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The eXile — Issue 285 — exiledonline.com

The eXile — Issue 285 — exiledonline.com

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Published by docdumpster

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Published by: docdumpster on Aug 12, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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       T      H      E       I      N      C      R      E      D      I      B      L      E        T      R      U      E       S       T      O      R       Y       O      F       I      S      R      A      E      L      I       A      R      M      S      D      E      A      L      E      R        Y      A      I      R       K      L      E      I      N       P       7
Well, I was reading your article "Kosovo:The Brave Tribes Are Doomed."However, I realized it was publishedeight days ago so it must be of noimportance right now.Have a good one.Peter Subotic
 Dear Mr. Subotic, Damn, you said a funny. Folks, we’re going to raise thecurtain here for a sec and explain to you the "oomph" in this joke. You see,Gary’s piece about Kosovo was allabout explaining to idiotic Americanshow events like a 700 year old battlecan be more important today thanwhat happened an hour ago. And thenPeter…are you following us here?...he just wrote a letter saying that since hedidn’t read Gary’s article until 8 daysafter it was posted, that therefore it’sirrelevant…did you follow that peo- ple? It’s what we in show businesscall "irony." You can really learnsomething about this "irony" thing bywatching the pros like our PeterSubotic..
Hey VladYour blog is pretty interesting reading.Reminds me of all that Rwandan satireabout how Tutsis were cockroaches.Apparently many Hutus found it hilari-ous in the run up to the genocide thereback in the early 90s. Check it out if youhaven't already, I think you'd probablyfind it entertaining stuff.RegardsTam Laniadotamalaine@gmail.com
 Dear Mr. Tam, Speaking of harsh-irony, we tried looking up this Hutusatire thing you were talking about here, and we found this Tutsi plea from 1994: "Help! Tam, are you therelike you’ll promise to be here for us 15 years after the fact? Please! If anyoneout there can find someone named Tam Laniado, please tell him to helpus Tutsis! Please tell Tam that we aredying by the thousands, but if Tam Laniado just lifts his fucking pinkieand does something to help us NOW in 1994, then we will forever be grate- ful! The one consolation, as we’regetting hacked up here by the hun-dreds of thousands, is knowing that Tam Laniado, wherever he is now,will never, ever exploit and cheapenour genocide in a letter to someonewho offended him. No, Tam Laniadois not the type who’d exploit thedeaths of hundreds of thousands,deaths that he didn’t lift a pinkie tostop, merely to try to win an argu-ment! No, Tam Laniado, emailtamalaine@gmail.com , is the typewho today, in 1994, will dedicate hisevery waking hour to helping us sur-vive! Just get the word out to Tam,he’ll save us…aghhh…aghhhh!!! Ohno, no! No, not that! No, look! Tam Laniado is using our tragedy in 2008to win an argument and feel morallyrighteous!! Oh no, it hurts! It hur-rrrttttssss!!!!…."
Tovarish Vladimir!I am an impoverished American des-perately in need of Russia's help. I ama shameful, pathetic dog unfit to lickthe soles of Russia's mighty jackboots.Without immediate foreign aid from ourexalted superiors in Russia, our coun-try is certain to collapse under theweight of its own waistline and over-sized SUVs. Could you please arrangefor a transfer of a trillion dollars to ourFederal Reserve to ensure that all ofour banks don't completely collapsethis month? Also, I'd like to warn myRussian masters that it is likely thatonly a regime change in WashingtonDC can prevent the Fourth Reich fromturning their weapons on the Russianally, Iran. Is there any chance I can per-haps parlay this information into aRussian work visa?I appeal to your humanity: please sendoil and hot chicks.Tovarisch Ian
 Dear Mr. Ian, Vlad Kalashnikovreplies, "Is this guys thinking he’swriting funny letter? Fucking loser,have some dignity man. Even Russians don’t behave this pathetic,self-humiliating jokes, after fall of theSoviet Union. You better not to makestupid jokes, and to find real jobsomewhere, make some money, man. Russia don’t need you if you want toknow, that is why we force you to haveleprosy and AIDS tests. Your  American teenagers pussies all havediseases, as you read!" Sorry about that, Ian, Vlad isn’t the type to get intoa friendly jostle with Americans, hethinks if he’s too nice to you Americans, that you’ll be like annoy-ing beggars trying to squeegee hiswindshield. This is just Vlad’s way of trying to ward off helpless decliningdesperate Americans. We’d say that it  pangs his conscience, but…aw hell,who’re we kiddin’?! He loves watch-ing you squeal!
