' in ?oose/e%t, Montana. :Ei%%iam enr Ame%ine, born anuar '1, 188 in *hoteau, MontanaG died =ecember 61, 1' in *hoteau, 2eton *o., MontanaG married Fictoria S$an =ecember '6, 16 in *hoteau, 2eton *o., MontanaG  born March 64, 187 in MontanaG died une 6, 170 in e%ena, Le$is K *%ar!, Montana. :Louis *ar% Ame%ine, born circa 181G died -ebruar 08, 14 in *ascade, *ascade, MontanaG married A%ice Jrsu%a Monroe. :Louise Ame%ine, born une 16, 180 in 2eton *anon, MontanaG died =ecember 60, 14 in Missou%a, MontanaG married (1) &arne McineG married (0) A%e>ander St 5ermaine Cctober 0', 168 in 2eton *o., MontanaG born circa 188' in 2eton *anon, 2eton, Montana.
Marie, born 1806, married Seraphim @mond.
Louise, born 18'6, married ean &aptiste Ma%aterre, then oseph McLeod, then ames 2reston. ean &aptiste Ma%aterre r., 181+:18+1, $as the son of ean &aptiste Ma%aterre Sr. (b. 1781) and Ange%iue Adam.
 ean &aptiste $as first married to 2herese *omtois, the daughter of ean &aptiste *omtois and Ange%iue Fa%%ee in 18' at S-. 2he had three chi%dren. 2herese died after gi/ing birth to their third chi%d in anuar 184. e then married Louise Marchand dite Lapierre, the daughter of Antoine Marsant dit Lapierre and Louise Machegone in 18+6 at S-. 2he had a daughter Marie, born March 0+, 18+1. ean &aptiste $as !i%%ed at the &att%e of the 5rand *oteau on u% 1', 18+1 and reported% buried either at the site of the batt%e or a%ong the Sheanne ?i/er. ean &aptiste Ma%aterre9s oungest sister Marie born March '1, 18' $as the mother of Marguerite &e%humeur dit Monet, the $ife of Louis ?ie%.
oseph, born 18'0 at St. ames, he married 2herese ?o then married *har%otte  <egre ?ouge.
@uphrosine, born 18'0 in St. &oniface, married Louis Ma%aterre. Louis Ma%aterre, $as born on September 08, 18'4, the son of ean &aptiste Ma%aterre and Ange%iue Adam. e $as a 2urt%e Mountain &and member. e married
 Li!e% the daughter of ean &aptiste Adam and osephte "Montagnaise.# er brother oseph Adam (b. 170 at ?ed ?i/er) $as emp%oed $ith the &* as a mai% carrier. e %i/ed in St. <orbert.

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