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Sri Lanka's Retreat Into Language of Conspiracy

Sri Lanka's Retreat Into Language of Conspiracy

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Published by Thavam

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Published by: Thavam on Nov 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Colombo has been busily preparing for the Commonwealth summit
By George Alagiah-
14 November 2013
The last time I came to Sri Lana the !o"rney #rom the international air$ort into the ca$ital% &olombo% too more than three ho"rs'
The taxi pulled out into a late monsoon downpour, its windscreen wipers feebly slapping at the sheet of water. With roadside culverts overflowing, traffic slowed to a crawl and pedestrians, their sarongs and saris hitched up, took shelter where they could.How different it was this time. We were in the heart of the city centre well within an hour courtesy of the brand new KatunayakeColombo !xpressway."t was all so #uick, so efficient " even found myself longing for a little of that wonderful chaos that used to be an integral part of any trip to this part of the world. $ow you could be anywhere or  more precisely  anywhere in booming !ast %sia. %nd that&s the whole point. "n its version of a peace dividend 'ri (anka&s government is determined to reconfigure this country.The airport expressway is )ust one of the grand  critics say grandiose  infrastructural pro)ects that are literally changing the landscape. %nd it&s not )ust restricted to the capital. *y all accounts the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the wartorn north and east of the country  the predominantly Tamil

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