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SEED Grant Application.doc

SEED Grant Application.doc

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Published by Angela Carter

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Published by: Angela Carter on Nov 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Seacoast Educational Endowment Dover
“SEED” Grant Application
The Seacoast Educational Endowment Dover (SEED) is an independent local grant program for the Dover public schools. It allows school staff to apply for funding for innovative, technologybased  pro!ects or creative initiatives within the classroom"school or within the wider community. It is the  belief of SEED that some of the best ideas come from the classroom, and this small grant program will  provide the funding for small pro!ects that, if successful, can enhance the learning e#periences of Dover students.
Application Process
$pplications for SEED funding can be submitted at any time during the year% however, formal reviews and award decisions by the SEED advisors and board will occur only twice annually, in &ay and December. $pplicants must complete this application form and submit it to their
building principal 
  prior to &ay ' or December ' for award decisions to be made during those months. The SEED committee may reuest additional information for clarification purposes during the review period. The committee may meet with applicants with the toprated proposals to review finer details of their ideas  prior to final award decisions. hen a pro!ect has been completed or run its course, the grant recipients will submit a final report or reflection sheet. *e!ected applications may be resubmitted.
Award Types
SEED will fund two broad categories of initiatives+ minigrants and health education grants.
 will address hot ideas- budgeted at the '// to 0// level. $ minigrant should fit in one or more of the categories of awards described below via e#amples.
Academic E!cellence "
offering atypical learning e#periences for students
1roviding innovative 12'3 learning and enrichment
1roviding dual high school and college enrollment
4onnecting students with community through E56s, service, and special pro!ects (e.g., renewable resources, recycling, etc.)
#$ampion o% &nnovation ' Tec$nology "
incorporating new- learning or instructional technologies
$ccessing multiple technologies and content to demonstrate mastery and understanding both by students and teachers
&a7ing global connections by students and teachers
4reating a blended virtual"facetoface teaching and learning environment allowing fle#ible,  personali8ed student opportunities and schedules
(ig$ )uality Pro%essional Development "
facilitating teacher growth and involving a larger learning team or community of learning
Integrating technology into the classroom and learning e#perience
Deepening teacher understanding of literacy and numeracy instruction
Differentiating instruction to personali8e student learning
*edefining the role of the teacher 
&nnovation in (ealt$ Education Grants
 are new in 3/'9':. They address the goal of improving health education, and possibly health outcomes, for students in Dover schools. The grant awards can total up to 0///.5i7ely applicants include educators responsible for health, science, and physical education programs across all of Dover;s schools, and Dover <igh School;s health science, biotechnology and culinary arts  programs available through its *egional 4areer Technology 4enter. Successful proposals will be selected using SEED;s e#isting grantma7ing committee and criteria, with the help of an e#pert provided  by a local health care provider to participate in decisions specific to the Innovation in <ealth Education grant program.
4omplete the remainder of this form by inserting the information reuested in each cell. $n electronic copy of this form can be downloaded from the SEED website.$. 4ontact InformationDate+ =rant $pplicant(s)+=rant $pplicant;s School(s)+>. =rant Type  ?? &ini=rant ('// to 0//)  chec7 relevant minigrant area(s) below+ ??$cademic E#cellence ??Innovation"Technology ??1rofessional Development  ?? Innovation in <ealth Education (up to 0///) 4. 1ro!ect Description'.Title of 1roposed =rant 1ro!ect+3.1ro!ect Design+ 1lease describe the pro!ect @ i.e., how the funding will be used. (ma#imum 9// words)D. Impacts'.<ow many students will benefit directly from the funding of this pro!ectA3.Specifically describe how this pro!ect aligns with the district;s mission, strategic plan, or improvement plan, and e#plain how it will improve student learning for the sub!ect matter to be

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