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Pranking Mike

Pranking Mike



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Published by teamjacobe
the cullens decide to prank newton u are goin to laugh ur pants of lol
the cullens decide to prank newton u are goin to laugh ur pants of lol

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Published by: teamjacobe on Aug 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bella’s P.O.V.I am so sick of Mike Newton always flirting with me!When will it end?While Edward was on one of his “hiking trips” thismorning, Mike took advantage of his absence and tried toask me out again at lunch.I had hoped Alice would be there to back me up, but no,she and Angela were giggling with their hands over their mouths, just watching us.“Why didn’t you help me?” I complained after I sat down.“It was just funny seeing the look on your face!” Alicelaughed. I glared at her, but I couldn’t stay mad at her for long, and she knew it.“Sorry, Bella.” Angela apologized. I smiled. “Don’t worryabout it.” I told her. “Where’s Ben?”“He got sick yesterday after school,” Angela said.“Stomach flu. I just hope it doesn’t spread again.” “Yeah,that would be the last thing we need.” I agreed.Alice leaned forward. “So what are we going to do about Newton?” She asked in a low voice.“What do you mean?” I asked surprised. Angela raised her eyebrows.”We are going to prank him of course!” Alicesaid in a surprised tone that implied I should have realizedthis sooner.“We need to prank him with something that will make himrealize that Bella is taken.” Angela put in.
This surprised me.
was actually plotting to prank someone with Alice!We sat in silence for a few minutes, thinking of ideas.Suddenly, Alice burst out; “Fake tattoos!” Two pairs of eyes questioned her sanity.“We should make fake tattoos,” She said impatiently.“Bella will wear one, and Edward will wear one! It’s perfect! I can see it now…”What was funny was that she really could see it happening,so I couldn’t back out of it. “That’s a good idea!” Angelagrinned. She and Alice looked at me.“All right. I’ll do it.” _______________________________________________  _______________________________________________  _______________________________________________  ______ “You want me to wear 
?” Edward asked. “It’s a faketattoo!” Alice exclaimed to him while we were at their house.“I honestly don’t see the point in wearing one. I won’t doit.” Edward said firmly. He turned to go back to his piano.“It’s a prank on Mike Newton!” I called to him. He was back at my side in a flash, his golden eyes lighting up. “I’min.” He grinned mischievously.“I made them already, too!” Alice held out her tiny hands,where two fake tattoos sat there, still in their plastic
wrappers.“This is going to be good…” _______________________________________________  _______________________________________________  _______________________________________________  ______ Edward’s P.O.V.Half of me saw no point in this childish prank, but the other half just wanted to rub that vile Newton’s face into theground.I wanted to prove to him that Bella was
.When I saw the tattoos Alice had made, I nearly chokedwith glee. Mike was going to love this!Alice, Bella, Angela, and I already had the plan set. As we pulled into the parking lot, I could see Angela standing byher boyfriend Ben’s car with an eager look on her face.When we approached her, she asked, “Are you ready?”Alice grinned. “Let’s do this.”One by one, we all entered the school a few feet apart sowe wouldn’t look suspicious. As I opened my locker door, Isaw Mike Newton enter the bathroom. Perfect. The prank was in motion.Right on cue, Angela began walking in my direction and“accidentally” spilled her water bottle on my shirt.Some watching students giggled. I heard Lauren think,

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omg!!!!! i cant stop laughing that was great make more plzzzz that just totaly made my day:)
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Akshara Srri added this note
Hilarious!!!! How do you get these ideas anyway?!!!!
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