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Astronomy Notes of Stephen Hawking Analysed by Jagadish

Astronomy Notes of Stephen Hawking Analysed by Jagadish

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Published by jagadishprasad

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Published by: jagadishprasad on Aug 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 one of the most popular belief in human race is the realization that planets like earth, mars etc rotatearound sun.question now arises is sun stationary or earth stationary it is also said in science that sun also rotates on its axis just like earth now question arises how can we prove which theory stands good 1 earth stationary or not 2 sun stationary or not hypothesis is that say if earth is stationary 1 we can prove by saying that satellites which are man made rotate around earth and their paths arefixed if path of satellites man made is fixed it is also must be true that earth is stationary 2 second thing if satellites are designed which are man made fall on the oceans only and their trajectory is fixed to fall only on earth ocean it is proved that earth doesn't have revolution because if revolution is their it is assumed thatsatellites which are man made aren't fixed so because satellites man made are fixed earth shouldalso be stationary to let satellites fall on earth ocean 3 if earth revolves around sun asteroids must be falling now and then it can be proved by science through commonsense that men like NASA can predict when wouldasteroids fall on earth and when it is dangerous for earth so again we have proved that earth is stationary and not have revolution because of prediction doneby NASA 4) it can also be stated that all other planets are also stationary as planet earth commonsense again tells that for planets are stationary and hence is made easy by NASA
 mathematicians to prove the exact location of the planet when space shuttles are sent to planets 5) we can again prove that earth is stationary by stating that space shuttles man made are sent toouter space they also return back and if we state that earth is revolving and rotating at the sametime around sun how can spaceshuttles return back at the right point as a rate speed of rotation being taken place by planet so we have to proclaim that earth also doesn't have rotation and all other planets also remain thesame because of same hypothesis which holds good for earth now question again arises as to which theory is correct which one sun or earth or other planetwhich is rotating or revolvingif we assume that sun is revolving and rotating around earth does sun have any characteristicfeatures like cold zone , heat zone, neutral zone in its area of jurisdiction while rotating on its axis this statement has been stated because of day and night happening in the earth now lets leave this point here and ask NASA whether it can prove the points stated by me holdstrue or false i haven't proven in my analysis that how day and night occur on earth. i have left it open becausewe have to know in future what sun is all about, how it rotates on its axis . is it just like earth or istheir any other way to prove the hypothesis correct or wrong about sun rotation else revolution their are still some more questions unanswered is sun really rotating or not ? does sun has a revolution or not ? why is that sun has been assigned the task by nature to give heat to earth ? is it sun or is it other galaxies stars who generate heat for the mother earth ? their are endless questions unanswered by mehence goodbye for nowhope NASA can solve this unsolved mystery which has been waging since mans inquisitive brainabout astronomyhappy analysis by yourself  
continuation of earth stationary 
 another point i thought about was that if it is solar eclipse or lunar eclipse if earth is rovolving or rotating they do occur but through previous logical reasoning earth is stationary
 hence can we predict that our moon is rotating and revolving around earth or sun if moon is revolving around sun or earth because of revolution of earth moon revolution cannot befixed it should change with the change of earth revolution distance hence very interesting question is moon revolving around sun also or is it true that it revolves onlyaround earth ? if moon is rotating around sun through commonsense we can predict by stating that moon and sundistance must be closing together else if it is other way round and moon is travelling around earthdistance between earth and moon is coming closer together faster than distance between moon andsun by predicting that moon is revolving either along with sun or earth or both now another question if earth is stationary and moon is rotating or revolving how can we say that welanded on moon that means again through commonsense which i used earlier holds true moon is also stationary how does solar , lunar eclipse occur according to solar , lunar eclipse earth or moon come in between either sun and earth or sun andmoon is it now a question raised that was it moon or was it some other planet or star that came in betweensun and earthfor example if we assume that moon is coming in between sun and earth , moon is a full moon and notpartial moon but it is also stated that this lunar or solar eclipse occur only on certain locations of earthnot entirelyhow is this possible ? if we calculated the lunar , solar eclipse we actually have calculated the distance of revolution of either or all the three sun, moon and earth another question if we predicted sun, moon and earth on what basis have we calculated their distancewithout knowing their revolution distance length and again how did we calculated the 365 1/4 time based upon revolution of earth another question sun rises in the east sets in the west moon rises in the west sets in the easthow ? is it again a statement that even sun is stationary or notexperiment starts
Earth is stationary 
 the next part is that if moon comes in between earth and sun it is solar eclipse

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