Mr. Zaitchik,I really enjoy your articles. From takingsolace in the fact that the Starbucks youavoid in the states might help crush theeven more despicable Moscow manifes-tations of Coffee Haus andShokoladnitsa to your environmentalistexposes and pointing out western mediabullshit about Russia, it is all golden. Iam writing now in response to your blogabout Reason's lack of a response toKlein's book. Did you get a chance tosee/hear Klein argue with AlanGreenspan on "Democracy Now"? It wasgreat both in terms of seeing Greenspanmount an intelligent libertarian defense(and clearly out smarting Klein atpoints), but by the end of the hour fal-tering on such obvious absurdities ofthe dogma when talking about thingslike American education. I still havesomewhat more respect for him forappearing on "Democracy Now" withKlein, but no more respect for libertari-anism.Peace from Murmansk,Andy
 Dear Mr. andy, Vlad Kalashnikovreplies, "Jesus fuck christ, what is an American doing in Murmansk? Dontcha know Russia kicked the America-British asses in 1919 out of  Murmansk? Get a fuck out you lep-rosy loser, stop taking Russian girlsand Russian money!" Sorry Andy, hesaid it, not us. We’d have said some-thing more disparaging about what aguy in Murmansk is doing wasting histime listening to a podcast of AlanGreenspan interviewing on Democracy Now. Don’t you know that there are hundreds of thousands of hot  young dyevs just waiting to get infect-ed with leprosy and syphilis? Jesusman, do your job, or else we’ll sicVlad back on you!
Vlad,Let a Canadian in on the fun too. I thinkmost Canadians hate Amerika as muchas Vlad does, I do. Over 45 they proba-bely think Amerika is OK. Under 45 theyhate the piggy fuckers. I'm 61 in Apriland I've hated the fuckers my whole life.Thanks for the great reads.Russell
 Dear Mr. Russell, As a Canadian, youshould pity, not hate America. Our currency has plummeted below yours, Americans are seeking asylum inCanada for health care. Really, aCanadian hating an American is just cruel and snotty, as if, for example, Americans were to hate Mexicans, you know cuz their currency is a jokeand they all want to work in America.You see, Americans would never dothat to Mexican, so why would youhigh-falutin’, stronger-currency- flauntin’, free-health-care-totin’,higher-standard-of-livin-packin’Canadians spit on people lower than you? Where’s your humanity, eh?
Dear Gary:I love your writing. It's jaded yetnuanced and eloquent. But please, canyou include some references to the his-tory we both love. At the very least aWikipedia link, occasionally? Even bet-ter, and maybe profitably, some links toAmazon for original sources.Thank you.John
 Dear Mr. John, Jesus H. Christ, are you really that stupid that you don’t know how to look shit up yourself? Ever heard of "google"? It’s prettyamazing, you should check it out someday.
