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Genre Analysis Draft

Genre Analysis Draft

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Published by: Kristy Ariel Gonzalez on Nov 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Genre Analysis
9/23/2013 7:52:00 AM
After choosing three texts from my discourse community being the field of medicine, I decided to go with three patient history forms. One is from Nova
Southeaster University’s health center, another is from Palo Alto Medical
Foundation, and the last is from Johns Hopkins. The specific genre that I have chosen to work with is patient history forms. The goal of this discourse community in using these patient history forms is to be fully aware of and medical problems that the patient might have now or be aware of the possibilities that might arise in the future for that specific patient. Their ultimate goal is to keep the patient healthy. In this genre analysis I will examine each document separately then look at them as a whole and compare and contrast the three separate forms. The first document is the one from Nova Southeastern University. The second document is from Palo Alto Medical Foundation. The third document is from John Hopkins. Looking at all three documents as a whole, you can right away see that there are many similarities. They all start by asking the name of the patient. Then the rest of the forms are just questions that will tell the doctor everything that they need to know about your medical status. This includes symptoms, immunizations, past surgeries, past medical treatments, current medication, health history about family, and so on. They all have a very similar set up as well, simple and concise. In terms of how it was constructed, it was made in a way that anyone could easily understand how to fill it out. Also in all three forms the directions are always bolded as well as any important info that must be filled out. I noticed that none of the forms ask about any insurance information or anything dealing with how they are planning to pay. That means that their main focus is on the patients
health rather then the patients wallet. Between the three forms Nova’s form
seems to be the shortest. It is not nearly as thorough as the others are and
maybe doesn’t achieve the goal of the discours
e community as well as the others do. The longest and most thought out one would be Johns Hopkins,
which isn’t a huge surprise to me because Johns Hopkins has the best
medical school in the country. Their form asks any possible question you

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