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The Guarded Heart-robyn Donald-DONE

The Guarded Heart-robyn Donald-DONE

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Published by reader_05

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Published by: reader_05 on Nov 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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His was a terrible vengeance Alannah's thoughtlessness when she was sixteen had caused an accident with tragic consequences. Then, three years later, when she'd finally come to terms with the past, she was painfully reminded of her guilt.Nicholas halloner, haunted, brooding for his dead wife and unborn child, was not a man to forget!!or to forgive.He demanded a retribution that only Alannah could pay. And the elaborate web he had woven as part of his revenge left her no way out"
THE big jet swooped over the Sother! A"ps# $"e%r i! the %!tipode%! %t&!# the eter!%" s!ows %  be%$o! to %t "e%st o!e p%sse!ger'A"%!!%h (i!der!e tr!ed to the $h%r&i!g A&eri$%! widow beside her %!d to"d her e)$ited"*# +O!e o, those pe%-s is prob%b"* Mo!t .oo-# the highest &o!t%i! i! New /e%"%!d# bt I $%!0t te"" *o whi$h o!e1 I0ve see! the& o! the hori2o! %"" &* "i,e# bt the* "oo- so di,,ere!t ,ro& this %!g"e'0+The* "oo- be%ti,"#0 Mrs H%&e" s%id so,t"*' +Ne%r"* ho&e# ho!e*' 3i"" *or &other %!d *or sister be &eeti!g *o40+I hope so' Tri!% is sti"" %t s$hoo"# o, $orse5!o# !o# she0s !ot' She ,i!ished %t the e!d o, "%st *e%r' This *e%r she0s %t !iversit* doi!g % *e%r0s pre6&ed %!d the! !e)t *e%r she0"" st%rt "e%r!i!g to be % do$tor'0Mrs H%&e" s&i"ed# her w%r& brow! e*es s*&p%theti$ %s the* rested o! the vivid# irreg"%r ,e%tres o, the gir" who h%d i!titive"* divi!ed the !ervos!ess o, her ,e""ow p%sse!ger %!d set %side her i!bi"t reserve to e%se it with $o!vers%tio!'+Yo so!d so $o!,ide!t#0 she s%id 7iet"*' +I! the St%tes it0s % di,,i$"t $orse'0+Oh# Tri!% is bri""i%!t'0 A"%!!%h0s voi$e w%s $%s%"# tot%""* withot e!v*' +I &e%!# re%""* bri""i%!t' She0"" h%ve !o trob"e' She h%s % re%" vo$%tio!' 3e0ve %"w%*s -!ow! th%t Tri!% wo"d go i! ,or &edi$i!e'0+A!d *o40(or so&e re%so! % ,"sh r%! throgh the p%"e &%tt s-i!'+Oh# I w%!t to go to !iversit*# too#0 A"%!!%h s%id %iri"*' +I0& ver* i!terested i! $o&pters'0+Yor p%re!ts &st be prod o, s$h $"ever gir"s' H%ve *o %!* other ,%&i"*40
A"%!!%h0s vivid b"e g%2e rested ,or % thoght," &o&e!t o! the twisti!g h%!ds o, the o"der wo&%!' +No#0 she s%id %,ter % &o&e!t' +9st Tri!% %!d &e %!d &* &other' M* ,%ther died si) &o!ths %go'0The !ervos h%!ds sti""ed' +I0& so sorr*#0 s%id the so,t# prett* voi$e' +3ere *o5I thoght *o s%id *o0d bee! %w%* ,or % *e%r40+Yes' I we!t to % ,i!ishi!g s$hoo" i! Swit2er"%!d'0 A"%!!%h s&i"ed se",6$o!s$ios"*' +M&&* w%s so deter&i!ed o! it th%t I g%ve i!' I w%s % *e%r %he%d %t s$hoo" %!*w%*# so I h%ve!0t re%""* &issed %!*thi!g' D%dd* died whi"e I w%s there'0+Yo poor thi!g10 Mrs H%&e" bre%thed s*&p%theti$%""*# ,orgetti!g her %pprehe!sio!' +So ,%r ,ro& ho&e '''0+Yes'0 A"%!!