Gary,I think I'm dying just laughing over yourKosovo piece. You know, I'm more ofthe Condi inclination: cowardly, I-was-n't-even-born-then-y, more interestedin Malibu and Britney Spears's ass.But you make me care about this Warshit. I really have no grudge againstSerbs, and I can't fuckin' standAlbanians. All I know is, as someonewho descends from the Janissaries, ifthere was a time machine and I couldbeam myself back to 1389, I'd first gograb a few of those Jannies by their col-lars to shout "what the fuck are youdoing, huh?", after which I'd probablyshit in my baggy pants at the sight of thefratricidal Ottomans, upon which excre-tory emission I'd just ask the time-machine operator to beam me back,preferably to a cooler period whereMalibu was funner (less mestizoed)than today.But you see, it's the friggin' 2008 and,well, it's 610 years, man, I mean, COMEON! This isn't to say "independentKosovo" is a great idea. Heck, it's noteven an idea. It's a zoning arrangementfor racketeering by the drug gang there.I'm only saying, there has to be a lessmelodramatic way of dealing with thoseshits than, well, bards'n stuff.Still, you managed to make me lose myspleen and liver once again.:D God bless you, dammit! Thank youfor that.Now about Britney's ass... oh, well,never mind!KE
 Dear Mr. KE, Once you’re throughwiping your mouth, we’ve got somegreat news to tell you. Ready? Heregoes: THE WAR NERD IS RELEAS- ING ABOOK THIS SUMMER! We nit  you shot. Keep an eye out for it, youcan find the book pre-linked on ama- zon.com. Once you’ve got a wholebook in hand, just think of all theadoring letters you can dream up in your head? We know that here at [sic]we just can’t wait for the sticky lettersto pour in.
Dear Mr. Kalashnikov,You rock while the U.S. rots! By God,you're the first man I've ever loved. AndI'll bet you've got more masculine DNAin one strand of your hairy Russian nut-sack than a whole platoon of pussyMarines busy getting their stupid asseskicked all over Iraq and Afghanistan.The outcome of this evolutionaryfootrace between the U.S. and Russianis no surprise to me! Read the words ofMarshall Georgy Zhukov to his "counter-part" -- what a misnomer and supremeaffront to military history -- the bald-headed, Kansas redneck Dwight D.Eisenhower: "If we come to a minefield,our infantry attacks exactly as if it werenot there." How could the Pussy FieldMarshall Eisenhower respond to such astatement except with a gulp ofstunned, pigfucker exasperation? I drinka tumbler of vodka to you! Legend ofthe Kremlin!Sincerely,Paul Perkins
 Dear Mr. Perkins, Your letter is dulynoted. Just so you know, flattery is theuniversal language that is understood between all conquerors and con-quered, so you’re doing the right thing, planning for the future here.We’ve forwarded your contact detailsto Mr. Kalashnikov. When the RussianOccupation Force comes to America,Vlad will be sure to find you a nice jobin a camp, where you can choose the pick of the litter and have them pave your driveway for free.
Dear Vlad,I was very "impressed" with your drunken arguments indulging in rhetorical ammuni-tion to defend your point of Russia as emerging power in contrast with collapsingAmerican empire with its massive "retarded" way of thinking. However, you'd ratherstop looking into the mirror and look out of the window.Here are some of my thoughts, based on some facts. I understand that it is very easyto blame your country's misfortunes on somebody else. As you claim that Yeltsin-erabanking system collapsed under American guidance, so be it, but it was Russians notAmericans who voted for Yeltsin for almost 8 years, reelecting him in 1994. If peoplewere oblivious of Yeltsin being pro-Western and not suitable for the presidency then itwas their own mistake to reelect him, as the States were maintaining their foreign pol-icy in accordance with National Security program for which they were not to be blamed(every country has its right to maintain one). Besides Russians had opportunities towithstand American influence before the collapse of Soviet Union and allow the invisi-ble hand of the market finally penetrate their state-controlled economy, which theyfailed to do. Blame bureaucrats, blame government, blame people longing for politicaland economic freedom.It's nice you mentioned Russian "trade surplus", as it rises another argument.Commonly-known fact is that post-Soviet economy has been mostly about risingprices for its mineral recourses: country's trade surplus has been generated by its lim-ited product range, making Russia another "Saudi-Arabia-type" country.I am half-American, and somehow you hurt my feelings. Americans stand for reformsas well as effective national security programs. I know we are in need of change, butso do Russians with their persevering paranoia about nationalism and foreign aggres-sors. And I must disappoint you that there will be hundreds of years before our PowerState collapses, as there are too many countries reliant on States' economy.I understand you shifted from rational discourse to the emotionally-laden "pro-Russian"="anti-American" dispute, which is quite a standard practice. And I must be acomplete dittohead to think you will publish my "retarded" response, as my prime con-cern was to defend my rights in the first placeBest regards,Retarded Little Mind with Fat Fucking Face.Mary Morgan
 Dear Ms. Morgan,Your letter is…like sex for us. We’ve worked years and years aiming for a per- fect letter like this, a pure expression if there ever was one of The eXile caus-ing a smug American to squeal in pure raw pain. You know, all the poverty, allthe problems we go through, all of them are worth it when we get letters like yours. You’ve got a [sic] t-shirt coming your way. Wear it proud, Mary.
