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Braeger Financial Group To Launch Revolutionary Auto Finance Community Lending Website

Braeger Financial Group To Launch Revolutionary Auto Finance Community Lending Website

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Published by Crowdsourcing.org

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Published by: Crowdsourcing.org on Nov 16, 2013
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 GLENDALE, Wis., Nov. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- David Braeger, C.E.O. of Braeger Financial Groupand their subsidiary Braeger Auto Finance Group, is proud to announce the creation of the firstinvestor lending site in the auto finance space called VroomBank.com, which is in Beta testing andwill go live upon the completion of Title II of The Jobs Act and approval of all regulatory agencies . According to Braeger, VroomBank.com will accept qualified investors funds which are placed into 3,4and 5 year notes at interest rates of 7,8 and 9% and then invested with auto finance companies. "Weare creating a crowd funding investor site in tandem with a registered brokerage firm that is fullycompliant with all regulations that will protect all qualified investors monies giving investors fullconfidence regarding the management of their funds." According to Joseph Barisonzi, C.E.O. of Community Leader, the web portal company that Braeger Financial Group has teamed up with, "With the creation of VroomBank.com, Braeger FinancialGroup has created a truly disruptive business model for the independent auto finance companyspace. Braeger Financial Group is uniquely positioned to lead this innovation, offer investors veryattractive fixed returns and emerge as huge player in the auto finance industry."Bill Kellagher, President of Nationwide Specialty Finance Company states that, "VroomBank's abilityto provide scalable tranche financing to auto non-prime finance companies is a game changer. Mosthedge funds want to fund $50 million or more per tranche. VroomBank.com can fund $500,000 to$5 million or more per transaction. This opens the door to diversify among thousands of qualifiedinvestors and a massive consumer loan pool from quality lenders looking for structured growthcapital. Traditional bank lenders do not have the desire to open the lucrative auto finance space toindividual investors, so this makes VroomBank.com an instant player in this finance space and offersinvestors the opportunity to receive fantastic returns once open only to hedge funds and venturecapital investors."Braeger ends by saying, "Unlike other websites that offer investors the ability to lend money andreceive a rate of return which most often is not fixed, our business model is simply easier. Thelargest community lending sites actually recommend that on a $5000 dollar investment you put $25dollars into over 200 loans to get the necessary diversity to protect your principal. It is not worth theheadache. With our model, we have our hands around thousands of consumer loans by workingdirectly with the finance companies so all you have to do is decide what return and what term youwant to invest in. The auto finance industry is a multi-billion dollar industry per year. If we get 1percent of that, our investors and finance companies have hit a home run. Furthermore, it is myopinion that with our strong diligence process and safety clauses that we put into our loan contractswith finance companies, it is far less likely that a multi-million dollar auto finance company will failversus individual consumer borrowers."
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