%h spo-e 7i$-"*# ,or it sti"" hrt' +O, $orse I w%!ted to $o&e ho&e# bt Rose5&* &other5pers%ded &e th%t it wo"d be si""* to $o&e b%$-' A!d D%dd*0s sister i! Lo!do! $%&e over to  be with &e %!d st%*ed two wee-s' The* were ver* -i!d to &e %t St' A!toi!e0s'0+Is th%t the %!t *o st%*ed with i! Lo!do!40A"%!!%h "oo-ed sidew%*s %t the &os%i$ o, the .%!terbr* p"%i!s be"ow# &ost"* i! sh%des o, brow! %!d go"d# %!d her he%rt be%t high'+Yes5A!t Ri%' She0s % d%r"i!g %!d g%ve &e % sper two &o!ths# bt oh# I0& g"%d to be ho&e1 I0ve "o!ged so ,or it'0A !ote o, e)$ite&e!t# o, *e%r!i!g too "o!g sppressed# g%ve the $"e%r *o!g voi$e % str%!ge &%trit*' .o!s$ios o, it# A"%!!%h tr!ed her he%d so th%t o!"* her pro,i"e w%s visib"e# the ,"shed $hee- hidde! b* % w%ve o, d%r- red h%ir# thi$- %!d $r"*' Li-e si"-# D%vid h%d s%id o!$e# s&oothi!g % "o$- b%$- ,ro& her ,orehe%d with his "o!g ,i!gers'Her he%rt $o!tr%$ted# the rh*th& o, its be%ti!g %$$e"er%ti!g i! her e%rs' :erh%ps D%vid &ight be there to &eet her too' Tri!% h%d s%id th%t he w%s ver* bs* %t the U!iversit* %t "e$tres %s we"" %s rese%r$hi!g# bt perh%ps# i, the ,%tes were -i!d# tod%* &ight be % s"%$- d%* ,or hi&' It w%s over % *e%r si!$e the* h%d see! e%$h other# % "o!g *e%r withot $o&&!i$%tio!# %!d %"thogh d%r"i!g Tri!% h%d do!e her best the !ews she e!$"osed i! her "etters h%d!0t s%tis,ied A"%!!%h0s h!gr* he%rt' Now# i! % ,ew &i!tes# perh%ps she wo"d see hi&# %!d her "i,e wo"d be $o&p"ete %g%i!'Eve! her pro,o!d grie, %t her ,%ther0s &issi!g ,igre $o"d !o &ore th%! di& her %!ti$ip%tio!'Mrs H%&e" h%d bee! w%t$hi!g the de"i$%te i!terp"%* o, e)pressio! with shrewd# r%ther s%d e*es'  Now she s%id ge!t"*# +3e""# &* de%r# I hope ever*thi!g tr!s ot we"" ,or *o' Yo5&er$*10(or %s she spo-e the p"%!e we!t i!to the s%" "%!di!g p%!de&o!i&# jets ro%ri!g with reverse thrst %,ter the i!iti%" bo!$e %s the whee"s hit the r!w%*'+3e""10 the o"der wo&%! e)$"%i&ed' +I did!0t re%"ise we were so $"ose to "%!di!g' Th%!- *o# ho!e*'0The* s%id goodb*e i! the .sto&s H%""# the! A"%!!%h w%s i! her &other0s per,&ed# si"-e! e&br%$e# %!d she %!d Tri!% %!d Rose wept together % "itt"e# re&e&beri!g the ,orth &e&ber o, their ,%&i"*# go!e !ow ,orever'However# si) &o!ths is "o!g e!ogh ,or the worst p%!gs o, grie, to h%ve sbsided# %!d %"thogh A"%!!%h0s he%rt j&ped %t the g"i&pse o, % t%""# ,%ir &%!# she h%d re%"ised %"&ost i&&edi%te"* th%t D%vid w%s !ot there' Hggi!g to herse", the -!ow"edge th%t ver* soo! !ow she wo"d see his de%r ,%$e# she  be$%&e i!,e$tios"* g%*# so th%t it w%s % bri""i%!t# "%ghi!g trio who &%de their w%* ho&e i! two t%)is# o!e ,or peop"e# o!e ,or "gg%ge'
+B"%&e A!t Ri%#0 A"%!!%h de,e!ded herse", %g%i!st Tri!%0s te%si!g' +She jst $%!0t resist be%ti," $"othes# %!d she w%s %bsrd"* ge!eros to &e' I -ept beggi!g her to be se!sib"e# bt she o!"* "%ghed %!d we!t o! b*i!g "i-e % dr!-e! s%i"or'0+L$-* gir"10 Tri!% gri!!ed' +I wo!der i, she0"" do the s%&e ,or &e whe! I ,i!%""* get to Lo!do!'0+O, $orse she wi""'0 A"%!!%h "oo-ed "ovi!g"* %t her t%""# be%ti," sister' +She0"" be thri""ed to h%ve s$h % ,%b"os $"othes6horse to dress' She -ept s%*i!g r%ther wist,""* th%t it w%s % pit* I0& o!"