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Libertynewsprint 8-11-09 Edition

Libertynewsprint 8-11-09 Edition

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Liberty Newsprint in is a custom feed newspaper powered by Feedjournal.com's publisher application. Our goal is to produce an internet news archive that captures a compelling mix of English language news feeds from around the world. Covering business, politics, sports,technology, entertainment and more.
Liberty Newsprint in is a custom feed newspaper powered by Feedjournal.com's publisher application. Our goal is to produce an internet news archive that captures a compelling mix of English language news feeds from around the world. Covering business, politics, sports,technology, entertainment and more.

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Published by: Liberty Newspost Corp. on Aug 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Internet News RecordLibertyNewsprint.com U.S. Edition10/08/09 - 11/08/09
Democrat opposes sending Guantanamo detaineesto Leavenworth
By Jeremy Pelofsky (Front Row Washington)
Submitted at 8/10/2009 2:06:58 PM
A senior Democrat in the U.S.House of Representatives on Mondaywarned against sending detaineesfromGuantanamo Bay to FortLeavenworth prison in Kansas,saying it could endanger U.S.relations with Muslim countries.It was also anotherthorninPresident Barack Obama’s effortto quickly close the controversialU.S. prison in Cuba.Representative Ike Skelton,chairman of the powerful HouseArmed Services Committee,acknowledged the difficulties theObama administration was havingfinding a place to move thedetainees, but in a letter to DefenseSecretary Robert Gates he raised twoproblems with sending them toKansas.In addition to Fort Leavenworthhousing a maximum security militaryprison, the U.S. Army’s Commandand General Staff College is alsolocated at the military installationwhich is meant to serve as a graduateschool of sorts for military officers,including from abroad.“I have strong indications that, if detainees from Guantanamo were tobe transferred to Fort Leavenworth, anumber of Muslim countries woulddecline to continue to send theirstudents,” Skelton said in the letter.“This would have a very negativeoutcome for our military officers, theschool, and the health of ourrelationships with Muslim nations.”He also raised the issue of housingforeign individuals near Americanprisoners, saying that U.S. law barsit.“Plans to transfer Guantanamodetainees to Fort Leavenworth wouldrequire additional expenses formilitary construction and enhancedsecurity so as not to run afoul of thelaw,” Skelton said. “I feel stronglythat Fort Leavenworth is not anappropriate option.”Skelton is the first senior Democratto raise issues with moving theGuantanamo detainees to Kansas, butfollows a news conference last week in which Kansas Republican SenatorSam Brownback and RepublicanRepresentative Jerry Moran blastedsuggestions of moving the detaineesthere.The Obama administration has saidFort Leavenworth is one of manyoptions under consideration. Anotheroption could be a maximum securityprison in Standish, Michigan. Thereare some 229 detainees still at thecontroversial prison in Cuba, whichwas opened in 2002 to houseterrorism suspects.Click here for more Reuterspolitical coverage.- Photo credit: Pool/ 
Liberal U.S. religious groups launch “40 Days of Health Reform”
By Ed Stoddard (Front Row Washington)
Submitted at 8/10/2009 1:51:27 PM
Liberal U.S. religious groupslaunched "40 Days of HealthReform" on Monday.You can see our coverage here anda video of their nationwide TV spotbelow.The campaign aims to energizeefforts by President Barack Obamaand his Democratic Party to overhaulAmerica's healthcare system.(PHOTO: U.S. President Barack Obama holds a town hall meetingabout healthcare at the KrogerSupermarket in Bristol, Virginia July29, 2009. REUTERS/LarryDowning)
Up close withtheMythbusters
By John Biggs (CrunchGear)
Submitted at 8/11/2009 6:38:59 AM
PopMech just interviewed theMythbusters in their M5 headquartersin some strange corner of SanFrancisco where robots run wild andmen have effusive, untamed facialhair.Except for spooky robots guardingthe stairs, M5’s second-floor officescould be those of any smallcompany, with cluttered desks, acomputer room and a small kitchen.Whiteboards are everywhere,crammed with top-of-the-braindoodles, rough technical drawingsand the complex logistics of planningthe MythBusters shooting schedule.In recent years, special-effects work has taken a back seat to the relentlessdemands of the show, and M5 todayfunctions primarily as home base forthe MythBusters production team.(The show’s secondary segments,involving the team of Kari Byron,Grant Imahara and Tory Belleci, areproduced at a different location.)The Mythbusters have trulyredefined what it means to be anengineering geek for me and, Isuspect, countless others. The guysare a little weird, a little funny, andthey solve problems with aplomband, most importantly, explosions.Good, good stuff.