e-mail: editor@exile.ru
 By Vlad Kalashnikov
recently became aexpertspecialist in The Decline AndFall of The American Empire.I use the famous Gibbon titlevery sarcastically, because aspecialist like me knows that what ahistorical obscenity it is comparingalaughable Chinese-sweatshop-man-ufactured American Empire, thatlasted only from say 1991 until2004, to thegreat 500-year-longRoman Empire (or Russian Empire,or many great empires, a class whereAmericans don’t belong). Historywill not even remember this laugh-ableAmerican empire, which todaydisappears before our eyes.Actually today’s AmericanEmpire collapse happens so fast,it islike thatconstruction crane in NewYork City thatjustcollapsed intoanother building last week, becausedumbfuck Americans don’t evenknow how to build cranesthesedays.That is the greatAmericanEmpire: a hollow empire with a nicepaintjob sold by a bunch of tricksterswith big fat stupid smiles. Push thatnicely-painted empire with just onelittle finger, and see it all collapseinto a pile of trash.For me as outsider scholar coollyobservingthis process, what reallypathetic is that collapsing imperialAmerica has madea racist old pus-cheeks freak named John McCaininto a "war hero." What was it thisugly old pus-cheeks did in wartimethat make him a "hero"?Let’s look at John McCain’s hero-ic war record. In Vietnam War, hewas the very worst kind of murderer,flying modern jets over primitive,defenseless Vietnam, droppingbombs on women and children fromthesafety of his little cushioned seat.Probably comes back to the airdeck,gives high fives and "hoo-ah!"stohis fascist little friends, they alllaugh, drinktheirshit Coors beer,not even caring about the sufferingthey cause to poor peasant families.One day, somefucking Vietnameseguy shot "hero" John McCain down!How the fuck did aVietnameseguy,primitive, backwards, in pajamas,shoot down a modern A-4 jet? Heused a fucking slingshot? Bow andarrow?What it proves is JohnMcCain was a shitty pilot, a loser,that is all.OnOctober 26, 1967, “warher” McCain’s A-4was given a niceRussian surpriseover Hanoi -- hewas hit by Russian surface-to-airmissile (score: Russia 1, McCain 0).McCain’s jet fell into Truc BachLake on the outskirts of Hanoi.McCain almostdrownedin thatlake. But a Vietnamese man, 50-year-old Mai Van On, ran out of hisair raid shelter, took a pole, swam outto McCain, and pulled the “warherofrom plane wreckage.Vietnamese people were pissed off,they gathered around McCain in amob and tried to kill the future "warhero," understandably. But Mai VanOn saved him fromthemob too. Thisguy is thereal "war hero" because hetook a real dangerous risk!McCain,"war loser," was rescued by hisenemy who he tried to kill!After he was saved, guards tookMcCain to a prison for interrogation.There, McCain proved to be as softas those pus-cheeks of his.Vietnamese naturally beat McCainup. That’s not nice, but it is normal,you see what Americans do in Iraqand Guantanamo Bay just because of 3,000 dead Americans, imagine howthey behave if Arabs killed 3 millionslike USA did to Vietnam! So, howdoes an American "war hero"whenhe is getting beaten up by his enemycaptorsfor confessions? In everyculture in history, a "hero" either suf-fers horribly and doesn’t break (likea Braveheart), or the hero kills him-self first before they can.But for Americans, weak-willed, aloser collapsing empire, a "warhero" meansa weak fagwho breaksdown. McCain did not kill himself like real hero should. He laterclaimed he almost killed