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Max Script

Max Script

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Published by Sophie Boone
for a2 media
for a2 media

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Published by: Sophie Boone on Nov 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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15/11/2013 13:27Page 1 of 5about:blank
EXT. burnham Bus stop - DayMAX is sat in the bus stop swinging his legs looking blankly up and down the road watching people walk by as he waits for the bus.INT. STUDIO - DAY A MAN walks up to a table and sits down on the chair. The studio is non descript and dark but the man is lit and clearly visible. It is a classic interview set up and the  man is sat upright trying to look smart for the camera. He looks thoughtful but concerned. INTERVIEWERSo what actually happened that day?INTERVIEWEEMax hurt someone, got changed and got on the bus to Wellington.INTERVIEWERWhat were your immediate thoughts  when you heard? INT. STUDIO - DAYSARAH is sat on a chair in a studio, similar to the set up of the INTERVIEWEE but without the table. The studio is dark accept a dim spotlight on her. Her expression is passive to begin with but ends with her breaking the fourth wall and staring straight down camera.The interview acts as a VOICEOVER.INTERVIEWEESome might say she had it coming; I don’t wish to say. There wasn’t  much hope for either of them anyway. It’s not my job now to dish out blame, to give punishments – the situation was beyond thatI just thought, they’ll put Max in prison; poor guy wouldn’t cope with that. They’d ask him questions like “What made you do it?” and “How do you feel about what you’ve done?” - Thing is he doesn’t feel all that  much, not the type of things he should feel anyway. Even if he could articulate his feelings I’m not sure I’d really want to hear it. He’s so very private.INTERVIEWERWhat was he like as a person? INTERVIEWEE
15/11/2013 13:27Page 2 of 5about:blank
He’s not stupid by any means; not aggressive, not anything. Just Max. Well he’s Max the murderer now.INT. SCHOOL CORRIDOR - DAY MAX is walking down a corridor at school with his things,  while children whisper to one another and a couple shout various insults at him and laugh.
(filmed with some sort of steady cam?)
INTERVIEWEEI’ve heard people call him a creep- he is, I suppose, the outsider.(The definition of creep is to move slowly and carefully in order to avoid being heard or noticed.) In that sense yes he was a creep. Kids these days though they don’t mean it that way.
(some sort of shots of his face and eyes close up? jump cuts etc)
He’s was that kid who holds your gaze for a little too long or stares blankly when you talk to him. It’s all in the eyes - a rich, dark brown. You know when your stare at someone but when you catch their gaze you quickly look away? Not Max.INT. STUDIO - DAYBack in the interview room INTERVIEWER asks another question. INTERVIEWERDid he ever display any concerning behaviour?INT. CLASSROOM - DAYThe class is rowdy but MAX is sat quietly at his table in the center of the room. A boy behind him turns around to poke him at SARAH's command but MAX sees him out of the corner of his eye and grabs his finger. The boy screams in pain as MAX bends it back, before the teacher realises and shouts at MAX to stop. INTERVIEWEEI remember one time a kid reached out to jab him in the head and Max grabbed his finger and nearly snapped it clean in half. He never  meant to do these things I just don’t think he knew his own strength. Sarah was in his form group, she called him a creep and he went so pale. Never red. It was
15/11/2013 13:27Page 3 of 5about:blank
as if any normal reaction fell from his face and to the floor where he just stared at it. It got back to  me that he supposedly stamped on her dog’s throat, oh I don’t know.INTERVIEWERIs there any blame elsewhere?INTERVIEWEEHe plays so many video games; maybe they give him ideas, who knows.
(flashing shots of video game screen in dark showing scenes from GTA/COD?)
Everyone wants, needs something or someone to blame. No will accept responsibility. Nothing is anyone’s fault these days. Max knew what he  was doing but he was so young and so troubled. He walked around like he was on another earth, one we aren’t aware of, and it must be so  much better for him. I'm sure he hoped everything would be better after what he did. Everything  would’ve got better and he could’ve been that man he was on that other Earth.INTERVIEWERDo you think it was planned?INTERVIEWEETo an extent it must’ve been. As  much as he could’ve as a twelve year old boy. Supposedly there was £10.50 in Sarah’s purse; it cost £7.20 to get a one way bus fare and then perhaps a bar of chocolate. That left maybe, £2.70 left to start his new life. I’ve often thought about what he must’ve thought would happen. He’d get a job,something unsuspicious like factory labour and get enough money to rent his own flat, maybe earn enough to keep a pet. One of his only comments to me was of wanting a pet.INT. DARKENED BEDROOM - EVENINGMAX is peering into jars, watching the spiders crawl around inside them.
(time lapse shots of spiders?)
He had spiders though he'd catch them and keep them in a jar until they perished, I found one before. He must’ve been fascinated by life and how it could be put in his

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