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Dialog With Non Muslims on Topix_Vol 4

Dialog With Non Muslims on Topix_Vol 4

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Published by Moiz Uddin Qidwai
This a list of 333 questions about Islam and related topicx, which I had with Non Muslims on threads of Topix.

Three lists have been posted in past and this is fourth on the same series.
This a list of 333 questions about Islam and related topicx, which I had with Non Muslims on threads of Topix.

Three lists have been posted in past and this is fourth on the same series.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Moiz Uddin Qidwai on Aug 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prefaceدعب امأ - نيعجأ هباحصأ و هلآ و دحم ى سل و ةل و - َنيِَلاَعْل ّَر ِِ ُدْَحْل يل نل  سب  In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, All Praise be to Allah, Creatorand Sustainer of this Universe. And May His Peace and Blessings be to HisMessenger Mohammad and his family and Companions, Afterwards,
Here is the fourth list of Questions and Dialog which I had with Non Muslims on threadsof TOPIX. i.ewww.topix.com. Three lists have already been published onwww.scribd.com and could be reviewed as per address given below:1.http://www.scribd.com/doc/13103050/Dialogs-With-Non-Muslims-Vol-12.http://www.scribd.com/doc/13262933/Dialog-With-Non-Muslims-Vol23.http://www.scribd.com/doc/15492127/Dealogs-With-Non-Muslims-Vol-3As usual, full questions have not been reproduced to save space on this presentation. Thecurrent edition consists of around 333 questions, the subjects and questions have been asvaried as in earlier lists.One point of caution, the answers given are my own and confined to my limitedknowledge. These may not be authentic position of Islam or Renowned MuslimScholars, but what an average and common Muslim feels generally on these issues.If some one wants to quote these answers as “Official Islamic stand” he or she must getthese endorsed or verified by any Learned Islamic Scholar.The questions have been divided into ten chapters and an Alphabetical list of Questions isgiven in appendix.I seek forgiveness of Allah if I have made some mistakes in my answers, it was not myintention to hide or misrepresent Islamic stand on any issue. I have been subjected tomany abuses by writers on these threads and ridiculed. These are small prices to pay for giving Islamic position on the issues facing the world today.If any one gets any benefit from these questions and answers, I request them to pray for me that Allah may guide me to true path and I may be able to put into practice, what Ihave written as Islamic stand .At the same time, I seek the forgiveness of Allah and from readers if some of my answershurt their feeling or sentiments. It was not my intention at any time while writing downor posting these answersM.U. QidwaiJubail, Saudi Arabia. .8
August 2009.
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Table of Content
Chapter#Main TopicQuestion #Page #From ToFrom - To
1 to 253 to 32
26 to 6533 to 60
66 to 8961 to 83
4.Hinduism &Homosexuality
90 to 12184 to 110
122 to 161111 to 158
162 To 196159 to 189
7.Israel & Palestine
197 To 257190 to 244
258 to 290245 to 273
291 to 315274 to 297
316 to 333298 to 313
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Chapter-1 Atheism,Q-1 Belief, Own Experience, Do we only believe in what we see or know
If you only believe in what you saw or you were present there,then let me tell you, 99.99 % of your knowledge about the world andits affairs is based on hearsay” and not from your personalverification.
You do not KNOW, who are your real parents.
You do not KNOW , if Alexander the Great existed or not.
You do not KNOW if most of laws of Physics etc are correct, youonly read them and very few you verified yourself.
You do not KNOW, if man landed on moon, what you SAW on TVcould be an imitation.
You do not KNOW if WW-1 or 2 really happened. If Atom Bombwas ever dropped on Japan.There could be millions such examples.If you only believe in things that you were present at the site, thenyour world is full of ignorance.In this age, we believe more on sayings of others than any other timein human history.
Q-2 Common Sense, Creator, What is Common Sense and what is not?
Some one wrote on this thread that there is nothing likeCommon Sense, otherwise most people would have it.Let me say, that he is wrong and there indeed is Common Sense andmost people do have it.What is Common Sense? It is something which most people recognizeas true and correct and do not need any arguments to prove it.That speaking truth is good, we should not cheat, we should not rob,we should not kill innocent people, we should honor our parents andelders, bravery, honesty…..all these are desirable qualities, and mostpeople do believe in it.
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