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Open Letter to Natural England

Open Letter to Natural England

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Published by Rawson J Bradley
Response to Badger Cull in Somerset & Gloucestershire.

DEFRA & Natural England
Response to Badger Cull in Somerset & Gloucestershire.

DEFRA & Natural England

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Published by: Rawson J Bradley on Nov 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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24 Trent BoulevardWest BridgfordNottingham NG2 5BA
Natural EnglandFoundry House3 MillsandsRiverside ExchangeSheffieldS3 8NH
 Octoer 2!"3#ear Sir$
Re:Badger Culling & TB
% &rite to ex'ress (y concern and disgust that Natural England has agreed to an extension of the adger cull in )loucestershire* +hilst % understand that ,- is a har(ful disease &ith devastating effects on the ./0s agricultural 1 far(ing sector$ the alance of evidence is strongly against culling adgers as an effective (ethod of controlling ,- in cattle* ,his evidence is eco(ing ever (ore da(ning &ith the continued failure of the cull 'rogra((e to achieve its ai(s*,he original six&ee trial ex'eri(ent of culling adgers &as i('le(ented to deter(ine it4s effectiveness in reducing the adger 'o'ulation and controlling the s'read of ,-* ,his six &ee trial has no& co('leted and has failed to achieve anything lie it4s target of 7!5 of the adger 'o'ulation* %s it not no& ti(e to declare the ex'eri(ent a failure and$ rather than continue &ith a 'olicy that does not$ and &ill not$ &or$ consider other (ethods of controlling ,-* Extending the cull y eight &ees strongly suggests that the original six &ees &as NO, a trial to deter(ine it4s effectiveness and that it  &as al&ays the intention to continue slaughtering adgers regardless of the results of 4the trial4*Natural England$ y continuing to grant licences to ill adgers$ is ignoring the ex'ert advice and  &arnings that extending the cull (ay &ell result in ,- s'reads &orsening* Further(ore$ y 'ressing on  &ith a failed and ill infor(ed 'olicy and not (onitoring the o'eration closely$ Natural England has effectively given the 4green light4 to oth licensed and unlicensed o'eratives$ far(ers and others to use  &hatever (ethods they choose$ such as gassing adger setts and1or flooding &ith slurry$ to slaughter as (any adgers as 'ossile so that a victory can e clai(ed6 regardless of the devastating conseuences* ,hese activities are illegal and those res'onsile (ust e 4rought to oo4 and 'rosecuted*  +hy has there not een any investigation ,he decision (ade y Natural England to extend the cull and continue &ith this 'olicy ignores the over&hel(ing scientific evidence on the su9ect and 4flies in the face4 of it4s o&n (andate to
“... safeguard England's natural wealth for the benefit of everyone.” 
6 in favour of slaughtering

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