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The Predictions of Moses Concerning the Jews.

The Predictions of Moses Concerning the Jews.

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Published by glennpease

Is the Bible true ? Or, rather, is the Bible what it pro-
fesses to be truly the word of God?

Is the Bible true ? Or, rather, is the Bible what it pro-
fesses to be truly the word of God?

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Published by: glennpease on Nov 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE PREDICTIOS OF MOSES COCERIG THE JEWS. BY JOH HOWARD HITOIs the Bible true ? Or, rather, is the Bible what it pro- fesses to be truly the word of God? This, if I understand it aright, is the main question that we have before us. And, certainly, a question of greater importance cannot be entertained. If the Bible be not what it professes to be, let every Christian, and every Chris- tian minister, combine with all other people of common sense to despise it, and trample it tinder foot; if it be a fallacy, class it with other fallacies and forgeries by which the world has been beguiled for a while, but which, as children their toys, successive generations have outgrown. But, if the Bible be true, if it truly be what it professes to be the word of God, treatment the very opposite of neglect and contempt is demanded for it from the hands of every rational man, be he saint or sinner, Christian or sceptic. A very solemn book it is, if it be a true one; a very persuasive, a very influential one. It reveals a world to us of glorious and awful realities, well fitted by their magnitude and their lustre to throw all the world we know besides into the shade. It is as a branch of this general question, Is the Bible true, or truly what it professes to be 1 that we have before us more specifically this inquiry, Is any evidence of the truth of the Bible furnished by its predictions of future events ? You have had several discourses upon prophecy Scripture prophecy ; one opening the general probability and design of prophetic declarations, and others tracing successive portions and aspects of the prophecies of Holy Writ : upon * A Lecture delivered at Bishopsgate Chapel, London, on Tuesday
evening, December 7th, 1841. 278 PREDICTIOS OF MOSES COCERIG THE JEWS. this principle, that a book which contains passages pretending to a prophetic character to foretel future events contains passages of a very critical character, very apt indeed to pvit its pretensions to the test. People may say a great many things without any chance of being detected if they be false; but, if people undertake to foretel future events, the time will be sure to come that will prove them either false or true. So with this book, which contains many portions pretending to a prophetic character. It would have been the most hazardous thing in the world to have put these portions into it, if either they themselves had been false, or the book in which they are found, and of which they are an essential constituent, had been a forgery. It would have been like a man concocting a fraud, and putting into his plan elements which would secure his own detection. Some men are such fools, but not many; least of all guilty of such folly can we deem the Creator. If, then, it be found that the prophetical parts of this volume, the predictions of future events, are verified completely, so extensively, so con- sistently, so minutely, as to carry evidence of the inspiration of those portions, then this carries evidence also of the inspired character of the men that uttered them their authority from God to speak such things and the divine origin of the entire book of which they are an essential constituent part. With this same general view (indeed, I ought to apolo- gize, perhaps, for having in a few words recapitulated it) with this same general view we look on the present occasion at the predictions of Moses concerning the Jews a very interesting and very important people, with whom even yet the welfare of the world is marvellously bound up. Many prophecies have had reference to them; you have already had noticed to you those of dying Jacob, those of Balaam,
and others. ow Moses, of whose predictions we are at this time to speak, does not appear conspicuously in the character of a prophet. He was a ruler; he had direct communication with God, from whom he received the entire framework of the national government and system of the Israelites; but he appears rather as a ruler than as a prophet, rather as a communicator of laws framed and enacted by the Majesty of heaven and King of Israel, than as commissioned from PREDICTIOS OF MOSES COCERIG THE JEWS. 279 him to foretel future events. However, although. Moses does not appear primarily, or most conspictiously, as a pro- phet, there are portions of his writings and discourses recorded which are strictly of a prophetical character. We have one of these in the thirty-third chapter of Deuteronomy; which contains, as it is said, "the blessing wherewith Moses, the man of God, blessed the children of Israel before his death." In this respect Moses partook of that inspiration with which the patriarchs in successive generations were gifted shortly befoi'e their departure ; favoured with the melody of a heavenly prophetic strain, as it is fabled of the swan that in death she sings. So Jacob, so Joseph, and so Moses, were inspired at the last to foretel that which should happen in later days. If you read through the chapter, you will find that, in a highly poetical strain, the future lot of the several tribes of Israel is depicted. ot that it is easy to trace this in every instance now; the chapter is in many points one little capable of explication ; but the general style of it may be gathered from some portions that are very distinct. Thus "of Ben-  jamin he said, The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety by him, and the Lord shall cover him all the day long, and he shall dwell between his shoulders." You know that Benjamin was a teiider child, the child of his father's old

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