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RMR Operations Bulletin - May 2013

RMR Operations Bulletin - May 2013

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Published by CAP History Library
Civil Air Patrol
Civil Air Patrol

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Published by: CAP History Library on Nov 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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Rocky Mountain Region Operations Bulletin
May, 2013
Regulation Changes
Here is a list of regulation changes during the past month. Take time to reference the regulations for the full updates.
CAPR 190-1, Civil Air Patrol Public Affairs Program
Region PAOs as well as wing PAOs must create and maintain a website in accordance with CAPR 110-1; content may not be older than six months. Specifies rules of engagement for posting CAP experiences and accomplishments on personal social media accounts. Requires PAOs to promote and  publicize community service projects. Clarifies that crisis communications plans are to be submitted annually. Limits Balsem Award entries to five per PAO/PIO. Streamlines entry process by requiring electronic entries and ability to enter a project only once; subcategories eliminated. Judging limited to NHQ/PA and National PA.
New Forms
CAPF 173 Pt1, May 13, Internal Financial Review Worksheet
 Part I CAPF174, May 13, Contributed Facilities Worksheet
Commander Notes
New Utah Wing Commander
A National Headquarter Personnel Action announces the appointment and promotion of Col Jonathan Niedfeldt, as Utah Wing Commander. Thanks to Col Jerry Wellman for a job well done!
Access OF CAP Members TO U.S. Military Installations
1. As the official auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force, Civil Air Patrol works closely with Air Force, Reserve,  National Guard and other U.S. military units. This close relationship, together with the fact that a number of our units meet on military installations, makes it necessary for some CAP members to have access to military bases. 2. One of the objectives in our 2013-2014 Strategic Plan is to explore military installation access for CAP members. Therefore, to find out what problems are currently encountered at the local unit level in regard to access to military installations, and to find acceptable solutions to these problems, we have developed a questionnaire that can be accessed by unit commanders at https://missions.capnhq.gov/dynasurvey/survey/Survey2.cfm?ID=33 3. Please complete the questionnaire online by 3 June 2013.
RMR Has a New Web Page
In an effort to keep the Rocky Mountain Region informed, we have launched a new Web page. http://rmrcapnews.org/ 
2013 CAP Annual Conference
 2013 Annual Conference & Command Council Meeting
Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, Denver, Colorado
August 15-18, 2013 Registration will open in April on
. Be sure to watch for special early bird rates!
 Command Council and Opening Reception -- Thursday, August 15
 General Assembly and Learning Labs -- Friday, August 16
 CAP Annual Awards Program, Learning Labs, Cadet Day, and CAP Banquet
 Saturday, August 17 PLUS, two days (August 13-14) are set aside for additional professional development opportunities at the Preconference Workshops. Workshops will include the Public Affairs Officer Academy, Cessna G-1000 Ground School, GIEEP course and more. Bring your family and plan on coming early or staying later...Denver is an exciting vacation destination that features attractions designed especially for families, including museums, amusement parks, the Denver Zoo and the MLB Colorado Rockies games. For details
2 about these events and more, visit
. Come prepared to visit Vanguard, which will be on-site and ready to fulfill all your uniform and accessory needs.
National Safety Facebook Page
Keep up on safety news by following the CAP National Safety Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/CivilAirPatrolSafety
101 Critical Days of Summer
We have just entered the 101 critical days of summer that run from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Take time to review the safety guidelines listed below. http://bit.ly/101daysofsummer
 Aerospace Education
Registration Open Now For 2014 CYBERPATRIOT!
National AE Newsletter
National Newsbrief
Latest AE e-news Newsbrief from CAP NHQ at: http://members.gocivilairpatrol.com/aerospace_educa
Yeager Award Recipients
1st Lt Keith V Christian, CO-099 Capt Daniel J Weller, CO-136 1st Lt Delbert H Schneider, MT-053 1st Lt Christopher L Marks, UT-007 2d Lt Courtney I Andrascik, UT-027 Capt Wayne M Manning, UT-083 2d Lt Bruce G Connelly, UT-083 2d Lt Lavon C Connelly, UT-083 Keep up the great job! Help your wings succeed in Aerospace Education, encourage your members to complete the Yeager Award requirements. 43.96% of Rocky Mountain Region senior members have earned the Yeager Award. Can we push it to 45%  by 30 June?
