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The Joy of Angels at the Creation of the World.

The Joy of Angels at the Creation of the World.

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Published by glennpease


When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God
shouted for joy.


When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God
shouted for joy.

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Published by: glennpease on Nov 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE JOY OF AGELS AT THE CREATIO OF THE WORLD. BY JOB ORTOJob XXXVIII. 7. When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy. The scriptures were not designed to gratify our curiosity, but to enlighten our understandings and regulate our tempers and lives. They do not therefore give us a particular account of the se- veral orders of beings superior to man, but only hint to us, that there are such beings, and give us a general view of their na- ture, employment, and felicity. These general hints well deserve our consideration ; as they will furnish an agreeable entertain- ment to minds that are not wholly sensual and wrapt up in earthly views and interests, and may answer some important re- ligious purposes. It is certainly our duty to reflect upon what is recorded in scripture concerning the angels; both because they have considerable connexion with our world, and " minis- ter to the heirs of salvation ;" and because their example is pro- posed to our imitation. Our text is, perhaps, the only passage of scripture which gives us any hint of their employment, be- fore they were commissioned to execute part of the divine sen- tence upon fallen man : and it is the first act of worship we read of in the bible. After Job and his friends had been, in this sacred poem, long debating about the conduct of providence, the poet introduces the great Jehovah himself in all his majesty, demanding of Job a clear account of the mysteries of creation and providence ; particularly where he was " when the founda- tions of the earth were laid," and this beautiful system formed with so much harmony and exactness : even then " when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for  joy." For the illustration of this passage, I will consider, I. The persons, or beings, here spoken of, and the meaning of the titles given them.
VOL. I. B Z ORTO S PRACTICAL WORKS. II. What occasioned their joyful songs. And then propose to your consideration, and urge upon your hearts, some useful lessons which may be drawn from these particulars. I. Let us consider the persons here spoken of, and the meaning of the titles given them. The persons here spoken of must undoubtedly be the angels, or those glorious spirits who were formed before the earth. Ac- cordingly what is here rendered " sons of God," is in the Greek version rendered, " all my angels," and by an ancient Jewish paraphrase, " all the armies of heaven." The latter clause of the text explains the former; the " morning stars" are the same as the " sons of God ;" except these two titles may denote dif- ferent orders of those heavenly beings. The angels are called " morning stars," and that with great propriety ; not only as they were probably the first living crea- tures produced, the first-born of the Father of lights ; but on account of their lustre and the purity of their natures. In scripture, persons of eminent stations are described as " stars." Thus, the king of Babylon, is styled, " Lucifer, son of the morn- ing," or the morning star, Isa. xiv. 12. Whether the angels are pure spirits, without any thing corporeal or material about them, we cannot say. It seems rather the prerogative or peculiar glory of God to be a pure spirit. It is certain, they have sometimes put on corporeal vehicles or some sort of bodies, so as to be visible to human sense; as we read so frequently of their ap- pearances in scripture. They are called " angels of light ;" and the face of Stephen is said to shine " as the face of an angel." On account of the lustre of their appearance, and the purity of their natures, as spirits, and as holy spirits, they may be called morning stars. Thus the Lord of angels saith of himself, " I
am the bright and morning star," Rev. xxii. 16. Further, They are styled " sons of God." — ebuchadnezzar saw in the fiery furnace one like " the Son of God," that is, as it is explained afterwards, an angel, Dan. iii. 25, 28. They are called sons of God, because produced by him, wiio is the Father of spirits, the Father of the whole family in heaven and earth. They m.ay be so styled, because they resemble him in their natures, partake of his divine and glorious image ; because they stand before his throne, and behold his face ; are dear to him, and happy in his favour and friendship. And they may be called his sons also as men are ; because he governs rational beings in a more excel- lent manner than he doth irrational ones; even by the obliga- tions of reason, justice, gratitude, and ingenuity; and they are capable of rendering him praise, homage, and obedience. From hence it appears, that they are glorious and excellent beings, and every thing said in scripture concerning thom claims our serious regard. Let us consider, DIS. I.] THE JOY OF AGELS AT THE CREATIO. 3 II. What occasioned their joyful songs and shouts of praise. And it was the creation of the world ; of this system, compre- hending the sun, and the earth, and other planets which revolve about the sun. This is plain from the context ; " Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth ? Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened, or who laid the corner-stone thereof?" Then the angels sang together in concord and har- mony. Every one bore a part in the triumph ; and the greatness of their joy was (to speak after the manner of men) expressed in songs and shouts of praise on this grand occasion. They re-  joiced on account of the magnificence and beauty of the produc- tion itself — the glories of the great Creator displayed in it — and the uses for which it was designed. Let us just touch upon each of these thoughts. 1. The magnificence and beauty of the creation excited

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