* ,ive ,oot three'0Their &other gro%!ed' +Not th%t o"d p"%i!t# d%r"i!g1 Yo t%-e %,ter &* side o, the ,%&i"*# th%t0s %""' :"e!t* o, &e! "i-e "itt"e wo&e!# *o -!ow# it &%-es the& ,ee" prote$tive'0She viewed her !s%tis,%$tor* d%ghters with disp"e%sre %t their otr%geos gigg"es# % disp"e%sre whi$h gr%d%""* re"%)ed i!to %&se&e!t' +A"" right# bt *o w%it %!d see1 Now th%t *o0ve "ost % "itt"e weight# A"%!!%h# *o %re jst the right si2e ,or *or height' Yo "oo-5o"der# % "itt"e &ore sophisti$%ted'0+I sho"d hope so10 Be!e%th the vivid b"e s$rti!* Rose h%d h%!ded o! to her e"der d%ghter A"%!!%h ,e"t r%ther "i-e %! i!se$t i&p%"ed o! % pi!# bt St' A!toi!e0s tr%i!i!g he"d' She did!0t wrigg"e# !or did she "oo- se",6$o!s$ios' +M* *e%r %w%* wo"d h%ve bee! %! %w,""* e)pe!sive w%ste o, ti&e i, I h%d!0t retr!ed %s po"ished %s5%s the di!i!g roo& t%b"e10+3e""# *o were the &ost
 po"ished s$hoo"gir" I0ve h%d the &is,ort!e to $ope with'0 Rose  brooded g"oo&i"* o! the *o!ger A"%!!%h# !ow# th%!- good!ess# go!e ,or ever# be,ore brighte!i!g' +I0& g"%d to see th%t th%t s""e!# to$h6&e6!ot "oo- *o sed to hide behi!d h%s go!e# too' It w%s
o,,6 ptti!g# "i-e h%vi!g % $h%!ge"i!g %bot the hose10A"%!!%h pshed b%$- % bri""i%!t "o$- o, h%ir %s she wri!-"ed her !ose %t her &other' +Never &i!d# Rose# *o h%d % re%" $h%r&er i! Tri!%'0Tri!%0s deep voi$e w%s $ross' +Oh# "%* o,, it# A""ie10A!d their &other s%id serios"*# +D%r"i!g# *o &st get rid o, this $hip o! *or sho"der1 There0s !o re%so! ,or *o to be je%"os o,50+I0&
 je%"os o, Tri!%10 A"%!!%h s&i"ed# bt her voi$e %!d e*es were $o&p"ete"* serios %s she we!t o!# +I h%ve !ever e!vied Tri!%# tr"*1 How $o"d I4 She0s % d%r"i!g' Yes# *o %re# Tri!%# so do!0t "oo- so disgsted1 I -!ow per,e$t"* we"" th%t I0& obsti!%te %!d 7i$-"6te&pered %!d ,%r too 7i$- to re&e&ber % grdge#0 she gri!!ed $heer,""* %t %! odd"* si"e!t sister' +How $o"d I b"%&e Tri!% ,or bei!g !i$er %!d sweeter th%! &e4 A,ter %""# M%&%# she t%-es %,ter *o'0 Not %t %"" %verse to ,"%tter*# espe$i%""* whe! so si!$ere"* %!d "ovi!g"* o,,ered# Rose (i!der!e s%id# +Oh#
 bt there w%s the s"ightest hesit%tio! i! the so,t# bright voi$e be,ore she we!t o!# +A!*w%*# whi$h o, *or !ew dresses %re *o goi!g to we%r to *or p%rt*40+:%rt*40+D%r"i!g# *or birthd%* p%rt*1 Or h%d *o ,orgotte! th%t *o0re %"&ost !i!etee!40A"%!!%h shoo- her he%d' +No# !o# o, $orse !ot# bt $%! we540 She stopped# re%"isi!g th%t the t%)i driver $o"d he%r ever*thi!g she w%s s%*i!g' +3e""# th%t0s
she dr%w"ed# %,,e$ti!g %! e)%gger%ted O),ord %$$e!t th%t set Tri!% $h$-"i!g %g%i!'Bt o!$e i! the e"eg%!t white hose i! the .%sh&ere Hi""s whi$h h%d %"w%*s bee! ho&e# A"%!!%h %s-ed %brpt"*# +.%! we %,,ord % p%rt*4 I0d thoght th%t with D%d5with D%dd* go!e# thi!gs &ight be % "itt"e di,,i$"t'0Rose pored herse", % se$o!d $p o, te%# &%-i!g the ,%i!t gri&%$e whi$h %"w%*s %$$o&p%!ied %!* dis$ssio! o, &o!e*' I! her %iriest to!es she s%id# +D%r"i!g# do!0t worr*' Ever*thi!g is !der $o!tro"# I  pro&ise *o#0 %s A"%!!%h0s brows drew together'

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