himself, heeven had his head in a noose, but hewas "too slow,” that his Vietnameseguards grabbed him before he hunghimself. Yeah, sure. It’s like the guywho doesn’t want to fight, so heyells, "Hold me back! Hold meback!" in the American movies. Thatis McCain’s brave suicide attempt.John McCain was not a war hero.He was a wartraitor, according to allcountries’martial cultures. Hebrokeunder beatings,confessed, he namednames, he even denounced Americaover prison loudspeaker, to demoral-izehisfellow American prisoners,for Vietnamese propaganda and psy-chological purposes. Here is somethings that he said, it is all on theinternet, for any brainwashedAmerican dumbfuck who cares toknow sometruth:"I am a black criminal and I haveperformed the deeds of an air pirate.I almost died and the Vietnamesepeople saved my life, thanks to thedoctors."What is cool is that Vietnamesemade him say a "confession" thatreally is just the truth. But theyfuckedwith him like he’s a pussythat they can play with. They proba-bly thought that one up as a joke,right there:"Now, say ‘I am a blackcriminal.’‘Ok!I am a black crimi-nal! Anything else you want me tosay, sir?’" To a white fascistAmerican guy in a racist Republicanparty, it’s really eating shit to say toyour fellow soldiers, over loud-speakers, "I am a black criminal."Vietnamese have a pretty good senseof humor!McCain broke many times. Whenhe was injured, he promised to givemore names, if they take him to ahospital. Why? Because he was"afraid he might die."This is your American"war hero."Apussy, very worst kind of pussy:he kills defenseless people when it iseasyand safe, then, when he facestrouble, he breaks like that crane inNew York City last week,collapses,takes down a lot of people with himcrumbles, betrays his country like apussy, then cries about it.And to America, this guy, traitorand coward, loser of all-time losers,shot down by a Vietnamese slingshotbecause he doesn’t know how to flya fucking jet, and so fucking incom-petent McCain don’t even know howto kill himself,a loser pilot and atraitor prisoner in a war he fuckinglost, only thing he did well wasbetraying his motherland – This is afucking "war hero"? In Russia, if asoldier taken prisoner, whateverthereason, he came back in shame,maybe shot, maybe put into a campfor five years or so. That is cruelshit, sure, but that’s how a real mar-tial culture is. For America, if youare so fucking incompetent andweak-willed fag as McCain, you area "war hero."That is why I call you pussies"Amerifags"! The empire has noclothes, and underneath, you have noballs, just eunuchs!In a real country, not to mention areal empire, a war hero is a guy whoconquered nations, crushed enemies,brought glory to his people and rich-es to empire, raised the pride andpower of the empire. He is often nota good man, probably responsiblefor huge numbers of deaths, proba-bly genocide if you look at history of "war heroes" in Romans, Greeks,English, French, Spanish, Chineseempires, you name it. A "war hero"not supposed to be the guy whomakes you cry, like it’s ashitHollywood movie, or an appoint-ment with your shrink, that everymentally sick fucked-up Americanrequires, because they all sufferfrom mental disease and collapse, aswell as sick perversions and sexualdiseases.
Vlad Kalashnikov writes the"Vlad’s Daily Gloat" blog on TheeXile site (www.exile.ru).
John McCain concentrates on perfecting his confession speech for his Vietnamese captors.

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