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Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

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Published by Olivia Abtahi
Pizza Hut Speculative Work
Pizza Hut Speculative Work

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Published by: Olivia Abtahi on Nov 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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If Pizza Hut’s belief is that “Good is the enemy of great,” then it’s Pizza Hut’s mission to transform all of humanity’s good moments into great ones. Let’s give the world examples of how a slice of pizza can change the smallest moments and snowball them into life-altering events. We’ll hunt down “good moments” and transform them into “Great Moments”, whether they be historical or from our own lives. Pizza Hut will then be the expert that unravels the mystery of the greatest moments of time, and how they can be traced back to their pizza-based origins. Without Pizza Hut, the world would just be good.What a great world we live in.
You Have Greatness in You
SUPER: Alexander The Good, 200 BCEAlexander storms into his palace, clutching his stomach.Alexander: Roxana! Where are you? I’ve been pillaging all day and I’m starving!His wife Roxana enters, wearing a toga and clutching a burnt pizza. Alexander: What…Roxana: Sweetie, I’m sorry but I burned dinner-Alexander slams his regal scepter, frustrated.Alexander: But I’m hungry!Roxana: Well, we’ll just have to go out then.Alexander turns to one of his advisors.Alexander: Advisor, advise me on where we should dine.Advisor: Your excellence, all restaurants in Macedonia are closed at this hour…Alexander slams his scepter down again, hysterical with hunger.
Pizza Hut
60-second TV Spot“Alexander the Good”
Alexander: Well then show me a country with restaurants that are open! CUT TO: Alexander armored and ready for battle, standing at the front of a huge army.Alexander: Onward! His soldiers head out, their war drums beating a furious rhythm. CUT TO: Alexander eating a Pizza Hut pizza in his war tent. Through the opening we see the charred remains of an ancient empire. He turns to his advisor.Alexander: You know, we should do this more often. Advisor: Good idea.Alexander: Great idea. VO: Why settle for good when you can make it great?SUPER: PIZZA HUT. MAKE IT GREAT.
SUPER: The Good Wall of China, 7th Century B.C.E.We see a bunch of workers laying bricks on what is a mid-size wall. One of them sits down.Ping: Man, I’m tired. Are we done yet?Hsiu: Hey Lee, do the Hun Test. Lee puts down his tools and starts stomping around with an un-enthusiastic voice.Lee: Roar. I’m Attila The Hun. Fear Me. Oh no. A wall.Lee steps over the wall.Ping: I mean, it kind of protected us. A little.Lee: It should be taller, so Attila can’t cross. Hsiu: No, it should be longer to intimidate him even more!We see a donkey approach the group, carrying water and supplies. On its back is a PIZZA HUT DELIVERY BOX.Ping: Lunch!
Pizza Hut
60-second TV Spot“The Good Wall of China”
The three men sit on the tiny wall and take a bite of pizza. Lee: You know…we should make it longer. Hsiu chews some more, not listening to Lee. Hsiu: Yeah. We should make it taller.Ping: Let’s just do both. Hsiu: Good idea.Ping: Great idea. VO: Why settle for good when you can make it great?SUPER: PIZZA HUT. MAKE IT GREAT.

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