2Internet News Record
The First Draft: Hillary Clinton’s badday
By Deborah Zabarenko (Front Row Washington)
Submitted at 8/11/2009 6:29:04 AM
Some days, you really have to feelfor Hillary Clinton. And this could beone of those days.Secretary of State Clinton’s badday started Monday in Kinshasa, inthe middle of a grueling African trip,when a translator goofed and made itsound as if a questioner wanted toknow what Clinton’s husband Billthought of a particular issue. Whileon this tour, she’d already had tocomment on the former president’shumanitarian mission to free to U.S. journalists from North Korea, andbasically, she’d had about enough.Read a just-the-facts Reuters storyon what happened here and watch thevideo below.But because the Clintons are theClintons, with a long history in thepublic eye, that was hardly the end of it. Tuesday morning television —CNN, ABC, NBC, others — replayedthe video of Hillary Clinton snappingat the student questioner: “You wantme to tell you what my husbandthinks? If you want my opinion, Iwill tell you my opinion, I am notgoing to be channeling my husband.”It was a five-star video on YouTube.Back at the State Department,Assistant Secretary P.J. Crowleyacknowledged that the question,however poorly it was translated —the questioner wanted to know whatPresident Barack Obama thought, notformer President Clinton — struck anerve. Crowley told CNN that herreaction had to be taken in thecontext of her African trip, where shehas worked to draw attention to theplight of women who are victims of rape as a weapon of war in Congo.“If Africa, if Congo is going toadvance, women have to play a moresignificant role. She was in thesetting of a town hall, and thequestioner was interested in what twomen thought, not the secretary of state,” Crowley said.No question about it, HillaryClinton is a polarizing figure. Butwhatever you think, being secretaryof state is challenging enough,especially on an exhausting trip to acontinent with critical diplomaticissues, without being second-guessedabout how she feels when askedquestions involving her high-profilehusband or the man she ran againstwho is now president.Or is she fair game, no matter whatthe circumstances?In domestic U.S. politics, Obamaheads for Portsmouth, NewHampshire, for a town hall meetingon health care. Fireworks possible.For more Reuters political news,click here.Photo credit: REUTERS/Joe Bavier(Hillary Clinton in Kinshasa, August10, 2009)
Congress scraps plan fornew executive jets
By JoAnne Allen (Front Row Washington)
Submitted at 8/10/2009 10:16:26 PM
Remember when members of Congress embarrassed autoexecutives who flew to Washingtonaboard private jets when theircompanies were looking for bailouts?The public grilling that wasreplayed over and over again cameback to haunt the lawmakers,reappearing in television news storiesabout the House adding fourexecutive jets to a defenseappropriations bill despite Pentagonobjections.Late Monday, House leadersreversed course and dropped plans tospend $550 million to upgrade theAir Force fleet used by seniorgovernment officials and members of Congress for world travel. ThePentagon had only requested $220million to buy four passenger jets.So, the House leaders are reverting tothe the original request.When they boosted the order toeight executive jets, lawmakers saidthey were simply replacing agingaircraft and that the new ones wouldbe far more cost-efficient to operate.The argument might have beenvalid, but it did not help when theberating of the auto execs and theirprivate planes kept getting mixedinto the story about lawmakers andthe plan to upgrade executive jets fortheir own use.There was a loud chorus of publiccriticism and opposition from U.S.senators, other House members andeven the Defense Department.The Pentagon said it didn’t evenwant the extra jets and that themoney would be better spent onsomething the military really needs.“If the Department of Defense doesnot want these aircraft, they will beeliminated from the bill,” said Rep.John Murtha, whose panel added theupgraded planesto the Pentagon’sfiscal 2010 budget request.For more Reuters political newsclick here.
Video: Rescue robot can pull victims into its body
By Serkan Toto (CrunchGear)
Submitted at 8/11/2009 7:20:25 AM
I experienced two scary earthquakesin the last days in Tokyo, so hearingthat the local fire department isn’tsleeping on the rescue robot frontwas a relief. The newest model[JP]can be used for those cases in whichthe rescuers can’t reach people in anemergency, i.e. if the area is toodangerous for the rescuersthemselves.The so-called Robocue can beremote-controlled and is able to pullvictims inside its body via aconveyor belt. After that, the personin question can be driven to a safearea.The Robocue is equipped with anumber of sensors and cameras andcan be used as far as 100m awayfrom the operator. It’s sized at3.98×1.74×1.89m and weighs3,860kg.Watch it in action in the videobelow.Via Pink Tentacle
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Glamorously'Inglourious'
(ETonline - Breaking News)
Submitted at 8/11/2009 3:18:00 AM
A-list Hollywood couple Brad Pittand Angelina Jolie looked sexy inblack as they stepped out Mondaynight in Los Angeles.The gorgeous stars hit the redcarpet at the Hollywood premiere of Brad's film 'Inglourious Basterds.'The WWII drama written anddirected by Quentin Tarantino, andco-starring Diane Kruger, and EliRoth hits theaters August 21.