Yeager Award Leaderboard
WYWG - 56.3% COWG - 46.5% MTWG - 44.4% UTWG - 38.4% IDWG - 28.1%
Cadet Programs
Wright Brothers Award
Joshua E Rumann, RMR-CO-021 Gage M Salyer, CO-099 Joel A Davis, CO-143 Jonathon D Zimmerman, CO-143  Nathan P Adams, CO-148 Joseph A Barrentine, CO-148 Wesley Q Truong, CO-148 Bryan S Calhoun, CO-159 Luis E Luzardo, CO-173 Wilder Z Gray, CO-181 Jon Austin Gomez, CO-186 Mark A Crittenden-Belongie, CO-803 Brandon Shaffer, CO-803 Matthew H Mazur, ID-069 Jonathan W Keller, ID-097 Alec C Martinez, UT-027 Branson H Fowden, UT-083 Scott G Johnson, UT-083 Danielle L Hill, WY-002
Mitchell Award
Matthew W Golon, CO-072 Treyce R Larson, CO-072 Aaron M Lenihan, CO-141 Spencer J Erjavec, CO-148 Cameron D Davison, CO-186 Jacob A Olson, CO-186 Alana Macias, CO-803 Paul W Arent, ID-073 Christopher T Salcido, ID-097 Paul Emile Passe-Carlus, ID-801 Kelsey M Philpott-Litzenberger, MT-018 Michael P Ellbogen, WY-002
Earhart Award
Kosette M Zablocki, CO-159
Eaker Award
Jeffrey A Hart Jr, CO-031 Chad Laliberte, CO-803 Keep up the great job!
Professional Development
Region Staff College
The 2013 Region Staff College is now accepting applications for students. All members who have completed Level III of the Senior Member Professional Development Program are eligible to attend. The college will be 20-27 July on Peterson AFB. A course fee of $125.00 if you register by 30 April 2013 or $150.00 from 01 May 2013 to 30 June 2013. This fee covers course materials, and special outings. Your fee does not cover meals or overnight accommodations or your travel expenses. To register, mail your CAPF 17 endorsed by your chain of command with payment to Capt Edie Graham, CAP, Region Staff College, PO Box 19160, Denver, CO 80219. Forms may also be electronically submitted to edie@grahamfamilyministries.com. However, you will not be considered formally registered until payment is received.
Garber Award Recipients
Maj Nathan P Skinner, CO-160
Loening Award Recipients
Maj Morris D Hall, CO-080 Capt Tammy N Mattics, CO-169
Davis Award Recipients
1st Lt Mark W Irving, CO-141 1st Lt Michael W Brunstein, CO-162
More funding for Training and Cadet O-ride Budgets
CAP has received additional funds at this time and this funding is for your training and cadet o-ride budgets. Please commit all your training funds to training missions by 31-May so we can see where we are at. If you have unused funds that you are not going to commit let us know and we will see if another wing need some more. If you need additional funding please submit an IAPP with a budget to us and we see what we can do. The issue is we all have to have all of our funds committed to ask for more and get it. We also now have more cadet o-ride funding.
Annual Training Plans
Annual Wing Training plans are due by 31 July. They are to uploaded into WMIRS. See CAPR 60-3, para 1-7 for more guidance.
Aircraft news
FYI...Cessna stopped making C182 with gas engines, they are going to turbo diesels that use Jet-A which is fine. The problem is they are heavier yet, it basically makes the C182 a 2 person plane. So NHQ is considering to start buying Cessna 206's, hopefully turbo's for our new aircraft or a Canadian aircraft. CT206 are a great plane for us other than they burn 18 GPH at cruise for the turbo's, but you can reduce power and save on fuel, fly at 55-60% power and use 14-15 GPH 135 Kts instead of 75% and 18 GPH @ 145 Kts @ 8000 MSL. We are planning to bring the C206 to one of your exercises so you can see the plane and how it performs. It is a horse for takeoff and climb performance, but about the same speed as a C182. It has 1200 lbs of useful load with a gross weight of 3600 and an empty weight of 2404 or about 670 lbs in useful load with full fuel in CAP configuration. Service ceiling is 27,000 MSL with a turbo. For more info on a CT206H download a POH @ http://textron.vo.llnwd.net/o25/CES/cessna_aircraft_docs/single_engine/stationair/stationairtc_pim.pdf
Public Affairs
Soliciting material for the next issue of The RMR Record
Major Nash, RMR Director of Public Affair (al.nash@rmr-cap.us), is seeking submissions for a new issue of our quarterly regional newsletter.
A reminder… the target audience
 is every CAP member in every unit in the Rocky Mountain Region. The newsletter content differs from the information shared in the monthly Operations Bulletin. Major Nash is focusing on events and people, rather than announcements. Specifically, he is looking for photos with captions, brief columns from program areas, or re-writes of material already used in a Wing magazine, newsletter, or Facebook page. He would like to receive your items by August 15, and intend to publish the next edition of "The RMR Record" as an email distributed PDF file on or around August 20th.

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