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JDG Cryogenics Rules

JDG Cryogenics Rules

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Published by LabRatFan

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Published by: LabRatFan on Nov 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 JDG Cryogenics Rules (((HERE BE SPOILERS))) Ladies and Gentlemen, After much thought and deliberation, I have decided to go ahead and post the House Rules for JDG Cryogenics-based characters. There is content in here that WILL spoil some of the JDG plot for some of you, so I highly recommend NOT reading it unless you intend to play a JDG Projector, or are DAMNED CONFIDENT you can separate player knowledge from character knowledge and vice versa. These rules also contain spoilers vis a vis the pigment/black heroin plot so tread carefully! As always, any metagaming will be met with meteor-induced character death. I will be setting up interaction rules with some of the various creature types, hopefully before Wednesday, but to be honest, I am hella busy this week and have already spent too much time on rules stuff. If I get to it, I'll update the forums. If not, well, you'll just have to wait.
Having said that, without further ado…
 > > > > > > > > > >
really, there are spoilers down here…dont do it!
 > > >
 > > > > >
so not kidding…
 > > > > >  NWoD JDG Cryogenics house rules. v .01 Character Creation: As per WoD core rules. Apply Creature Template Determine Lament, Shade and Stain Laments: Hue (vitality cap of 6/may use essence to power Stains. Activate a stain for 2 essence. Lasts 1 hour) Skimmer (gain 1 essence per hour while in body/costs 1 essence per hour to be out of body. Take  bashing damage to their physical form, but may use Stamina in place of Defense while out of  body for a cost of 1 essence per hour, in addition to the cost of projecting. Must succeed a Meditation test to project immediately, or may spend one minute in concentration to project. May immediately return to body at the cost of 1 bashing damage, otherwise must cross the distance back to the body) Sleeper (may shunt Spite to frozen body, which manifests as bashing damage, and does not begin healing until body is thawed. Regenerate essence at a rate of one per night of rest, unless in their  bodies ( a process which takes 8 hours to complete)  No spirit lament. Shades: Shade is determined by Virtue. Banshee: Temperance (Spite: 1) Haunter: Fortitude (Spite: 2)
 Poltergeist: Justice (Spite: 3) Skinrider: Prudence (Spite: 2) Marrow: Charity (Spite: 3) Phantasm: Hope (Spite: 2) Wisp: Faith (Spite: 1) Stain: Your first stain is determined by Vice Envy: Bat's Ears Gluttony: Shark's Appetite Greed: Pseudopods Lust: Gossamer Webs Pride: Chameleon Skin Sloth: Carapace Wrath: Dagger Tongue A character may gain 3 xp by adopting ONE additional Stain in character creation. Advantage: Vitality Rank Ability Max Essence/Will per turn 1 5 10/1 2 5 11/1 3 5 12/1 4 5 13/2 5 5 14/2 6 6 15/3 7 7 16/3 8 8 17/4 9 9 19/5 10 10 20/6 At Vitality 2 may manifest fully (See Manifest, below) At Vitality 4 may engage in Crucible Horrors At Vitality 6 may learn Vitality Emblems  New Trait: Spite Spite is a measure of the darkness within a projector or Hue. This is a proximity to oblivion, founded entirely in all things negative. Spite has a temporary and permanent rating, which can be raised or (more rarely) reduced by the character's actions. All characters begin with a number of  permanent Spite determined by Shade. All characters begin with a number of temporary Spite  points equal to their permanent Spite. Tapping Spite: Characters may tap Spite in order to gain essence. To do so, use the following steps.

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