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3Internet News Record
Looks like Obama immigrationreform will have to wait
By Jeremy Pelofsky (Front Row Washington)
Submitted at 8/10/2009 1:16:41 PM
For those holding out hope thathealthcare reform and climate changelegislation would not squeezeoutefforts to overhaul the brokenU.S. immigration system this year,think again.At the“Three Amigos Summit” inGuadalajara, Mexico, PresidentBarack Obama all but ruled outlegislation passing this year,particularly since his top initiative —healthcare — has been put off untilSeptember and there still remainswork to be done on climate change.And, oh yes, fixing the U.S. financialregulatory system too.“That’s a pretty big stack of bills,”Obama told reporters alongsideMexican President Felipe Calderonand Canadian Prime MinisterStephen Harper. “I would anticipatethat before the year is out, we willhave draft (immigration) legislation,along with sponsors potentially in theHouse and the Senate who are readyto move this forward.”“And when we come back nextyear, that we should be in a positionto start acting,” he said, adding that itwould require bipartisan cooperation— of which there has been littlelately in Congress.Obama repeated his desire forreforming the immigration system ina way that bolsters border security,creates a system to permit people intothe United States and gives the 12million illegal immigrants a way toeventually become citizens.New York Democratic SenatorCharles Schumer, who chairs theSenate immigration subcommittee,has said he would like to try to getimmigration legislation done thisyear but has previouslyacknowledged it would be a toughslog to do that given everything elseon the agenda.The ranking Republican, TexasSenator John Cornyn, has pressed theadministration to offer specificsabout its plan for reform beforeCongress acts.Click here for more Reuterspolitical coverage.- Photo credit: Reuters/TomasBravo (A U.S.-Mexico bordercrossing)
House Democrats bash health care opponents’tactics
By Jackie Frank (Front Row Washington)
Submitted at 8/10/2009 5:09:51 PM
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hitback at protesters vocally disruptinghealthcare reform meetings aroundthe country, calling them “un-American” - and with that wordignited the ire of oppositionRepublicans.Pelosi and Democratic MajorityLeader Steny Hoyer wrote in USAToday that there was an “uglycampaign” to misrepresent thehealthcare overhaul legislation beingwritten in Congress and stop publicdebate, which they said is “at theheart of our democracy.”Opponents have shouted downlawmakers at town meetings held toexplain the healthcare ideas, callingthe proposed government-runinsurance program to compete withprivate insurers “socialism” - afighting word in American politics.“Drowning out opposing views issimply un-American,” the Democratswrote.The other side was quick to lobequally barbed words back. “Eachpublic forum should give everyparticipant the opportunity to expresstheir views, but to label Americanswho are expressing vocal oppositionto the Democrats’ plan ‘un-American’ is outrageous andreprehensible,” said HouseRepublican Leader John Boehner.Congress is on break for the monthof August, during which timeDemocrats were to try to sellhealthcare reform ideas to the public.In the first week of the summerrecess, headlines have focused moreon the raucous public meetings thanon the healthcare legislation itself.Has the Democratic strategy to winpublic support for healthcare reformbackfired?For more Reuters political news,click here.
US plea on 'arms dealer'rejected
(BBC News | Americas | World Edition)
Submitted at 8/11/2009 1:52:47 AM
A Thai court has rejected a USrequest for the extradition of ViktorBout, an alleged Russian arms dealerdubbed the "Merchant of Death".The United States wants to put MrBout on trial on charges of supplyingweapons to Colombian Farc rebels."The US charges are not applicableunder Thai law," said a Thai judge,who described the US case againstMr Bout as political, not criminal.Mr Bout was arrested in a Thai-USsting operation in March 2008."This is a political case. The Farc isfighting for a political cause and isnot a criminal gang. Thailand doesnot recognise the Farc as a terroristgroup," said the judge delivering theverdict at Bangkok's Criminal Court.The Unites States has 72 hours inwhich to appeal against the ruling,during which time Mr Bout, 42, willremain in detention.A decision in the extraditionhearing has been repeatedly delayedby a high turnover of defencelawyers.United Nations agencies andseveral Western governments havereported that Mr Bout has deliveredarms to dictators and warlords inAfrica and Afghanistan, allegedlybreaking several UN arms embargoesin the process.He faces US charges of conspiringto kill Americans, conspiring toprovide material support to terroristsand conspiring to acquire and use ananti-aircraft missile. He could face amaximum penalty of life in prison if convicted in the US.His lawyer argues that Mr Boutwould not receive a fair trial in theUS, where officials say he suppliedarms to dictators, al-Qaeda and theTaleban.He is being held in a maximumsecurity prison outside Bangkok.Print Sponsor
Amazon also leaksZune HD pricing
By Matt Burns (CrunchGear)
Submitted at 8/11/2009 7:35:47 AM
Now that Amazon is showing thesame exact pricing structure for theZune HD as Best Buy, it’s a prettysafe bet that these are the correctprices. Let’s just go ahead and callthe prices unofficial official, m’kay?[ Amazon via PC World]
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